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  1. They have to login to the same network as your primary location device once every 31 days.
  2. My folks share my Netflix and speaking to my Dad the other day he says it's still working. He does call the Apple TV I gave him to watch all my streaming services Netflix though so who knows lol.
  3. How lovely. Great Dadding buddy.🙂
  4. This is a bit overwhelming to someone who is just used to doing Story mode with each fighter. Of course online play is the favoured mode these days but there's just too much to take in for this fifty year old with undiagnosed ADHD. It's so bad that I've had all day to play it but haven't touched it since an hour last night. I'll plow later on in the hope I take in what's going on. I'm loving the graphic style though, best yet for SF IMO.
  5. Cancelled my Hit.co.uk Standard edition and got the Deluxe from CDKeys. Preloading on the Xbox as we speak. I usually go digital with fighting games anyway, I think the possibility of an early delivery swayed the Hit order at first.
  6. The first few were good but tailed off enough for me & the wife to ditch it.
  7. It was actually fiddly as fuck to climb my staircase, kept jumping off at random angles because I'm useless.
  8. You're fucking right, would have been a lot quicker. (Can't remember if I had the ability at the time coz I'm old).
  9. Not put in much time compared to most, this is how I got into my first tower. I built a staircase over the water, lol.
  10. Played a couple of times since Friday, just arrived at Hyrule, lol. I'm in no rush, I like having an open world adventure game that I can nip onto for an hour here and there.
  11. Did you notice when the generator was shut down?
  12. Changed to Quality with motion blur and it's loads better.
  13. Not impressed with performance mode on Xbox SX. Frame rate isn't great, though not as bad as quality mode.
  14. Hit early arrival here too. Swapped my Zelda pre-order over to them, (I get sometimes sellers are ordered to adhere to release dates on occasion though).
  15. I use Apple Music to check for new albums every Friday. Browse > scroll down and click Browse By Category > scroll and tap on desired category/genre (mine are Hard Rock, Metal & Rock) > scroll and tap on New Releases. Then I sample tracks of albums and add to my playlist if I like the sound of it. Some eventually get removed and deleted if I don't get on with them, some lead to new discoveries of bands I like. I then add their discography to my library.
  16. Watched this yesterday and was not impressed. I'd heard it wasn't great but having low expectations can usually result in me liking a bit more. Not with this one. I'll watch all the MCU content though, good or bad, to witness first hand the continuing story. It definitely has lost some appeal post Endgame.
  17. Not sure I'm interested in the open world stuff, I just want to use each character in turn and fight my way to the end baddie, beat him and get my end story video. Just like beat'emups should be. After that I may tinker about. I can still do that, right?
  18. Star Wars Jedi Surviver is a week Friday, will be getting on with that. I don't mind having a few games on the go.
  19. There was an update for this today on the PS5.
  20. Another hole in one, lol. 187713a006878-master_playlist.mp4
  21. Yes! Love how you can capture the controller mic also on the PS5. 18765c94a4972-master_playlist.mov
  22. The UHD HDR Sky showing of this is so terrible. No idea why they are offering it.
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