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  1. If you bought the remake on PS4 digital then you get a free upgrade and the content will be 15 quid ish
  2. Wonder if you could make a real time flight to Australia before the game comes out …in Australia
  3. Yeah it’s understandable. If it was at least a square building it might help and surely a generic reusable cathedral/church model would do. im really 50/50 on getting this. do I go with the mpressive series s knowing that 1080p will never look “stunning” or shell out double for Xbox series x which is harder to get hold of. Then there’s gamepass and perhaps not being satisfied with the controller and buying the flight stick even though I have a pc one that would work fine if console makers stopped licensing peripherals. I think about where I’d like to go In the world but then also think maybe it’ll just be a sight seeing google maps thing with not a lot else going on. Im more used to complex weapons systems and objectives. Having a sim console is quite appealing though, so glad it’s happening at all.
  4. I saw a video of someone flying over buffalo on the pc version and people in the comments said it looked nothing like Baffalo, while others were impressed. The thing that stuck out for me was a weird phantom bridge almost floating in mid air. I checked out some Norwich flying on YouTube too and I can follow the roads quite well, it’s just disappointing the castle slap bang in the city is just some round dome building and the cathedral kinda isn’t there.
  5. So Series S…I’m thinking maybe it’s 1080p? Need that digital foundry video. From the video I would be happy with the series S
  6. All these countries I’ve never heard of with the Union Jack in their flag.
  7. Probably the worst opening ceremony in history, especially when you take into account how fucking awesome Japan is. Maybe I t’ll get better, I’ll have to watch when I get home
  8. The original games were ok. This is just them sticking it in Frostbite and polishing it then At a later date using it as a platform for new games. Im not interested even though I think finished all of them. They were the games that damaged my hands in 2011 so yeah…bot for me
  9. Websites hit by global outage https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-57929544 I like the last bit In June, cloud computing provider Fastly had an interrupted service which took down a large number of high-profile websites around the world, including many international newspapers and government websites. In that case, it later emerged that a settings change by one customer had inadvertently affected the entire infrastructure.
  10. Phone them up(sony) They will act like they’ve never heard of it before and you’ll have to explain it then eventually you’ll send it off and they will send you a brand new one. I have two. I’ve sent one back and got a replacement and so far I’ve been good on both of them. I tend to split my time between the two with my official charger to help with wear and tear.
  11. Luke warm for me. More of an album track than a single.
  12. That’s how I got into hitman. I had the first season on ps plus but played it inside Hitman 2 starter pack.
  13. Go for it. Hitman 3 even has all the ps5 game Help videos for the original games which I thought was a nice touch.
  14. It is strange. I can’t verify these figures as they were just pulled off a random website but… Here’s how console sales fared for the week of June 5, 2021: Switch – 392,790 (86,716,650 lifetime sales) PlayStation 5 – 199,629 (9,000,103 lifetime sales) Xbox Series X|S – 112,864 (5,330,164 lifetime sales) PlayStation 4 – 29,667 (115,676,809 lifetime sales) Xbox One – 13,767 (50,139,650 lifetime sales) 3DS – 508 (75,935,100 lifetime sales)
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