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  1. It's just a matter of time I think by the end of this gen they'll be gone with many more people being digital only
  2. I imagine because they wern't relying solely on your business..... Also aren't only game and CEX still going? So whilst the pool of people that still go into a store to buy stuff isn't as big, neither is the pool of stores for them to go into.
  3. In the hope that it's quieter than my ps4....
  4. When i've pre-ordered stuff in the past it's usually a few days before dispatch or on dispatch can't remember which.
  5. I'm holding fire, there customer service is generally pretty poor and I'm not sure i'd want to gamble with them on a new console with how many issues new consoles usually have
  6. To be faiir you were a bit unlucky with the woodwork. I was mostly happy that we competed with you but to get all 3 points, i'm ecstatic! We kept a good shape and I thought the young lad we had in goal did himself justice for his first competitive game. We are still missing that little bit of something up the attacking end of the pitch mind and once we got a goal in front we did what we always do and sat back and just soaked it all up which always bug's me, just asking for trouble. A draw would have been a fair result, maybe even you guy's nicking it so to take all 3 i'm very happy
  7. Must admit, I've always been a big sony fan boy but with the service that Microsoft are offering this time around i'm finding it hard to justify sticking with PS unless they have something good in the works. Now I have a daughter that's eating into my income I know I'm going to find I have less disposable income in the future and something like having game pass accessible on my pc and my xbox is looking mightily appealing at the moment.
  8. Hopefully they don't make it again, could you imagine your dick'ed fans in the prem Nah in all seriousness, I like Rowett and hope he continues to do well wherever he goes That said, I'm quite enjoying the signings Karanka has made at Blues, I've felt for sometime our biggest problem is the midfield and he's added some great looking additions. If we can get another pacey striker in (Or maybe we are still thinking of bringing Hogan back) then I'd be looking at this season much more optimistically than last. A comfortable mid table finish please Also we had
  9. I'm incredibly fond of this series and if the rumours of jak and daxter are true then these will be 2 games I pick up That said I thought the visuals were pretty, they showed a bunch of different worlds and suggested that you can almost instantaneously switch between worlds, no need for jumping in your spaceship whilst the next world loads etc which is great
  10. Just wanted to praise a couple of Birmingham city players at the moment. I imagine they are busy having returned from training but my dad's currently being treated for cancer and 3 of them have sent video messages wishing him well which has really helped boost his morale. Juke, Keiftenbeld and Odin Bailey Things like this show you sometimes that football isn't just solely money grabbing shits as it sometimes feels
  11. Having just started streaming yesterday, you guys got any tips for it? I ask because I do have a goal in mind to work towards as I would like to turn it into something that I can use to bring in extra income that I can donate to a charity close to my heart. I'm set up through just the PS4 for now and i've just had a camera turn up today so is there anything else that's a must get?
  12. It has quite the cult following doesn't it so I imagine even if they did it would still trun a profit. As much as I love the series Fallout 76 has left a sour taste moreso than Fallout 4 did and they need to take some big steps forward with the next one (especially after people have seen the recent unreal trailer)
  13. I did about a week and half ago Nevermind, hopefully get some people on here to play with online now
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