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  1. Yeah if you catch them in the open they are done, I did find myself getting into trouble hunting some down and then I realised they were practically in their spawn, reached them just as 15 odd guys spawn in and wipe me out
  2. So I had my first go yesterday and absolutely loved it, was really racking up kills and actually came top few a couple of times. But my god someone need's to grab the archers and put them in a pit of burning oil for all eternity. It's like using a gun in a boxing game ffs One thing I couldn't work out and might be me being a bit saft, can you change the default loadouts of your classes? Or is it just the 4 default options based on level? Also, shields, I saw so many people running with them and the only time I got one was picking it up off the floor, can you
  3. Thank you @Benny I will take a look on my lunch break see if there's anything on it If not i'll just accept paying the extra tenner.
  4. Ah I don't have to pretend I know you do I No on a serious note is it easy enough to squad up cross platform? I'm persuading my brothers to jump in but looking at it, it's a tenner saving if I buy it on pc instead But they will be on xbox
  5. So I saw this yesterday and it's got my interest, are there many xbox players here if I picked it up?
  6. I probably haven't followed this as closely as others but I don't think there is a Switch Pro, more of a revamped switch so the drop of price might account for this Maybe a "New Nintendo Switch".... That said I don't feel any need to upgrade mine provided future games continue to work on it.
  7. I haven't bothered upping the difficulty, just enjoying playing through, was collecting the trophies and then got too far in and realised I had missed 2 Now i've finished, do I go back through the first game and grab these or move on
  8. Thanks, vitashell I have already as I needed it to downgrade etc, seemed useful to keep on there with the ftp server, autoplugin I have as it seemed the easiest way to get my sd2vita up and running as well Retroarch I've installed but not used yet. So the browser i'll have a look for and then adrenaline looks like a good shout, I have a copy of final fantasy tactics on the shelf that i've been meaning to replay As for piracy i'm not really into that anyway's, the big thing for me was the storage as I had a vita ages back and have a nice digital library to download
  9. So i'm up and running with it now, it's not banned and I've redownloaded a bunch of games from the store So I think I have most of it down, does anyone have any recommended add ons etc?
  10. Thanks guys, i'll have another re-read of your posts before I do anything with it I think but yeah ideally i'd like my details on there. @MikeBeaver there isn't a mention of it being banned on the ebay ad and with their protections I imagine if it is I'd be within my rights to send it back i'd have thought? What's the best way to check? Try to go on the store or use the content manager before I do anything else with it?
  11. I'll be honest I don't worry too much about it Most of my collection is cart based or ps2 era onwards where it is less of an issue and eh, can't do a whole lot about it if it happens. I would be pretty gutted if my small selection of ps1 games died as they have sentimental value but they are mostly games like the Final Fantasys where I have them digitally elsewhere as well and they aren't particularly valuable.
  12. Mine's just on a bunch of Billy bookcases in the office, all my games and more valuable stuff on the higher shelves where the little un can't reach and then actual books on the lower levels But I get your concern, safest bet would be under lock and key, do they need to be out on show?
  13. Ah I didn't think of that, is the original web page in this thread the best way to go about installing it? If so i'll have a read through and see if i'm comfortable re-doing it
  14. Just out of curiosity, I have a PS vita turning up that's already hacked, as i'm new to this sort of thing I have a couple of questions, hopefully someone can answer them Can you access the store once it's hacked or is that it, never again? Can I sync ps vita game trophies if I want to? Is it easy enough to reset it back to factory settings if I decided down the road to move away from the homebrew stuff? And then it comes with an SD2vita, if I did remove the homebrew stuff, would this still work or does it only work because it's hacked? It comes pre-ins
  15. I might be being a bit thick here but if you took away the exclusives what's the encourage competition? Would the market not stagnate with regards to the playstation / xbox battle... Also why is it only playstation and xbox? There are exclusive games on nintendo consoles, there are exclusive games on apple's play thing, it's not exclusive to just these 2 brands. I have no gripe with exclusives and generally find those that are do just tend to be fanboy's moaning because their console doesn't have such and such a game
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