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  1. Just something to consider, a large portion of the audience is around my age, having grown up with the series in terms of books and films. It’s the age range that is having children and find it harder to find the time to go out and watch films. So whilst those figures have declined you also have to consider the fan base has changed since the films. Heck the last Harry Potter film I was 21 compared with 28 for the last film, yes they aren’t as strong in comparison but their is a pretty loyal fan base, and I can guarantee that a good portion of that fan base would love to see this game reach completion (I must admit I am a bit sceptical about whether or not this will be achieved). I’m a big fan of the series and like a lot of media content, I choose to continue to enjoy it even if the creator has proven to be an ass, there have been an awful lot of people involved with the Harry Potter media at all levels and to dismiss their hard work because the creator has the wrong view’s seem’s harsh. Similarly with this game or even the fantastic beasts, yes the author created the world and will be getting royalties from them but the stories being told have been developed by others now. The world becomes somewhat bigger than the author despite them still getting some benefit.
  2. Oh man, I will take some photo's at some point and it would be difficult to choose just 1 item, I don't have a big collection but all of the games and consoles in my collection hold a place in my heart so to speak. I think my top one's are mostly pokemon related as they remind me of my youth - The consoles that would be my top pick - An original Pikachu gameboy color, the handheld is mint and it's boxed, though the box is a little weathered it's all still there. I have a Pikachu Nintendo 64 which is rather lovely. My Pikachu Nintendo 3ds but my ambassador edition comes close As for games, the top 2 would be Pokemon yellow and pokemon Crystal, both lovely condition and boxed. Outside of pokemon edition stuff, I have a Scarlet red PS3 which is rather lovely (unfortunately no box) but is a fantastic looking console and then my Final Fantasy / Breath of fire ps1 games as they pretty much got me through my secondary school years when I was bullied I could probably go on if I went back through but I'll stop there
  3. Sorry, I realise I got carried away a bit there, I love game pass and think it's fantastic value and in terms of how Microsoft appeal to it's customers at the moment, that is where Microsoft are comfortably ahead and that's where this proposed combination of services by Sony is hoping to claw some of that back. But similar to how Microsoft have been playing catch up on first party content over the last couple of years, Sony now need to do the same in terms of customer service.
  4. I am confused, your previous statement you referred to PS exclusives making up ground on xbox but then in this post you refer to games that are on both consoles... This reads as 2 slightly different discussions i.e comparing 1st party games and then comparing 1st party exclusives.... If you were to compare 1st party exclusives then Sony is comfortably ahead in terms of quality and it wouldn't be unreasonable to argue that Microsoft has made some ground in recent years with the exclusives you mentioned above. If you compare 1st party games irrespective of platform then the gap is much closer and depending on you as an individual you could lean either way but I would not say that Microsoft are comfortably ahead in either argument while Sony have spiderman, God of war, the last of us, ghost of tsushima, horizon zero dawn out in just over a month, ratchet and clank, demons souls remake (not my sort of game mind)... Yes Sony have had a quiet year in terms of first party titles but again a number of the games you mentioned with the exception of a couple are games released pre-2021. Of the microsoft games you mention only forza, halo, gears and flight sim are not on the playstation and the acquisition of Bethesda hasn't actually resulted in exclusive titles yet. I'm not sure how you can realistically compare the 2 in terms of quality and quantity at present, admittedly the gap will close with Microsoft picking up some strong studios.
  5. I wonder if this coincides with the patent many are saying is linked to backwards compatibility - https://www.mysmartprice.com/gear/sony-ps5-new-patent-backwards-compatibility/ They could be looking like some have said to create an offering like the Switch with it's N64, SNES stuff etc. I won't speculate too much because Sony could be up to anything, all I'm really bothered about is if they do bring something new in this year, what they will do with my existing sub
  6. It's a game I will definately be picking up (funds permitting) I've enjoyed almost every one of their games even with some of the issues. They have some fantastic idea's in some of their games and I always get plenty of hours of enjoyment out of them This year's got some great looking games coming out and this will likely compete with many of them for my time.
  7. Quite enjoying my team that @Pants McSkill assisted me with Aubameyang and a numbers up Dembele up front are decimating almost everyone I come across (I've tried my first go at div rivals and hit div 6 now with only 1 loss) the only guy that came close to beating me was 4-1 up by half time, came back and won it in the 118th minute with a 6-5 victory But yeah quite enjoying it atm, waiting for the next set of icon swaps as I have 6 or 7 of them now
  8. This, the first game I loved but everything felt a bit barren and obviously a lot of locations had been abandoned and the like but I really enjoyed it, the combat, the story could be fleshed out into something great for this game. I'm surprised it has been kept quiet until now if it is real.
