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  1. For me the toughest choice is the 1st two, they are both quite snazzy. I think the only one I wasn't such a fan of is Jake's in the above, the rest are all really quite good
  2. Haha I used to browse social media between games n stuff now, no chance anymore
  3. So team of the year is just around the bend for FUT, there are 70 nominations or something like that. I imaginet he likes of Mbappe, Messi and Ronaldo will be on there. But are there any you are hoping for and any surprises you think might happen?
  4. So with the next gen game there have been some noticeable enhancements. I think the first thing I noticed was the chosen default camera was a bit weird That said, what do you guy's make of the controller's use? The rumbling during a drop in clubs game the other day was odd, it seemed to go on for most of the game presumably due to the score. What about how the back buttons get tougher as your player's fitness fades etc? Has anyone turned those off?
  5. Hi all, There's a lad that my wife teaches at school and he's very much a jack the lad type kid, comes from a poor background and doesn't have a lot of confidence in his academic ability etc. However it seem's he's finally put his mind to use in a competition designing a fifa kit (the winning kit will be put into the game). Anyway's he's currently in the last 10 and whilst that is probably going to be a huge boost for him my wife thinks that on the off chance he wins then it could really show him that he has the ability to succeed. So thought i'd ask on here
  6. Good shout, in fact we could probably talk about the people posting in there and talk about how evil they are and they wouldn't know, ya know cuz none of them actually visit here
  7. No C in Luset I have whispered you in game
  8. Ah @WelrainI did add you the other day so we must be on the same server
  9. There are mounts.... I think it's Darth Malgus? I'm just downloading this to my laptop so I can play it a bit more frequently, once it's installed I'll let you know
  10. Haha, that's one of the things I always enjoyed about clubs, it's just so much less serious and a nice change of pace compared to FUT. It's good when you win but I don't get so annoyed if I don't. Setting up the players is a nice addition even if it is just a novelty for donuts like us
  11. @Steely I started with the players, bit more limited than we'd like in terms of customisation. For some reason height, weight etc is locked away. The options for creating Hulk Hogan are limited I'm not so good at getting the look right so I need your input for this Have set you as a manager too now
  12. It isn't possible to cross play I dont think (could be wrong though), but we can install the ps4 version on the ps5 so if there's a demand for reverting back to the ps4 version of the game i'm happy too The next gen version isn't vastly superior in my opinion.
  13. Yes ofc @Steely I'll do it this evening as i'm thinking of jumping on, I'll make kris one too so at least there's a few of us. Now we just need to start creating the 90's wrestlers.... Undertaker at centre back, hardy boys on the wing maybe?
  14. I'm about level 15 I think, don't have a ship yet I did the Esseles flashpoint on my own before I last logged off
  15. @Steelycredit's due, you are a much better any than I am We did pretty well last night
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