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  1. When you can link me to the line that I said there are examples of them....
  2. Oh cool, being selective on what you respond to, right.... Could you point out to me where I said they had? I said that they had not always been merely represented as barbaric scavengers, a response to your comment.....
  3. She may do but I think I am going to side with Stig on this one, she is not the first to describe goblins in this way, the only thing I can see that differs from previous writings is that they control the gold and wealth. Goblins have often been drawn and described in the way JKR has drawn and described them, similar with the mine carts (there is a book called the princess and the goblin which has Goblin miners that is quite old) and it has been discussed and written about in the past that the term Goblin originated in Wales and relates to miners and you can easily go through mining to precious stones and metals. There are also Folklore stories on the Orkney Isles about Trow Goblins who hoard gold and silver. To me it seem's like a writer who has done a little bit of research into Goblins and just stuck it all together and seems more far fetched that she intentionally did it just to portray jews, but eh that's my opinion. That sounds more like your experience of Fantasy novels than the origination of Goblins and maybe you have read lord of the rings too much! Goblins are portrayed in a number of ways and all originate from folklore (see my comments above).
  4. Forgive my ignorance but it doesn't really seem that much of a step away from Dwarves always being bankers in a lot of Fantasy settings. It doesn't seem so far fetched that she just said, ah I don't want to do the usual dwarven bankers what other fantasy creature could I use does it?
  5. Heavy handed tactics are only going to encourage the anti-trans brigade though surely? I have put a post up in the A&F thread but wanted to follow similar lines here. This thread largely seems to be ignoring the game by this point and I just wanted to put my thoughts forwards before I bow out of this thread now (unless it get's back onto game discussion at some point). Those that keep coming back in here to discuss the trans / JK issue are largely speaking into an echo chamber at this point, it is a group of like minded people going around in circles just to ensure any actual game discussion can not be had (least that is how I feel). There was a release trailer posted a few pages back that never had opportunity to be discussed because this thread is moving so quickly on the trans discussion (and now misogyny). My view at this point is that the trans discussion in here is achieving nothing, anyone at this point that could be dissauded from buying the game has been and anyone choosing to buy the game at this point will do so. In continuing the trans discussion in here all I can see is people getting bans for bickering with one another and if anything is probably having the opposite effect when it comes to putting across the trans issues currently. I have largely been dissauded from coming into this thread to discuss the game now and will likely discuss it on other websites. I imagine I am not the only person to do so. In turn that means those who might have a change of heart or might learn from these discussions are no longer coming into this thread to do so. In fact I am at the point now where I have suggested this thread may be better off being closed rather than it just being a thread repeating the discussion being had in off topic. The downside to that is then the opportunity to raise the trans issue awareness with those who might not know what is going on may disappear as well, but I feel like that may have already happened. I have said it upthread, at this point there is nothing that would persuade me not to buy this game, it has been ordered and I do not plan to cancel it and that will be the case with any others at this point. If anyone supporting the cause feels that makes me an enemy, well that's a shame but that is up to them if they want to choose to see an enemy where there isn't one.
  6. LMK when you achieve it without camping in a corner and by playing the objective 😁
  7. Does it have an auto aim or auto play feature? Otherwise not sure anything else could help you tbf 😘
  8. I ended up putting in an order, it's down for sometime this year so not sure what the wait time is at the moment but I have some time to worry about the VAT / admin charge I do have it to hand when needed though. It's going to be just shy of £60 I think, quite excited for this as I have been picking up the odd gameboy game the past year so have a few I'd love to play again, I may start with Golden Sun first!
  9. What's the best way to buy one of these? And when do you have to pay the tax? I.e. does it get here and then I pay it before it's released this side? I have never bought anything from abroad but I really do want one of these
  10. I don't think it costs that much to get a PS5 these days does it?
  11. The sapling won't be there due to timelines, the tree was put in like 30 - 40 years prior to the films. That said, it being set a 100 years before does leave quite a bit of scope for things that may have now gone away, i.e. maybe the forbidden forest once wasn't forbidden? (The spiders likely wouldn't be there now). Buildings that may no longer be there, the lake that ther mermaids live in, in addition they could broaden the immediate surroundings to beyond that, what's the other side of the forest or lake, it gives them options to get creative I feel. In addition, thought it's based around Hogwarts, that does not mean they can't travel to other areas of the country / world surely? I mean anyone that has knowledge of the books / films knows about portkeys so it could easily be done that they come across a portkey and get teleported to anywhere.
