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  1. It's funny the conclusions that some people are taking from this stunt. Whether the cash was real or not, he was shredding his own stuff for an important cause he believes in. People clutching their pearls because he's not spending his money in the way they think is right is the sort of diversionary shite I expect from the Mail. There are far, far more obscene uses of money that surround us every day - where rich people use money that is not even theirs for purely selfish reasons - yet it's little old Joe Lycett who is acting grotesque. I mean, Joe has put himself up against David Beckham here - an uber rich royal bootlicker who takes obscene money from corrupt governments. Joe looks like fucking Mother Teresa here.
  2. As someone not very technically minded, I installed Emudeck to see if I could get a few Gamecube games working. For anyone similarly technically illiterate - it wasn't too hard. With a few YouTube tutorials it took me about 3hrs to install it, download some games and get them working. It took me that long because I was doing it all directly on on the deck - no keyboard or mouse made it a bit tricky as the steam deck virtual keyboard and trackpads are not particularly precise in desktop mode. Anyway, it's fantastic. Gamecube games run well with the odd cutscene skip here and there. I've been playing Metroid Prime. That game was so ahead of it's time - the immersive HUD and story told through scanning objects. It's still dripping with atmosphere 20 years on. I love my deck
  3. I recently played through this on steam deck. It's a really good FPS rogue like, you pick skills as you go and when the synergies click it's really satisfying feeling like a badass blowing shit up.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation rllmuk This was superb, with particularly excellent final episodes.
  5. Then you're mistaken, I think Benny is a good person with no agenda here.
  6. Ok, happy to discuss this more whenever you like Benny FWIW I don't think you have a nefarious agenda in any of this, but I do think focusing on criticising of what the show is not is not particularly helpful given what it IS saying and how online reaction to a show like this impacts certain people irl.
  7. People think you are down on it because of your posts Benny. The majority are critical and poking holes in the show. You say that you should be able to critique what's being presented to you, but people are only doing the same with what you write. You are shining a light on issues you think are important to discuss, it's only reasonable people want to discuss them.
  8. Well I find your takes here a bit problematic Benny. Throughout this thread you said, in no particular order: male online trolls are not as big a problem as people and the media make out (tell that to the women who suffer harassment!), the target men they have taken aim at in the show are too broad (sorry, but this feels a bit #notallmen) and that they should have focused more on certain areas where women experience sexism rather than the ones they did focus on (I'm sure they are sorry). You've been down on the show from the start, and it's odd. The way I see it: if the woman who writes the show wants to talk about certain problematic issues she and other women experience all the time, but at the same time wants to depict a female lead character who navigates that difficult world in a confident and funny way that doesn't agonise over things that are somewhat beyond her control and get in the way of telling the female lead character's personal story, we should support that.
  9. Benny, given the reaction to this show, and particularly the finale, do you still feel like the negative online reaction to this show represents a small number of troubled people, rather than a wider problem amongst men of a certain demographic?
  10. I think this is a bit unfair on the show and the writers. It's a comedy. It's not on the writers to solve every problem women experience and take every scenario as seriously as others think they should. They've highlighted some pretty important stuff in there, such as stalking, online harassment, revenge porn. Sure they didn't go into detail on everything but it's all real, important stuff that young people watching a Marvel show might not necessarily know about if they hadn't tried the new thing on Disney+. That we're laughing at the incel jokes and the neat way the show accurately predicts it's own online reaction is not to say the show doesn't have something important to say. I think it's a bit of a shame a show like this that is brave and has a big heart can get it from both sides - it's too woke and it is also not going far enough in its critique of toxic masculinity etc.
  11. Like, it was a nice reveal, but did you really come away thinking the episode made that the focus? For me it was almost wall to wall Jen calling the shots. I came away absolutely thinking about all the awesome Jen / She Hulk moments. All the Even the didn't get their moment in the sun to and I wonder if their real life counterparts were kinda disappointed with that, the thought of which pleases me greatly.
  12. Just loved it. Perfect ending for me. The jokes totally landed for me again, had about 5 out loud laughs this episode, most of any episode for me. I love Jen, her mannerisms and dialogue are so endearing.
  13. Sorry for asking such a basic question, I'm a total noob to Steam: I've seen a few websites that sell Steam keys to games for considerably less than buying them direct from the store. Will that work fine or are there reasons to avoid this?
  14. Does it have any relation to the MCU, or is this a stand alone piece?
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