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  1. I like everything I’ve seen except for the look of the combat. It’s looks really awkward. Ive never seen the movies but there’s something interesting about the universe. I’ll keep an eye on it, no doubt it’s first sale will be at Christmas.
  2. Does the US still get $60 games. Our price is equivalent to $95
  3. i remember PGR 2 having great menus.
  4. I was going to start a thread a couple of weeks ago to complain about this trend of pseudo mouse cursor bullshit In console games!
  5. Harrisown

    NFL 2021!

    It’s always saddening to see someone you respect and like fall so hard. That being said, these are words and I wonder if the NFL itself would have taken any action? Joe Mixon is seen literally knocking a woman out but somehow it’s all forgotten in Cinci. whataboutary I know but some of the shit these players get up to is insane. “he threw his girlfriend onto a futon of guns”
  6. TYeah everyone was saying ah it Tarkov. I have no idea what that is. To be honest when I play battlefield I just want to play the main battlefield mode. I’m not interested in “pistols,only” kinda stuff. This Tarkov thing seems like more of a scavenge thing though so maybe it’ll have some good team play in it. Personally I wouldn’t mind a battle royal mode. I find the game type quite engaging and simple to understand. Conquest I think has had its day. Everyone rushes to a point then the next then the other team take the other and everyone rushes back to that. I’m quite looking forward to going back to some classic maps. I think I’ll buy the game. Incredible for me to say but I had a lot of fun with the betas basic gameplay. Ive been playing 4 lately and that still holds up in terms of gameplay today. Battlefield 1 is pretty good but I only like one gun and none of the vehicles. Battlefield V seems a bit shit?
  7. This was my battlefield experience in a nutshell
  8. I can’t stand the character design in this , I just don’t get it. Where is my handsome semi bearded American killing machine? I did get up and load the beta up only to find out the beta has ended and felt a tiny bit sad…probably because it means I have to get up and do something.
  9. I tried jumping on it but nope…..I was thinking what if you did that hook thing on it as it was taking off. I kinda really like this in a strange way. I kinda like how it looks in the bushes and on the hills. I like the way it moves when your on foot. I like the feel of most of the weapons. It’s a decent shooting experience. I don’t like the menus at all, the characters and their distorted voices, the fisher price physics system (Makes GTA 3 look like a simulator), the interiors of the made up vehicles, the kinda aimless go to point and hang around to capture it stuff, the damn appalling lag, the lack of particle effects when driving through water, the shitty spotting system, I could go on and on… I think if they released a proper demo of this game and showed what it was going to be like at launch I might actually buy it. I hear some of the game modes won’t even be available at launch? We can’t shake off the PS4 and Xbox one era soon enough.
  10. Rumour has it was are a month or so away from a next gen version. hope it’s true
  11. I do like the shooting in this, it’s still an absolute mess though. Why can’t I change the chopper controls
  12. Like I said before , look at what happened in the 360 vs PS3 era. PS3 won that on sales which is incomprehensible
  13. Even on a technical level. This is the same as 4. You honestly would never know this was a 20 year old franchise made by the same studio.
  14. It’s an absolute mess. Too many bugs, loads of lag. I could make the best battlefield game ever made. The aircraft would control like flight simulator (‘obviously without all the complicated shit) the vehicles would be like snowrunner on steroids. Not this glitchy mess of zero physics. Not to mention the controls.
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