  12. I will be buying it second hand (I do with all games) so technically she wont see a penny of my money
  13. I very much intend to buy it, it is something my wife and I have enjoyed since we were little, we grew up with it much akin to people growing up with Star Wars or teenagers now having grown up with marvel films. I can appreciate the concerns around JK but this game not selling a single copy would not change the type of person she is so I won’t let it stop me enjoying the game. I wont put my thoughts in here mind as its not a game thread but a JK Rowling discussion which I feel should be in general chat and I had said it before and got shot down for suggesting it. This thread like I said in my post above is mostly an echo chamber.
  14. Correct, but all i have taken from this thread is a lot of people in this thread talking about the issues surrounding jk and choosing not to buy this game because of how she has behaved, however the majority of those people did not seem particularly interested in the franchise in the first place. So was there any likelihood they would have bought the game in the first instance and to me it sounds like a no in most instances so the impact is lesser other than this thread largely becoming an echo chamber for people already thinking along the same lines. It’s like me giving up Rugby for lent or something like that when I have no interest in the sport or not buying a game from Ubisoft because of their working practices despite not really liking their games or planning to buy one in the first instance. I would be incredibly surprised if this did not see strong sales, yes JK may have alienated a portion of the fanbase but it won’t be enough to see this game fail or underperform. In fact even a 6/10 rating across the board would not, it is exactly what HP fans have wanted for quite some time, a big explorable Hogwarts.
  15. And the Chinese are actively hurting the Muslim community, how many Chinese made / associated goods have you bought since the muslim camps first came to light?
  16. She does that anyway with regards to saying a certain character was this that or the other after the books / films have been written however for Hogwarts legacy she has had no involvement with the story at all from what I read in the past. In fact aside from receiving royalties because it's HP she has had no involvement with this game at all. I imagine they may have consulted with her / her team but nothing beyond that.
  17. In 4 hours time I believe
  18. So I picked up an oculus quest 2 the other day (christmas bonus), I very briefly had a PSVR when they first came out and didn't get on with it, I think my first experience with motion sickness completely put me off. However I thought I would give it another go, knowing that I maybe went in a bit hard with it originally. So only little step's so far with the demo's and such, have picked up walkabout golf as well and plan just to take small steps for the next couple of weeks. I have also bought Zenith which is the game I really want to play once I am a bit more comfortable with it but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of comfortable games to help me get going while I am finding my VR legs as they say? I was thinking of looking at the rec room when I have a moment and see what is in there that might be good to experience? I just want to say as well, how much better this is than the psvr, the wireless aspect is brilliant in itself but also the controllers are fantastic, having only used the move controllers originally these feel so much better suited. I had a go on the demo yesterday and it was great just having a mess about in the lobby area throwing paper airplanes and the such. I do love the idea of VR so I am hoping that this time around I am a little more patient and can ease myself into it better as I do think it's brilliant. So yeah going back to it, does anyone have any good games / apps recommendations as I get going with it this time around?
  19. I have seen a couple of these on ebay and been really tempted, I have asked my local retro store to give me a call if they get a backlit GBA in, it was either that or paying an extortinate amount for the analogue pocket so I have held off for now. I have a GBA SP but I don't find them particularly comfortable to hold.
  20. Just put this on to download, I also have only 1 trophy to platinum on the ps4 version so I am going to see if my old save is there and do that first, get a feel for the game and then play the PS5 version as hopefully the differences should be much more noticeable now than having not played it for years. Quite looking forward to playing this again
  21. I'm feeling like this, I have played it 3 times now I think and basically just lived in this game for a couple of years of my life surely It is probably my all time top game still, the story is grand, the gameplay is good fun, the world is so alive and it still looks fantastic today. I know I am going to end up playing this again and I have a fair few new games to play at the moment, the question is will this push the others out.
  22. Sony isn't too bad because there are ways to avoid some of the shovelware, you go into the eshop though and it's horrid. I just simply do not use the eshop anymore. And presumably these games must make some money? Who the heck buy's some of this junk?
  23. I play on and off with Kris and a few others, the game has improved since launch but I am still left with a sour taste with how it was all handled by EA. That coupled with having other games to play that are frankly more enjoyable and it will take a bit more yet before they get me back playing on a regular basis like with previous games.
  24. Yes! The number of times I have run into a pokemon because I could not see them in front of my mount!
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