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  1. So what’s going on with release dates for games these days. Ubisofts next big thing is out on Thursday. Cyberpunk is a Thursday release. Hitman 3 is coming out on a Wednesday. Is the Friday release dead and buried now?
  2. ...and there was me fending of yet another Bluetooth equipped gang stealing thousands of pounds worth of stock and having them have a go at me in the process while you were at work making the platinum happen. I feel almost guilty.
  3. Your character look like the main character from the first original souls game ..
  4. I don’t use eBay because I’ve had scammers multiple times. I found one guy was lying about not receiving a game by making a fake Facebook account and adding him to see his profile where he had some Xbox app on his page. Abother guy bought my copy of Portal 2 and then asked where it was. I looked at his account and he ordered 10s of copies and claimed mine hadn’t arrived. Utter bullshit people.
  5. Finally found the dualsense charger for sale...
  6. No I mean you can turn It down so the effect isn’t so strong on a system level. I think everything is on high as default.
  7. You can adjust the level of it in the system settings. sometimes developers don’t use it in the right places. Rocket league uses the rumble for when your using boost and given that half the game your boosting it’s kinda annoying. I nice little thump when you pick up a boost would be nice
  8. There seems to be a bug with HDR. Loded up the surge as I was just browsing games to delete from my external. It’s not compatible so I deleted it while it was still running. I loaded up Monster Hunter but something didn’t look right. Then went into Demons souls and it told me HDR was unavailable and sure enough my TV wasn’t in HDR mode. Rebooted and it came back.
  9. Wow I thought Xbox caught up last gen? fake news
  10. rumour has it that Metal Gear Solid is next. Theres some tweet and apparently some nonsense about a T. rex sound in the nexus. The later sounds about as true as one of those PS Plus game leak articles.
  11. Or just press the button once. ive been using them they are very useful sometimes if not a bit spoiler.
  12. After beating the Spider (well I was just there hanging out, someone eles killed it) I went back in to help some other people and died. You don’t want to have me in your game lol. I set the server to London when I got the game but you won’t get any summons that way so always make sure it’s on default. I also levelled up my strength to 18 just so I could use a particular shield. Good times. This game is fun but you know, Souls warnings.
  13. Did the 2-1 Boss. Got 2 others in to help. Just made it to 2-2 boss but died veeeery quickly. The HDR in this game is probably the best seen in games.
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