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  1. Gladiator - 5/5 Unquestionably my favourite film of all time. Felt the need for a rewatch after finishing the excellent Barbarians on Netflix.
  2. Forza 4 upgraded to the max and I will treat myself to the Ultimate Edition with my MS points too.
  3. Well I just finished Barbarians and I fucking loved it. If you have any interest whatsoever in Ancient Rome, you need to give it a watch.
  4. My Amiga 1200 was the best gaming machine I have ever owned & I have owned most of them. Civ 2 and SWOS were the absolute gaming pinnacle for me.
  5. The thing is though nobody is forcing anybody to buy one. If you are unhappy with the launch line up, then simply hang fire until such time you consider buying one to be a worthwhile investment. Simply whinging about the proposition on offer is at best a distorted sense of self entitlement, and more likely in all honesty to be trolling.
  6. Did not realise Blake’s 7 was on there. Do they do a free trial or any introductory offers?
  7. Smallville is another one as well. Shit load of now famous people started out on it. Edit: Including as above:
  8. Watched the first episode over the weekend, and will definitely go back to it once I have finished with Barbarians on Netflix.
  9. I will have to check that out then before I watch the next episode. Cheers.
  10. Yeah just watched the first episode and enjoyed it very much. Could do without the tense, gentle, dramatic music playing prompts on the subtitles, but otherwise excellent.
  11. Well so far I think S3 is infinitely better than the first 2.
  12. A cracking result and a great way to bouce back from the disappointing second half against Wolves on Monday.
  13. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-10-23-call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-wars-zombies-onslaught-mode-is-a-12-month-playstation-exclusive Well Activision have just lost a purchase from me and I am usually there day one with COD. I am not dicking about this next generation though, and will only be buying games once they are 100% available on the platform of my choice (Xbox in this instance).
  14. I actually enjoyed it far better than any of last season. I just don’t think of it as Star Trek any more though, which might help. Saying that though I did enjoy:
  15. Just managed to hit the 10k gamer points. I was determined to get it done, but it was a real slog at the end so not sure I would be in a hurry to do it again.
  16. My absolute favourite episode of DS9 is ‘Necessary Evil’ and that was an early season 2 episode, so yes anybody saying to skip the first 2 or 3 seasons is talking bollocks. The later seasons only work as well as they do because you are invested in the characters and what they are having to go through, and that investment comes from watching the earlier seasons. Totally agree on Sisko’s acting though. He was particularly bad when angry. Huffing and puffing all over the place.
  17. Blinded By The Light - 4/5 Been a Springsteen fan since the 80’s, yet somehow this gem passed me by. Corrected tonight and I loved it.
  18. To my mind this is the biggest flaw in the entire grubby little power grab. The PL is the biggest TV market in Europe precisely because it is the most competitive out of the major leagues. A team equivalent to Leicester would never win the league in Spain, France, Italy or Germany. If you take away that USP and end up with a league where nobody outside these self ordained big six can realistically compete, then people will quickly start to lose interest and that TV market will fall away.
  19. Grubby power grab in my opinion. Unless Utd and Liverpool volunteer to be the 2 clubs to leave the league then it is DOA as well, as Turkeys ain't going to vote for Christmas.
  20. This is definitely on my watch list once I have finished 'The Boys'. Glad to hear some positive noise around it.
  21. Yeah think you get 70 points for each level finished then a bunch more for finishing the game. Then there are bonus challenges which have achievements + speed challenges.
  22. Fanboys are gonna fanboy. Maybe he owns shares in Sony.
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