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  1. No announcement as far as I know but my daily check yesterday showed the majority of the stuff I tried was full 4k DA/DV. Thanks, took a car load up today when we picked up the keys, hired a van for the next three days so going to be busy. The new house is 70 miles away. Excited though.
  2. Typical, they start streaming in full 4k DV & DA just as I've packed all my AV kit up ready to move this week. At least when I'm up and running again I know I'll finally get the service I paid a year sub for.
  3. Well I found a cure for the glitching......finish the game. Might check a few other games to see if it's terminal, not overly bothered if it has gone tits up as i probs won't be buying anymore Playstation games this side of the 5 launch.
  4. I know, it's got to be a hardware problem as I seem to be the only person suffering with it. Not buying a new one when the 5 is so near, though I do have a standard PS4 boxed up not doing anything. (Not really mine as I gave it to my daughter to take to uni, she's long back but will want it in her room when we move next week.)
  5. Yep, did that too. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  6. Yep. Good idea! Though typical timing in that last week my nephew texted me to ask if I had a spare ext.HDD he could buy (due to the massive CoD update). I let him have my spare 1TB ext.HDD for nothing! I do have one plugged into my Xbox, I'll have a look to see if I can fit everything on the system storage and try it on the PS4. If that's not feasible I'll probs get a new one and try it.
  7. Yeah tried that. This morning it still did it (was hoping the cooler weather would help), so I ripped the top off and sat a couple of fan on it. One on top one behind. Was perhaps a little better but got worse as I progressed.
  8. I deleted and re-installed, still fucked. Knocked system res down to 1080p, still fucked. Tried all manner of adjusting in game and system settings, still fucked. Pausing when it happens brings it out of glitch town for about one or two seconds which is of no use. It's got to be the heat and a probably dying PS4 Pro, will see if the weekends cooler weather has an effect.
  9. Not with the 48CX.
  10. This years LG OLED comes in 48 inches.
  11. I seem to be the only unlucky soul to have glitching on all the cutscenes and even sometimes set pieces like stealth kills. Pissing me off now. I've tried rebooting, defragging but no joy. Perhaps it's the heat, but the fans don't get loud so.... I guess I could try uninstalling and reinstalling. My saves will still work won't they?
  12. Here's some glitching I've had. It's at the end of Day 2 for spoiler consideration.
  13. Still getting loads of glitching on cutscenes.
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