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  1. Pandora? I have one. They're actually quite good! Dual nubs MOFO
  2. For me, the best thing about the game is the lock-on system - especially when you and an enemy 'rush' each other like medievil jousters. It felt just like space combat probably would be.
  3. The names do seem familiar...
  4. I'm near the end of this game at the moment. What can I say? It's proper good! All the included games are really good on their own merit. They feel a little more intense than their original inspiration, a little easier too - sort of helps simulate the experience of being a gamer back then. It's taken the years of cynicism and dissapointment the last few console generations have left me with and wiped it clean. It's like a gamers enima?
  5. Better battery life. Yeah, the good old PSP now has (from what my eyes can tell) full speed Snes and Megadrive emulators (the former has screen tearing mind you). The PS1 emulator is for custom firmware; a hacked version of the official Sony one. It's flawless. I got all excited playing Super Mario World and such on my PSP, but then I finally found how awful the buttons are (not to mention the screen blur) - cramp inducing. The only thing that stopped me from getting a Dingoo was my Pandora order (sigh).
  6. I'm really interested in this too. Love to see some photos.
  7. I bought a Snes from a carboot, the plastic turned out to not be in great condition - accidentially stood on it and that entire side broke off and crumbled underneath my foot. So I guess plastic doesn't live forever?
  8. Come on, seriously, why else no audience? It's a camera trick.
  9. Split screen. Fake digital shake and zoom. Boring!
  10. I'm really getting into it - at first the endless random battles pissed me off, but being able to 'jack into' various stuff has me hooked! For me, the battles spiced up when I started constructing my own collection of chips and weren't so repetitive then.
  11. Just when I thought all hope was lost, the empty cabinet in our Hull store filled up with 49p games! Mostly tie-in rubbish, picked up the following: Doom Doom 2 Megaman Battle Network (really enjoying this one) Final Fight One Sabrewulf Mech Platoon Tony Hawks
  12. Had a NGPC for quite a few years, in terms of how much I loved it... well, I had a GBC Color at the time, and i'm not one for favouritism! Is it true that all the cartridges are flashable? I guess you have to make a linker or something. When and if my Pandora ever turns up, i'm seriously looking forward to emulating this thing. Rather annoyingly I haven't found anything out there for the PSP, DS etc. that emulates it at full speed.
  13. Totally agree with that. What can I say, I was expecting it to be shit and it made me laugh! Far far better than the one off special they did.
  14. Sad for myself, happy for you. Good on ya!
  15. Just put till reciepts through the printer (thermal paper innit), fun way to recycle! Don't forget Pokemon Trading Card Game, I have a soft spot for it myself.
  16. I was wrong. They did have them all reduced but: 1) They were £2.99 2) All the good stuff had gone
  17. No deals like that here in Hull sadly... (edit: WRONG)
  18. That was awesome, cheers!
  19. Didn't the Pickford brothers work on Mario Artist?
  20. It may have to be plugged into port 2, but don't quote me on that. Check the readme's for the emulator too if you have them. I'm gonna go home and check for myself.
  21. Handheld games and shitting are a match made in heaven. I've been mixing the two since the the original Gameboy!
  22. I tried a mac keyboard and it worked for me (it was an older one though). I think you have to dig into the emulator settings, generally, to get mouse and keyboard support going. Which emulators are you using? The Xport ones support keyboards for definate.
  23. This is mental. Up until recently you couldn't get that kind of money for his actual stuff.
  24. I have one too. Maybe they are? I don't see any on Ebay.
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