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  1. Yeah I am at almost the exact same point of season 4. Last episode I watched was: This has definitely been my favourite season so far, and is very obviously MAGA influenced, which gives it some real world bite. If future seasons are as enjoyable as this one then I will be sad to see it go.
  2. Series X from Amazon for me. Was trying for the All Access from Smyth's, but like yeah no chance there at all!!!!
  3. I am thinking this as well, although they may go down the timed exclusive to GP route, just to really ram home the point that if you dont want to pay £70 quid and wait 6 or even 12 months to play then GP is the place to be.
  4. I know it's huge but that is taking it just too far. Mars maybe!!!!
  5. Without the need to compromise for multi platform releases the studios should be free to take full advantage of the extra Oomph of the Series X as well, which could be interesting 2 or 3 years into this new generation.
  6. I suspect to coincide with the launch of the next gen S and X. Certainly some of them anyways if not the whole lot.
  7. Totally agree Ayew should have been made to retake. As for the rest how many dodgy pens have Man Utd won over the years, so no sympathy whatsoever on that front.
  8. Return Of The Jedi - 5/5. IMO the weakest of the original trilogy & yet it still easily pisses over every film since with the possible exception of Rogue One. I was mentally comparing the opening dialogue with Vader and the Death Star commander about completing it on schedule, with the guff we got in Attack of the Clones in particular and it is just laughable really as well as quite sad.
  9. Could have typed that post myself as this is exactly what stopped me taking the plunge. The news that Miles Morales and Horizon 2 the two games I was most interested in will both play on my PS4, so why drop £500 + on a PS5 until a game I want to play does not come to PS4?
  10. Series X for me. Would have been a PS5 as well, but the presentation the other night along with the subsequent info dump (Dump being the appropriate word!!!!) did absolutely nothing to convince me that I need one right now.
  11. Series X for me. I was open to the idea of getting a PS5 as well, but nothing I saw last night convinced me I need one right now. I will pick one up down the line, when games I want to play and can only play on a PS5 are released, but the announcement that I can play Miles Morales and Horizon 2 on my PS4 means that day may not be as soon as I originally thought.
  12. Also just over fifty quid for 3rd party games if Amazon are anything to go by. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Assassins-Valhalla-Limited-Exclusive-Amazon-co-uk/dp/B087QTHDFB/ref=sr_1_2?crid=31QOSP2O1AGLS&keywords=assassins+creed+valhalla&qid=1600295058&sprefix=assa Edit: Also same price listed for PS5 and PS4 for that matter.
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