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  1. Can't wait! I needed this game! I didn't read any reviews or watch the trailers. I read a bit about it in a preview awhile ago and just been waiting for the reviews to confirm it's good! Very happy to see such high praise.
  2. Really hoping this is great! Not a lot of games around for me this season and there's usually at least one game that grabs me! I will wait for the general consensus and reviews band make an informed decision like the responsible gamer I am. Or I might pre order tonight because I'm weak! Obsidian, don't let us down! It needs to be more fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity than Alpha Protocol.
  3. Floyd

    Pokemon Go

    Away on holiday at the moment, 1 gym, 1 stop and lots of concentrated Pokémon. Caught 1 using my bathroom too!
  4. I wondered if you put True Romance in there too? I know he didn't direct but he wrote it.
  5. I loved it! All the 80's references and present and correct. It's a lot more of the same without the huge mystery of the first series. The Dustin duet was one of my personal highlights! I laughed a lot as well. Also damn, it looked so good. The effects were amazing!
  6. Floyd

    Glastonbury 2019

    I saw about 10 seconds of Kylie. It sounded awful. Still, at least she gave it a go. Didn't Janet Jackson mime?
  7. Floyd

    Glastonbury 2019

    The Cat Empire closing the Avalon stage later. That's all I need!
  8. This game is not for me haha
  9. What's this Sekiro thing? Never heard of it
  10. Yes! All games should have an easy mode. I'm crap at games and even 'normal' is hard sometimes.
  11. Do you reckon then shot all of Negan's cell scenes in about an hour...
  12. Anyone notice his "wardrobe" is just his own clothes? Haha
  13. Avatar Just awful. Made worse by the hype. I'm sure I've seen worse but I can't remember the titles. You know, when you get to the and you're angry that this film stole 2 hours of your life. There was one,. I think it was the Forrest? Set in Japan with madge from Game of thrones?
  14. Watched the first episode... I don't know, maybe the time or acting? I didn't enjoy it
  15. So glad there was a demo. Confirmed I won't be buying it!
  16. Halo 2 was my gaming peak! Halo 2 multiplayer ruled my life back in 2004-2005.
  17. I sold a YouTube account after a similar message a few years ago.
  18. I did once, after the credits. I threw a stick of dimamite in the middle of them. I hope it did it right. They all died.
  19. I really liked Chapter 5! Totally took me by surprise and enjoyed every minute
  20. I love it! I'm on chapter 6, still seems like loads to do. My only issue are the guns. I really wish you could get rid of the ones you don't need or want. The game has a habit of auto switching my guns I carry, usually to a gun I don't want to use.
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