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  1. Yep, that's very often true. And 80 years of punching each other means there's very little original ideas left.
  2. Just watched episode 1. Loved it. There's a bit of a misunderstanding amongst non-comic readers that watch the MCU that comics are only about superheroes punching each other. There's so much more out there than that, and it's good to see a show where the characters and plot comes first. Very intrigued as to what happens next.
  3. The last 2 episodes of season 3 were brilliant. The final fight in the last episode must have had a different fight choreographer involved - it was a huge step up.
  4. Got a good review in the Guardian today. Some mild spoilers, mind, so be warned if you read it.
  5. In the first episode of season 2, this bit really made me laugh
  6. First season was brilliant. Only a few episodes into the second, but it seems to keep up the quality. Also, 15 minute episodes! So easy to fit one into an evening of other stuff.
  7. When I take a video clip on my Series X, and I upload it so that later I can trim and share it with mates, it takes between 1 and 2 days to appear in my Xbox phone app. Is that normal?
  8. I just finished watching episode 3. Pretty good stuff so far. Now, I have a strange urge...
  9. Pretty decent Comixology sale on right now. Picked up my missing Birthright volumes. That comic is so fun, I'm compelled to read it until my eyes give up. Here's the Birthright pitch for anyone interested:
  10. Pah! You've got it below a slim mid-generation revised version of a PS4. Imagine what the revised slim Series S is gonna look like!
  11. So do we think the Loki series is going to be all about him time travelling around Earth, cropping up to cause mischief and causing the incidents that were unexplainable or bizarre in our reality (JFK assassination, Lord Lucan, etc.)? Kind of like Quantum Leap, where Sam is a cunt trying of mess things up. Could work.
  12. Sure, obviously people with access to less powerful machines are going to have a worse experience. I'm playing on a Series X, for reference. Interestingly we have people complaining that the game doesn't push the tech hard enough (it's not as good as the previews!) while at the same time complaining that it pushes the tech too hard (it's unplayable on last gen machines!). I guess scaling a game like this is hard, perhaps the cross gen ambition was too great. Certainly the top end PC previews have given people the wrong idea of what the game would be like at launch. Hope
  13. I'm really enjoying it so far. I've had bugs, but nothing that goes beyond something like Fallout 3 had on launch, for example, which were frustrating for sure but got patched fairly quickly and didn't stop me getting engrossed in the world. I didn't watch a lot of the preview stuff in the run-up to release, and I'm glad I didn't. The things I've experienced for the for the first time over the last few days have been truly incredible. The visuals, the sound, the density of Night City, the life going on around me, the incidental stuff, the details... it's a dystopian vision that fee
  14. NickC

    Among Us

    It really helps if you play with people of a similar experience level to you. Me and my friends have had some hilarious games. The mind games when you get down to the final 3 are brilliant to witness as dead crewmates.
  15. lol at this thread. It was always going to be this way, but it peaked earlier than expected. Love that we've already got to the 'No I'm a more mature and thoughtful gamer than you, please leave the forum you snowflake' posts a full 2 days before release!
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