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  1. The L1 abilities are key for this Most of them are fairly passive and aimed at giving you a chance to either get away, reposition etc.
  2. They have a memories section in KH3 which basically gives you a summary of the story so far from all the games, inclusive of the ones on DS, PSP etc.
  3. Need to stop applying my "Land in Titled Towers!" approach to STW.
  4. Oh.. I think it's fair to say I may have been annoying people yesterday..
  5. I put like an hour into it last night - some guy dropped me some pretty awesome guns, so blitzing through the lower level stuff fairly easily. Definitely need to watch some tuts on schematics, skill trees and what not - literally have no idea what I'm doing.
  6. Jheeze - just been watching some of the videos you guys have been posting. I picked up save the world back when Battle Royale was in S1.. almost unrecognisable. I'll have to start getting into it and once I'm all powered up, if anyone on PS4 wants to party up I'd be keen!
  7. It's more positioning of said beer. Bedside table is on my left.. too much effort to reach over with my right hand.
  8. It's only use is so you don't have to stop running to take a swig of beer, right?
  9. I'll probably be on this evening - 6/7pm-ish if anyone's around for some duos/squads. Slowly getting back into the swing of things after a few games with @carlospie last night. No wins though. Lots of landing and immediately dying to begin with. And shotguns suck now!? But Tac-Subs and Tommy Guns are OP.
  10. I had kinda fallen out of love with this, but given it's now S5 thought I'd jump back on. Anyone around for some games?
  11. I'd imagine some kind of Blueberry Jello would work pretty well? Or Apple for the mini's.
  12. I made this a little while back and never got around to posting it. - The terrible music is to try and draw attention away from my victory cries. Really haven't played much at all recently. Been too busy with Farcry and God of War. Really need to get back into, nothing quite like the joy of a Fortnite win.
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