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  1. Agree with all of this except I pressed the B button to lay prone & shot the sucker. Same result & the game will never be going near my Xbox again, until the next time MS offer reward points. for playing it!!!!
  2. You only have to take a look at the poll on the front page of IGN to get an idea why both Sony and Nintendo might be slightly concerned as to how this generation is starting to pan out. Over 43,000 voters and 2/3ds of them are either already onboard with Microsoft or interested in becoming so. Granted IGN is a gaming site and I would imagine most of the people voting on there have access to at least 2 of the big 3 if not all of them. But the counter to that arguement is the casual gamers will go where the games are, and if COD gamers, Doom gamers, Elder Scrolls gamers etc can only get their games via Microsoft then that is where they will end up.
  3. I did the mouse puzzle 5 times which I thought was ludicrously excessive, and then the bar refreshed to say 5/20!!! I sacked it off at that point. WTAF is that all about?
  4. Looks brilliant. Release date should have been May 4th though.
  5. Genuine LOL'd at 'Spent his time off-screen becoming an Hawaiian pimp'.
  6. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Guitar Hero are 3 arcade IP’s they now own of the top of my head.
  7. Returnal is a great game I love it, but you are serioulsy deluded if you think it was not hamstrung by the £70 price tag. I seem to recall it struggling to break into top ten sales chart on the week of release, and sales sank without a trace the following week. Outside of serious gamer circles I would serioulsy doubt if 90% of casual gamers know anything about it these days.
  8. Not a chance. They cannot make them fast enough to sell at the current price, so no way are they cutting it for at least 18 months.
  9. MS have fucked up real bad here by dropping $70 billion big ones without first checking with all the random internet game nerds out there, who would gladly tell em that COD has been crap since 2012 and so they have wasted all their cash. Kinda makes you wonder how they ever became a $3 trillion company in the first place when they drop clangers like that?
  10. Don't think console wars are really relevant anymore though tbh, it is all about content now at least as far as MS are concerned. Isn't Phil on record as saying that he is not in the slighest bit bothered if you are playing MS games on a Playstation, as long as you are playing those MS games? So I think Sony fans will still be able to play COD and everthing else if not on their Playstations, then directly through their TV or whatever in the near future. You don't drop $70 billion notes and then keep everything the same as it was. The gaming world is seismically changing around us and I think most of us have yet to grasp that.
  11. I would imagine US anti competition laws are always going to favour the American company in MS over a Japanese Sony, so anybody pinning their hopes on that one are on a hiding to nothing.
  12. Totally this. I got Lithuania wrong for exactly the same reasons, so then looked up the answers on here for the rest.
  13. Was there ever an explanation as to why it is called 'The Book of Boba Fett'? Seems an odd title for a tv show. Is the idea that it is meant to be a one of spin-off from Mandalorian & we will be getting others such as 'The Book of Bo Katan' etc, or are there plans for future seasons?
  14. Bielsa giving a team-talk to the subs for today’s match!!!!
  15. Arsenal had one Covid case though I believe. The rest is injuries, suspensions and players away at AFCON. It absolutley makes a mockery of the competition that they have been allowed a postponement today. Whatever the result now this has easily been the performance of the season from Leeds. We have absolutely battered a top 4 side away from home. If we can just hold out now it has the feel of a real game changing moment for the season.
  16. Yet we are still winning. Seriously though the injury situation is getting beyond parody now and it could end up costing us dear if we can't get a handle on it over the next week or two!!!!
  17. I had heard nothing about this until I saw this thread earlier in the week. So decided to give it a go this evening & 3 episodes later I am totally hooked. Great recommendation guys.
  18. Not on the list of games JPL gave but one which illustrates my point perfectly. A great game that does something different, but was totally hamstrung by a £70 RRP. Hopefully the new service Sony are launching will lead to more like it.
  19. All great games but also all very much cut from the same cloth, and other than nicer visuals I don't expect the next gen sequels to be much different. Sony need a bit more variety and inovation the same as everyone else and £70 RRP on games does not facilitate this, so hopefully the new service will.
  20. Not necessarily. A real world comparison might be the Sapeurs, who take great pride in dressing up in their finest despite living in some of the poorest slums of Africa.
  21. Nope I am right with you. Loving it so far & while I preferred episode 2 which I thought was awesome, I had no major beef with this latest episode. The Wookie fight and the Rancor scene alone made the episode worthwhile.
  22. Yep unfortunately it will still throw up odd stinkers right through the entire run, although they do get less frequent. On the plus side the two parter up next for you is a belter.
  23. It was an absolute stinker of a goal. How two fully trained professional referee's can both come to the conclusion that a player who is clearly off-side while preventing the GK from collecting a ball loose in the box, is somehow not interfering with play is simply mind boggling. Joke of a decision.
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