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  1. Yep. Been playing for 3hrs today. Really fun. First 2 hours I thought it a bit easy. Now I'm in bullet hell so I need to reassess!
  2. Yeah I often wonder about this in Bake Off. People sometimes say 'How could Paul & Prue have let that person win?!' but the reality could be they were quite a bit better than the editing made out, which is designed to create a bit of tension.
  3. Yeah, most people do that, including you I only mention it because you say it a lot so it has probably been bugging you a bit.
  4. It really is OK to compare your own view to those of someone else's. We all do it, including you dude.
  5. I liked the mix of contestants and audience - quite diverse but unashamedly geeky. This couple on the right looked like they had ended up in the audience for the wrong show They are probably massive gamers, if so fair play to them!
  6. Did they always have the losing gamers fall into the abyss using the dodgy graphics? I loved that bit. My son was really drawn in by the Educating Grado bit, he's been talking to me this morning about adaptive music
  7. Anyone else catch the first episode? I was watching with my son and we grinned and laughed for the whole hour. Rab was excellent, it was like he'd been presenting this gig for years.
  8. This thread has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Really intrigued now by these reactions from those who have seen it. Cool to see people so buzzed
  9. Watched the Extra Slice last night. Jurgen is just a lovely person. Shy, funny and endearing.
  10. IIRC the book had a different ending to the film. Satisfying and quite spooky. But both the film and book are terrific.
  11. Fish with the condom in its mouth was
  12. People who do well in Bake Off have precision in their bakes and create cakes that don't fall down. Never bet against the engineer.
  13. Been a long time since I read it but I wonder if they will change some of the main story beats because some of them might not sell so well in today's world. For example, in a world where almost every man is wiped out...
  14. My family viewing tip is Race Around The World. Pretty exciting and it's got loads of educational elements - geography, culture, budgeting, relationships, etc.
  15. What do you watch with your family and kids? What keeps everyone engaged or laughing? What starts interesting conversations or transcends age gaps? Share your recommendations rllmuk!
  16. Lovely nod by Saka. While being held too. Great to see him score, always puts a shift in.
  17. Hmmm. I love this show, but it leans so heavily on nostalgia for the original films that they are going to run out of road soon.
  18. Hmm I don't know. I'm not sure it makes any difference, might give it a go to see.
  19. I enjoyed this. Top notch exploration. Great use of mirror worlds. I loved bombing it around as the drone, I didn't enjoy playing as the human as much. Was very strange having an end of game boss that
  20. And the way he fades it out at the end and his voice gets creaky
  21. Played this for a few hours last night in online co-op. Such fun! Had a few crashes, hopefully an update will sort that out.
  22. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but Millarworld have a huge Humble Bundle on right now with pretty much everything you'd expect.
  23. Not sure what the point is of debating contentious moments with people who just come into this thread on the wind up and have no interest in the football itself.
  24. Yep. He's been on record saying that they've spent a lot of time working on penalties. I doubt there will have been surprises when they were dished out. The occasion, the quality of the other keeper... there are things that you can't practice for. One team, and some players have to be on the losing side in this format, it can't be another way. Also, some comments have been made on the fact that the penalty takers who missed were young and black... it will be hard for them over the coming weeks for sure, but to have a manager who looked at their quality first and believed in them, that's gotta count for something.
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