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  1. So after a whole week or so in B3 I finally cleared it. The boss wasn’t so bad, but it took me a long time to get the run down so I could get there with good health (drones!). Anyway, the hard yards paid off - I immediately went on and cleared B4 and the boss first time. That seemed far easier than any of the earlier biomes - must have died over 50 times on each of them, perhaps I just had a lucky run. Still loving it of course.
  2. I’ve been playing this on and off for a month or so. I have only just competed the second biome (after around 15 hours, I think I am pretty rubbish at this), and it took me 4 hours or so to beat the second boss. That being said, I wasn’t bored for a second, the moment to moment gameplay is so outstanding it’s a pleasure to just play and be in the world regardless of progress. The game has utterly gripped me - the only comparable experience would be playing bloodborne (my first soulsborne) for the first time. This is not just game of the year so far but seems easily the best game since breath of the wild, just fantastic.
  3. Ico Dark Souls Ocarina of Time Super Mario World F Zero GX
  4. I did the tutorial to this. Isn’t it just fantastic? The nostalgia of being back in this world has hit me like a truck. I loved the original when I played it at the time, but it’s a game I haven’t thought too much about since apart from recommending it to people. To have a full game back in this world is surreal (quite appropriately). It’s hard to believe this game exists, but I am so glad it does. What a few weeks I have to look forward to playing this.
  5. So I was very excited for getting this, having never played Demon’s and loved all the other games in the series. But due to the difficulty in getting a PS5 I still haven’t got this, and am unlikely to any time soon. Is it worth specifically holding out to wait to play the remake? I am considering just buying a second hand PS3 and the original, which given this is the only PS5 game I have any interest in may be enough for me. Is the original still a good experience today? Or would I be much better off waiting to play it through first as the remake?
  6. A radical departure from previous Zelda games.
  7. I am asking this as a genuine question, so hope this is taken in the spirit it is intended - I accept accessibility is important and I don’t have a strong opinion necessarily either way whether difficulty is essential for the souls games, but I am interested in what people think to the point below. In particular, in what sense is the difficulty of a game a barrier to entry that is qualitatively different to e.g. a book that involves complicated language? E.g. a shorter version of War and Peace, modern day versions of Shakespeare or a version of Ulysses in simple language would be more accessible, but I imagine we would all accept those would be very different things from the originals. Why should difficult games, in which the difficulty was an intended part of the experience be treated differently? I am not commenting on whether the difficulty adds anything to souls, just that in principle it could add to the intended experience for some games.
  8. The only game I was ever genuinely pretty good at was F-Zero GX. I completed all cups on Master difficulty just using the standard Blue Falcon (hence the username), which needless to say was pretty hard. So I reckon I could beat most people - although I remember back when we did time trials on the old gamesradar forums there were a few even better than me, so it’s by no means a given.
  9. I just completed this and I can’t believe how good it is - probably the best indie/short game I have ever played (at least alongside journey). I’ve seen it described as a cross between animal crossing and breath of the wild, and certainly anyone who plays it will recognise that statement immediately. But this was just an incredibly satisfying experience - it really captured that feeling of exploration you get in breath of the wild or dark souls in a microcosm. So I cannot recommend it highly enough - one of the best games of the last few years for sure. It’s two hours and 6 pounds of your time very well spent.
  10. I am playing through the Dark Souls trilogy back to back. I am currently half way through 2, which I've never played before, and I think is far better than a lot of people give it credit for (I've completed 1 and 3 multiple times, so having a completely new one to play through has been great). For me, From Software games are the perfect way to deal with any anxiety and stress. They have the grind aspect and repetition that is very therapeutic. But more they demand complete attention, so occupy your mind entirely whilst playing them. And the general fantasy setting and lore acts well for escapism. Finishing 2 and playing through 3 should occupy another month or so! Other than that I play some Wipeout HD with my brother, which is a nice palette cleanser.
  11. Surely the satirical write ups are the entire point of this thread? I at least look forward to them each year. If I really cared which game Rllmuk voted 8th I could just go through the voting thread and add all the points up myself. The value here is in seeing what Benny at al say. If anything I vote for more sass.
  12. I completed F-Zero GX on Master difficulty just using the basic Blue Falcon car, which I thought was pretty good at the time. I can still win the first two cups, which is not bad for having barely touched the game in over a decade. Probably the only game I was ever legitimately quite good at.
  13. This is incredible! It feels just like time-trialling did in F-Zero GX, minus the L/R shifting in that game. That is high praise indeed. I can see myself getting hours and hours of practice out of this.
  14. My view is that Bloodborne and Dark Souls are on a different level to the other entries in the Soulsborne series - they are some of the best games of all time. The others are merely extraordinarily good games - DS III gets extremely good after the first third, but I doubt anyone would hold it up as one of the best games ever made. So Dark Souls Remastered is a good choice. I think it's a bit like asking what the best Zelda is - Bloodborne and Dark Souls are on a par at least with the very best Zeldas, which to my mind means Link to the Past/Ocarina/BoTW. The others are like the rest of the Zeldas, by which I mean they are still far better than almost any other game, but not the best the series has ever been. But the level design in the first half of Dark Souls is unparalleled anywhere else in the hobby, so I think everyone who like games really ought see that to get what the fuss with this series is all about.
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