  9. Bit late to this compared to usual, been a bit busy but here goes - Game of the Year 2021 A1. Ratchet and clank Rift apart Despite owning most of the games this is the first one i've completed thoroughly, it looked glorious and that was kind of enough for me, the storyline was typical ratchet and clank and aside from the rift move's it generally played the same but it was just such a fun good looking jaunt. It was just "fun and happy" and we need more of that in what is a depressingly dark world. A2. Guardians of the galaxy I did not originally intend to pick this up but I'm glad I did, this was the next film, the story was great, there was plenty of banter and it looked good. I mean my only gripe with it was the limited combat, tying you into Quill and underpowering him so you had to focus on what your mates were doing. A3. It takes two Sadly I didn't get very far through this as my wife got bored / lost interest pretty quickly, what I did play was thoroughly enjoyable, absolutely charming and deserves a spot in anyone's list. A4. Bravely default 2 It was much of the same, thoroughly charming, typical JRPG story but I do enjoy my turn based combat Such a great game and one that will be added to the long term collection. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Battlefield 2042, I love this series but this is by far the biggest misstep (or intentional step), they have moved fully away from the series with this, terrible maps, addition of specialists, big open zones with no cover. Z2. Back 4 blood I was hoping for a true left 4 dead reimagining, it missed the mark. Z3. Tales of Arise I really enjoy these games and was excited for this one, trailers suggested it was going to be quite a step forward in terms of bringing something new to the series. It really didn't and the series feels like it's stagnating a bit. Sound Design of the Year S1. Guardians of the Galaxy It was a guardians of the galaxy soundtrack, I don't really need to say anything here. S2.Forza The soundtrack to this suited the game incredibly well S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart This for me looked glorious and I know there have been some good looking games but none really compete V2. Scarlet Nexus, i've gone off these types of games in recent times but there's no denying it's quite the looker. V3. Bravely default 2 - I just love the art style of this, games like this make me remember it's not all about hyper realistic visuals but that you can make a fantastic looking game with clever art. Writing of the Year W1. Guardians of the Galaxy The story and script were top notch and I can't really think of anything that comes close this year. W2. W3. Format of the Year F1. Nintendo Switch I was adamant I wouldn't pick up the OLED switch, but I am so glad I did, I play mostly handheld and this thing looks fantastic. I had not played much on my switch for a while just because of life commitments and playing handheld didn't give me the same visuals as on my tv and felt a bit lacklustre. The OLED switch though has most of my attention now! Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Microsoft The only one really to churn out consistently good titles this year Edit - I've just realised I haven't put a 5th in for the first category so I will have a think and try and get one added before the deadline.
  10. I see retro as anything before the current and last generation, only because PS3 /X360, whilst not considered retro by most yet will become so before you know it, adding games I value from those collections now is a lot cheaper than it will be trying to do it in 20 - 30 years time! Generally though I see it being PS2 / Xbox era and before so anything about 20 years old + For me I just enjoy collecting titles I missed out on and title's that I cherish / fond memories of, I don't go too mad on the collecting and I have a rather small collection by standards but most of the games I would have spent hours playing whilst younger or games I've come to love as i've gotten older and picked them up. Generally if I don't enjoy something it does get moved on.
  11. The retro industry has gone a bit mad overall hasn't it, never mind just gameboy stuff. I bought a genuine pikachu game boy colour boxed about 4 years ago for £30 and today it's worth a fair bit more than that. But yeah it's a nostalgia trip now isn't it, the choice of older stuff like snes is becoming too expensive and my age range grew up playing game boy / playstation so that's what will get them. On another hand I also got a free N64 a week or so back because someone was going to just throw it out, older woman who obviously didn't appreciate the value for it (even after I pointed it out) so there are still people out there who are holding onto things from their children's childhood etc and are chucking them in the bin not understanding their worth.
  12. On the flipside we had a terrible time with it the other night, it's not the game mode but the maps are terrible. Aside from where the points are located it's just so open between points that you just get pinged by a sniper or taken out by a tank before you can get to another point. I think it was kaleidoscope, we were getting minced the first few points so obviously our team was a bit rubbish, it happens, but as soon as we got to the top of the skyscraper the other team couldn't get a foothold despite being a much better side. Going back and playing the older maps in portal it's like night and day, playing rush on the bad company 2 maps immediately after crap rounds on the modern one's and it was almost enjoyable (despite when we first joined it was our squad of 4 versus 6 or 7 of them). They can obviously add new maps and make them better but it's an awful lot of work to make the existing one's more bareable and I just don't see them spending time or money on doing that.
