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  1. One thing that is crystal clear is the so called big 6 learnt absolutely sweet FA from the ‘Big Picture’ shambles, and have managed to lurch into yet another PR fiasco!!!!!
  2. Who knows, as with no promotion or relegation you need something to generate interest.
  3. The changes they are planning to make to the CL to try and head this off also sound pretty shite tbh. They are desperate to introduce an American style franchise system into the game, and UK + European fans just don’t want to buy into that.
  4. Guess they will need a wooden spoon team. A bit like Italy in the 6 Nations.
  5. Yep nobody including fans of the clubs involved wants to see a closed shop in European football. I can see that it would make shit tons of money for the selected clubs in the Far East and US, but if the cost is destroying the domestic game then it is simply a non starter.
  6. Waggo

    Xbox Game Pass

    I have been absolutely hammering Outriders the past few days & really enjoying doing so. Totally impressed that MS managed a Day 1 GP release for it.
  7. Yes totally shocked at that one, as I was not even aware she was ill. RIP.
  8. Downloaded and spent a couple of hours on this today, and first impressions are not bad at all. I love Game Pass for letting me give games like this a try out, as I doubt very much I would have paid fifty quid for it unless it was getting absolutely stonking reviews. But GP means a newly released half decent game to play on a day off work, at no additional cost to myself.
  9. Waggo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sony want 35 quid for it!!!
  10. It is £32 in Tesco if you have a club card for the physical disc. It was tempting me this morning on my weekly shop, but think I will hang fire until I get a PS5.
  11. Waggo

    Old Age Gamers

    Yeah that actually makes a lot of sense. While I know plenty of people in my age bracket (I am sure there are a fair few on here as well) who are very much into their gaming, I don't know of anybody of my parents generation.
  12. I recently turned 47 and have been a gamer basically my entire life. I remember playing Pong with my uncle on a Atari Grandstand console that he owned from a very young age. I then graduated to my very own ZX Spectrum (16K), BBC Acorn Electron, C64 and then an Amiga 1200 before moving onto Sega, Nintendo, Sony and ultimatley Microsoft consoles with 3 or 4 gaming PC's thrown in along the way for good measure. The thing is I love gaming more than ever currently on the Series X, (I will also be getting a PS5 at some point down the line) and I simply can't ever imagine g
  13. I know I will hate it, but yep I am in regardless.
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