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  1. The latest big Korean show to come to Netflix, The Silent Sea dropped today. This is my Christmas viewing sorted.
  2. I had the opposite reaction. As soon as I heard the voice I thought, "Wait a minute, isn't that..."
  3. With how long it's taking Martin to write the books I just assume he hasn't told anyone because he doesn't know either. At this point I've basically given up on the novels along with the TV show.
  4. Bae Doona is also one of the leads in Stranger which is also on Netflix. It's another great Korean show, about a police officer and a prosecutor investigating a murder and corruption within their own services. Anyway, this looks great. I'm always up for interesting new Korean shows, and Netflix seem to be funding some fascinating ones. Hopefully this will tide me over quiet Christmas evenings visiting my parents.
  5. Turns out the most unrealistic thing about Squid Game is that the rich would have played the games out in secret.
  6. "Put up a shelf" has to be one of the most boring and laziest ideas for a task I've seen in a while too. The creative team behind the show must really be struggling by now to come up with interesting tasks.
  7. Or like a marble maze game where one at a time you're sent out inside a glass ball and have to manoeuvre your way through the maze avoiding the holes in the maze that will send you plummeting to your death. I could almost see Netflix making spin off series to this where the rich bastard elites attend 'Squid' style games in other countries and we get a season in Germany based around their childhood games, a season in the US, or any other country that might have interesting games you could spin into deathly competition.
  8. Just back from watching it and chalk me up as another one who enjoyed it. It felt like it had a slow steady pace but I never got bored and was surprised by the end how quickly two and a half hours passed. It really did feel like a glimpse into a different world/worlds and I hope we get the part two we need to see where the story will take us (I've not read the books).
  9. Found season two here it's a YouTube playlist.
  10. Marvel getting its own Christmas action series, and yeah, I'm getting Die Hard vibes from it too. Looks great!
  11. I went with some friends to see this last night and we all came out having really enjoyed it. The fights were exciting, the humour on point. I thought it led us well from our normal world and martial arts through to an utterly fantastical world and superpowers, I'm also interested to see how they connect Shang-Chi into the wider Marvel Universe, we had some cameos, but I can't see how the bigger Marvel characters would ever call on him for help.
  12. Finally some context for the movie, and the first trailer that's actually given me some interest in watching it.
  13. Well my friends I loved it. Confusing at times trying to work out the implications and ramifications of every action taken and every new character we're introduced to, but so much fun to speculate over them. Our introduction, at last, to the mysterious authority behind the TVA was fantastic, a great character I enjoyed in the final episode. Can't wait to see how the ramifications of this play out in future series and movies.
  14. Well each team involved in two penalty shootouts in this tournament have lost the second one so far. We've had a direct line from the Swiss to Spain to Italy...
  15. I was thinking the same thing. Switzerland beat France on penalties, who were then beaten by Spain on penalties, who have now been beaten by Italy on penalties. It's all set up now for the winner of England vs Denmark to beat Italy on penalties in the final and claim the trophy for last penalty takes standing.
  16. They tried once or twice around the 70min mark but the ref ignored them and waved play on.
  17. This just furthers my belief that football needs to introduce a mandatory 5 min medical check for any player that stays down after a challenge. If they can't get back up and are writhing around in pain, then they clearly need to leave the field for 5 minutes for a fully medical assessment. If that means their team is a man down for those 5 minutes, tough.
  18. The Italian simulation at the end here with every bloody touch has really taken the sheen off this Italian performance for me.
  19. Yeah. I hope this goes to penalties purely so he doesn't have to concede again. He's had a great game, and if not for that unlucky deflection would have kept a clean sheet.
  20. It's been over 10 minutes since a goal has been scored. I'm bored again. What happened to this game.
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