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  1. It definitely leaves wanting more when an episode finishes.
  2. Thinking about it. What puts me off is that those mini fridges aren't proper fridges so drinks won't be ice cold from them.
  3. My Skull & Co. grip arrived today so I can start to enjoy my Switch at last. (Curse my large hands). It comes with three different grips, of which I use the biggest one, though the one down is useable too and has kinda index finger rests. Those were ready attached and were creaky at first, but the components weren't seated correctly. A little press and it clicked into place. Sticking with the biggest for now. They are very easy t swap over by simply sliding them off downwards and sliding the replacement on. Supplied are little pads to increase the snugness of fit, I haven't needed them. It is also adjustable to fit the original Switch by removing a few screws on the rear, removing a thin shim and reassembling. Easy peasy. Won't be getting the updated Satisfye now, especially with the guessed specs that resulted in big gaps with fins to insure it fitted. Skull & Co. Neo Grip:
  4. Pug

    Nintendo Switch

    Just boxed up and my launch Grey Switch ready to sell. Will post in trading shortly.
  5. Ordered 28th Sept. and they shipped it 6th Oct.
  6. Mine is on it's way, arrived at Heathrow Royal Mail distribution centre this morning.
  7. Yeah, I think you win the 'Pet with new console' photo.
  8. Pug

    Nintendo Switch

    Make the new one the Primary console.
  9. Yep, hardly noticeable lag using AirPods Pro.
  10. Pug

    Battlefield 2042

    I lol'd at all the parachutes caught in a tornado. I'm not keen on the controls and hope I can custom them COD like as I'm so used to it that way. I also need to adjust sensitivities, etc. as I don't feel precisely in control. That's a thing with every game though.
  11. Yeah, at my desk with a Pro controller until my Skull & Co grip arrives (and I get on with it).
  12. Civilisation VI save won't transfer over by neither cloud save or direct.
  13. Wash your mouth out young man.
  14. Careful with engineer beta firmware, sometimes the build number can be higher than public builds meaning you are stuck if later public builds are lower.
  15. Pug

    Nintendo Switch

    All set now, pretty much how you said. Thanks for going to the effort for the advice. Decided I'm going to sell the old Switch now as my daughter wasn't bothered with a permanently docked communal Switch and I don't really need it.
  16. The forum is doing the double post thing again.
  17. Thanks!! Was a little disappointed with the brightness until now.
  18. That is one of my favourite games!! Any others similar? (Not a bullet hell fan)
  19. Pug

    Nintendo Switch

    With the new OLED Switch I was going to sell my old Switch then thought about keeping it and leaving it as docked only. I presume it's possible to instead of transfer my User/save data over to the OLED, I just sign in and download my games. Would have had to download them anyway. As long as I'm not using them both at the same time it'll work ok? Will the cloud saves have any delay or do they sync when starting a game? And I presume I'll need an online sub? (getting one anyway for N64 goodness).
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