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  1. Apologies if this has been covered before. The WiiU is the console that still gets the most use in our house (Smash Bros, Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 primarily), but after years of reliable service, I recently had an issue with the GamePad bluetooth module. That's swapped now and it seems to be working again, but I was surprised to find there is no way to back up game save files and use them on another console. I can't seem to find a reliable answer on whether modding the system allows be to back up the game saves (not interested in the games themselves) in a format that will enable me to use them on another WiiU console in the event that I need to replace our existing console. Does anyone know?
  2. Probably largely based on the cash take at the end of a day/week I'd have thought.
  3. Really enjoyed The Big Conn. Probably won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but the storytelling was a cut above the usual expose style series.
  4. Paid to play this in an electronics shop (possibly Southend?) and it's one of my earliest video game memories. I think I may need to give the C64 version a go!
  5. This was the official line, but you can't tell me the thought didn't occur that it was the initials of the boss.
  6. I was writing for the Atari press at the time and had a Falcon. Being into DTP and ray-tracing at the time it was a fantastic machine - Calamus SL with Outline Art 3, what a combo.
  7. Marathon II: Durandal on the Macintosh. Haven’t heard much from them since.
  8. The developer will probably be keen to help on this one. Have you contacted them?
  9. Working here (and sorry, I know that’s not much help).
  10. Ah, that explains it. I was confusing EMAP and IDG. Europress were in Macclesfield and IDG were Gray’s Inn Road. I must have started writing from them when it went to Europress; I think I wrote one article for Garth Sumpter and then was working with Vic Lennard after that (Vic’s a great guy and I still exchange the odd message with him). I was a hack at the time. I was writing for a few Future magazines (although not ST Format early on) and always wanted to keep work spread across as many publishers as possible. Playing games, tinkering with computers and writing about it was a dream job until the internet came along and ruined it all
  11. I’m not sure this is the right way around. I was freelancing for ST Review at the time (among others) and pretty sure I visited Macclesfield (Europress) before going to Gray’s Inn Road (EMAP). I’ll have to dig my collection out of the loft Either that, or I’m getting old (or both).
  12. Yes, lots of drones. You’ll soon learn to spot the position cars. It’s a tough game, but it’s fab!
  13. Virtua Racing is on the UK store on 27th in case it hasn’t already been mentioned
  14. Interviewed the chap behind this when I was a journo. Thanks for the reminiscence!
  15. It's odd. Marvel had a few quirks, which Avengers appeared to have sorted out (although the game itself wasn't as good). This one feels like it's taken step back again. We are enjoying it, but I suspect like you we have become connoisseurs over the years :). As much as I'll tell you what's wrong with each of them my boy and I have had huge fun with all of the Lego games we have played.
  16. Glad we weren’t the only ones. No idea why they put this in so early in the game - it would have been okay as a side-mission or something. Fortunately seems to be back to business as usual now...
  17. Mario Kart 8. Go buy it now
  18. Some of the third party ones are okay - worth searching and checking the Amazon reviews. Depends if you want to use it as a controller for an additional player or as a primary controller. If the latter I'd be tempted to go for the real thing.
  19. I suspect this is a part of the reason why Nintendo has put so much effort into Super Mario Run, and potentially the timing of its release.
  20. May be worth considering a pre-owned console? Seem to be going for ~£150-£170 for a premium console with an A-list title. Although the sensible thing to do would likely be to wait for Switch there are some truly great co-op games on Wii U. Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi's Wooly World and the later Lego games, most of which have been worth the cost of the console on their own on rainy Saturdays
  21. This will be a loss; great for the Lego games on WiiU. I did wonder if the dock would allow TV display even when the console itself is not installed, but some of the semi-official comments on the capabilities of the dock suggests it's unlikely.
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