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  1. You should see her in Black Sails
  2. That won't work on anything bigger than a Cyclops, though, so I need to get back to practicing with the Guardian Gauss Cannon and the Remote Release Flak Launcher.
  3. Last year, the Canonn Research Group became the first player faction to get its very own Megaship, via a Community Goal: The Gnosis. It has a jump range of 551 ly, and jumps once per week during the Thursday downtime (subject to Canonn's monthly jump schedule being approved in advance by Frontier). In August, Canonn announced plans for The Gnosis to jump from Outotz ST-I d9-4 to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 on Thursday 6 September, for a four-week tour of the Cone Sector. The Cone Sector is only a couple of thousand light-years from Sol, but it's surrounded by perm
  4. Update 3.2 Patch Notes: (Tagged due to length.)
  5. Frontier Forums: Beyond - Chapter Three Launch Announcement
  6. Beyond - Chapter Three is due out on Tuesday 28 August.
  7. If you want as fast a recharge as possible for the shields, you definitely want to avoid Prismatics. Even with the Fast Charge experimental effect they take ages. The Krait is easily fast enough to run with Bi-Weaves. Even better if you mod the Thrusters. This is my current build, without Engineering: (Still got more work to do, so haven't bothered putting the numbers into Coriolis yet. It's got/getting the usual mods I add - Thermal Resistant Shields, Dirty Thrusters, Shielded Life Support, Charge Enhanced Power Distributor, Armoured Power Plant, Increased
  8. The requirements are what is needed for one roll of a grade, not for completing a grade - that always seemed fairly clear and obvious to me, given the progress bars. Reputation with an Engineer is a separate thing. Yes you need to be e.g. Rep Grade 5 to do a Mod Grade 5, but it's not like you have to rep up again with the Engineer every time. It also does not take very long to rep up with an Engineer via crafting, plus as mentioned before there are other ways to increase rep. Some resources are no trouble at all to acquire, some are a major grind. The traders make it mu
  9. But it does tell you? I use Inara to check blueprints, EDDB for trade routes (before the in-game trade tool)... But I've never needed to use an external site to explain the concept of a progress bar. Subsequent rolls of the same grade are not just to unlock the next grade - they are to improve the current grade too. Every roll is an improvement on the last. It's not one and done (except grade one of course). There is a very clear progress bar for each grade, clear progress circles for the pros and cons (with only roll one of each grade having any cons), and
  10. I thought that it made it fairly clear about each grade? - There's a progress bar for each grade, that fills more with each roll. - When a grade has progressed sufficiently, it shows that the next one below has unlocked. - The circles for the modifications have values on them, and also show their progress You can see where you are, what will improve, what will get worse (only on the first roll, as subsequent rolls are better) , what it will cost... The Engineer rep grind is not much of a grind, at all. And although you do have to grin
  11. You can also increase Engineer reputation via other ways. E.g. Farseer takes exploration data, others take bounties or combat bonds or have a commodity market. The higher your reputation with an Engineer, the quicker you'll go up through the different grades when doing a modification. You can generate an upgrade again for the same module because - aside from grade one - it takes more than one roll to complete a grade. [ It generally takes one roll of grade one to unlock grade two, two rolls of grade two to unlock grade three, and so on. Once grade five is unlocked, i
  12. It's not quite that convenient, but you can trade any material of the same overall type: Encoded (data), Raw, or Manufactured. E.g. If you need Datamined Wake Exceptions for a Grade 5 Increased FSD Range mod, you can visit an Encoded Material Trader and trade other encoded materials towards some DWEs. Each overall type of material is divided into subgroups, and each material within that subgroup will have a particular value/grade (Very Common, Common, Standard, Rare, Very Rare). The lower the grade, the more you need to trade for something of a higher value. And you can
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