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  1. Does the preinstall work with disc too?
  2. The absence of object damage ruins the immersion and makes it feel like a tech demo a bit for me. A bullet hole/dent in a wine bottle? Yuk. Not a fan of the typewriter save system either but as long as quick resume works it's not an issue I guess. I sound like a moaning Minnie but I am getting enjoyment from it.
  3. Didn't get far in the first episode before turning off.
  4. Oh yeah, my v2 left stick has lost it's click too. Still works but get no tactile feedback it's been pressed.
  5. My v2 has the broken shoulder buttons which is very common. Common enough for me not to recommend getting one. I fixed it by taking it apart and making the shim between the button and contact button bigger but it still fails to respond occasionally. My v1 had no problems which I think was lucky and apart from the dodgy shoulder buttons I love the v2, but wouldn't buy another until v3.
  6. Tim Cook is good with a sniper rifle.
  7. Can't find confirmation for this, hope it's true.
  8. Reading comments on the first boss nearly had me sticking it on the trading thread before I even got to him, lol! Beat him first time! Fuck knows how this shat, impatient old bast did it. Must have had favourable add-ons.
  9. Installing now and probably uninstalling a few hours later because I'm shit.
  10. I'll probably just leave it on pause with the tv off if I'm deep into a run. Looking forward to playing this on the G1, great release timing.
  11. Loving the Mount Yamantau map.
  12. It's not the quick resume bug is it? Whenever I go to play it I have to click options on the tile and quit the game first.
  13. Just ordered on disc as I want some of that hefty price back when I'm finished with it.....which won't be too long with my shat skills I wager.
  14. Hide games in Library at last.
  15. I really hope it's Xbox remote play on the Switch. A match made in heaven.
  16. Pug

    Old Age Gamers

    Another older gamer here at 49 this year. I plan on playing as long as I'm able. Mulling over getting an Arcade cabinet but I'm worried the novelty would quickly wear off so not sure.
  17. Had this prob and just fixed it by deleting the saved game data.
  18. Pug

    Secretlab Chairs.

    Sell and get the bigger Titan XL?
  19. On stroking up after the back swing, a short stroke will give backspin and a long stroke topspin. Middle for no spin.
  20. Max was told about Lewis exceeding track limits there and to do the same if he wished. Then later they were all told not to by the stewards before Max overtook off track.
  21. I agree, The Avengers especially. So crisp, colourful and the HDR is amazing.
  22. Pug

    Secretlab Chairs.

    .....and they all come with the memory foam head cushion.
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