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  1. I really hope it's Xbox remote play on the Switch. A match made in heaven.
  2. Pug

    Old Age Gamers

    Another older gamer here at 49 this year. I plan on playing as long as I'm able. Mulling over getting an Arcade cabinet but I'm worried the novelty would quickly wear off so not sure.
  3. Had this prob and just fixed it by deleting the saved game data.
  4. Pug

    Secretlab Chairs.

    Sell and get the bigger Titan XL?
  5. On stroking up after the back swing, a short stroke will give backspin and a long stroke topspin. Middle for no spin.
  6. Max was told about Lewis exceeding track limits there and to do the same if he wished. Then later they were all told not to by the stewards before Max overtook off track.
  7. I agree, The Avengers especially. So crisp, colourful and the HDR is amazing.
  8. Pug

    Secretlab Chairs.

    .....and they all come with the memory foam head cushion.
  9. Pug

    Secretlab Chairs.

    Still love mine. I think the smaller one comes with a lumbar cushion instead of adjusting wheel.
  10. I won't say it's good for fear of being lynched but the extended cut is much better.
  11. I had DV pop up yesterday when turned on to play CoD, thought my tv had displayed wrong info. Forgot it was coming.
  12. Saw this today and yep not bad at all, if obviously long. Must have pissed off the actors having filmed all this to have the film JW made get them all manner of grief. Hope they enjoy the positive opinions this is getting.
  13. Sky has the UHD version up but not Atmos or HDR. So I downloaded it with DV & Atmos instead. Just got to agree on a four hour viewing window with the wife.
  14. Yep, works as expected.
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