  13. Weekends work for me, i've just set it to download from my phone so will keep an eye out for when you guys are next on
  14. Do you guy's still play GTA? I had been heavily into battlefield but the latest game has really gone to shit So I need something to fill my time again, this could be a good shout as I imagine there's been a fair amount of new content since I last played it?
  15. Part of it could simply be down to the numbers, people are leaving this battlefield at incredibly fast pace, i've reinstalled the previous 2 games myself and going to see if they are more active (they are far better games than 2042 in it's current state). I suspect a lot of people have gone back to the previous games as they feel much more battlefield and over the years it's that loyal fanbase that has kept the series going. This latest game has gone away from a lot of what the series was so has lost it's loyal base, that leaves it with a lot of gamers who have the likes of Apex, COD (Warzone) fornite etc etc all competing for their attention as well. They won't last long if they have at all.
  16. Haha this was my suggestion to the guy's I play with and they use it loads now We need a way that we can utilise it on the towers now when they have the points held down, would give you another unexpected approach when attacking a point.
  17. I'm fairly sure I read it's going to be £18, about 6 hours worth of mainline story content, a new area to explore, though not sure on the size (think it's a snowy themed area), new weapons, increased level cap etc etc. I suspect it's probably priced about right reviewing what has been added but yeah just wrong time for me.
  18. Considering no one anticipated we would see anything of this game again the past few years have been great with a remaster and now this expansion (which is meant to be a decent chunk). I know the game's a bit bloated but was great back in it's initial launch and is providing a platform to build from with new games in the future. Will be giving this expansion a go but I might have to wait till it comes on sale at some point as i'm a bit skint at the moment.
  19. Yeah I am reverting back to BF1 & V, I think battlefield is done. One thing that was suggested is the fact EA have lost some of their big money licenses i.e. Star Wars, fifa, so they could be doubling down on the 2 main game series they have to try and make them as profitable as they can. In doing that battlefield is a gamble and it's not a gamble I see paying off. Sadly there's not really anything quite like what battlefield was, i'm not into Halo and I haven't really played COD for years. I've given hell let loose a go which is decent but very different, I need some other suggestions outside of old battlefield games Going down the route of a battlefield universe will just result in many sub-par games that they will make a bit of money off initially because of the name but it's not sustainable. I played this again last night with the update and it didn't really feel like much of an improvement, still so many issues. I.e. why put the server information in but still no way to select a specific server outside of portal? Just yeah, I think it need's a big turn around this game else I think it will be the last battlefield I buy....
  20. I hate to say it but I think this is battlefield coming to an end - https://www.vg247.com/battlefield-2042-christmas-skins-santa-claus-sleigh?fbclid=IwAR0gEhpWtzmCp_umPLenDBY1ErSM82xOkhi3f6gdoIjw5Bs9UhKdcP1EtrI It show's where the priorities lie with this game moving forwards and it's not something I can see me enjoying which is a shame as i've played the series for quite a while, even enjoyed BF1 & BFV and this is just falling off a cliff edge. The game has so many issues, I was going to jump in and try the update this evening but this santa outfit bollocks has just put me right off.
  21. Yeah the proximity sensor is brilliant, if not a little over powered, I couple that with the sentry gun as that spots enemies too and it's rare people get the drop on me now.... I'm one rank from getting the next specialist so will give her a try this evening maybe but on the whole i'm enjoying the game, it's a bit too frustrating to play on your own though. Definitely had my best games with a squad!
  22. I mean some people say broken, some would call it a feature.... Some of the best battlefield moments have come from crap like this, unexpected bugs and glitches make for some hilarious moments. Yeah they might mean the game doesn't function as it should and it's likely a patch will turn up to remove it but they some of the best moments in gaming come from the unscripted and unexpected events. My favourite moment so far is pinging a squad mate off the side of a mountain and killing him by squashing him between my tank and a rock
  23. I'd love an OLED model but the missus would kill me as i'm meant to be reserving my money for when she goes over on maternity next year I'm still buying games for my switch though so may just hold back on playing a select few for when I can get a new model.
  24. I saved a couple of my kills from last night, the first being a bit of a surreal one which was quite funny at the time but yeah just a quick little mash up (mostly vehicle kills) -
  25. Yeah I will play it and most definitely get my money's worth but where I used to look forward to playing battlefield V every chance I got I suspect it will be I'll look forward to playing this to hang out with mates for the next 6 months. I'd be less likely to play this on my own I think.
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