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  1. I remember being utterly disillusioned with gaming in the final year of the 360. I knew the memory limits of the console so I knew there was nothing in the distance or behind the wall of any interest. Mechanics were stolen from other games till you end up with must have features that appear everywhere. I remember buying games biased on screenshots. The only time you saw it moving was when you were playing it. That was only 15 years ago. At the end of the day games are smoke and mirrors. Many hide it well but many don’t. Horizon for example. I can almost see the big circle
  2. for reference it’s bot bad. I mean it uses double the power playing ps5 games but rest mode is pretty good. Just turn it off though people, x3 watts by 10 million and you get a lot of power
  3. Sounds like my experience with Windows lol
  4. You left your PS4 in rest mode for a few months? Dont you care about needlessly wasting energy
  5. I believe going up and down is easier to navigate than going left and right. A menu that opens up on the side with a up down menu wouldn’t look as fancy but it would be far more functional. I don’t expect it’ll change, they seem like they’re going to go deep with what they’ve created until they reach their end vision. Maybe one day we will find out what the switcher thing is for.
  6. Why is the box so small and spaced out you only see like 3 names/parties in the first place. If most people are scrolling past parties why are they even there.
  7. It nearly bricked my console. Just went to a white light with nothing on the screen and wouldn’t even go into safe mode when I did the update. Had to power down from the socket for it to eventually boot. Samsung Q85R here with Hdmi 2.0 and I see 120hz is now supported. That’s cool but I’ll loose my current 4:4:4 chroma in 120hz and it’ll go down to 4:2:0, no biggies, the option is there at least. Seems slightly snappier? More like launch day snappy? Game base continues to be shit, they added in another button press of the shoulder button to see you friends online a
  8. They also strangely inverted the stripe on her arms....
  9. Do you have this problem? I’ve been using a 4tb external passport drive with no issues (apart from the first couple of days where there were some hiccups) I use rest mode a little bit too on days off, or if I pick up a guitar and the Ps5 shuts itself down eventually.
  10. I think in a lot of those scenes the originals looked better the state of that texture...
  11. I took out the nightmare with a pistol that only had one upgrade on it. This game....I can understand completely why people played it for a little bit and then thought “nah” or “wtf is this shit” but they are missing out. I find it’s an uncomfortable experience because the layout of the world is so complex and I’m always gagging for health. I am managing to get through things though step by step. The big turning point for me was getting utterly lost. You know when your not sure what to do so you just pick a waypoint and go to it only to find a locked door and realise that the w
  12. Yeh I noticed performance is much stronger with the PS5. I’m probably going to get a bit of use out of it in the summer as I sit in the cooler spots of the house playing something like Tropico. It’s just a shame is saps so much iPad battery when essentially it’ll all just video
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