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  1. Had a colleague who spent weeks playing Shenmue without realising there was a run button. Same guy struggled beating the dragon in one of the Tomb Raiders. Told me he'd spent all night somersaulting all over the place trying to kill it but it always got back up. I asked him if he'd tried pulling the dagger out of it's belly.
  2. The weakest of the season so far for me.
  3. Some recordings do have an expiry date on them.
  4. I lost the last two eps of S10 when I replaced my Sky Q box, glad I can see them on D+.
  5. Became unresponsive then wouldn't boot past the Xbox logo. Did all the troubleshooting instructions but no joy and had to send it in for repair.
  6. My Xbox just came back from repair, yay!! Nearly 200GB of games to download, boo! Same one as my Elite2 is still connected.
  7. After the tennis game I'm waiting for forum views before buying.
  8. Should get my repair/replacement back tomorrow.
  9. I'm annoyed I couldn't finish Season 3 as my Series X is in the process of being repaired/replaced. I installed it on my PS5 to start Season 4 but even though progress is cross platform the in game credit (CP) isn't. Edit: Just looked on the app and I can switch between PS5 & XB accounts and buy the pass there!
  10. Got the label (as I was on a call complaining to MS ). What's all this attach three copies of invoice? Anyone ever done this? Can I just put them in an envelope and stick it to the box?
  11. Yeah, it's fucked. Even better, going through the online repair service kept failing at the last stage multiple times. So I tried again choosing to pay the expedited delivery and got to filling in payment details before failing again. But..... the service order is now pending and I've not received my printed label! What a cluster fuck.
  12. Remembered I have a 16GB card in my camera.
  13. Awesome. Just turned on my Xbox SX to have a game of CoD but Press A to start wasn't working so I did the 10 second turn off button press and now it won't boot past the Xbox logo. Going to try an offline update from a flash drive but the only flash drive I have big enough is a 16GB which my mac won't now see for some reason and won't open on a Surface. Going to try a 2TB HDD but not sure it'll work. Seem to be having probs all over the place lately.
  14. He doesn't need a crash helmet.
  15. Yeah I'm watching the Turkey v Italy in UHD HDR and it looks fantastic. Going to have to check which England games BBC are showing.
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