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  1. I am not sure this was ever on my watch list, but now it most definitely isn't.
  2. Welcome to German TV family nights watching television sure are different here.
  3. 100% my feelings after playing for the first time this evening, with @VN1X and @Pubbehey who were both so fast at everything, I couldn't catch my breath!
  4. I watched this yesterday and really liked it, but didn't get all the endings so I might go through it again another time, but after a bit of a break. Poor Will Poulter. People are dicks. Oh and
  5. Yup, uninstalled now. Tried it again, ran a bit better (probably was so shit earlier cause I'd made the mistake of tabbing out once), but this time the server just shut down while in the middle of a stronghold game. I am not investing any more time in this, it's a sad state of affairs.
  6. I find this still watchable, a lot more compared to Arrow. I'm actually despairing that they've renewed that for another season... it's jumped the shark a long time ago. edit: Although that new villain is just terrible. Couldn't they get someone that knows how to act? Klein should go back to playing harmless & bland.
  7. Errr, so, got two connection errors already, and it runs worse for me than last week. Thanks EA
  8. I just assumed somehow that it will come back later on*, that they're playing the long game. If it doesn't, then that's really bad. (But that wouldn't be a surprise either!) *as in later seasons
  9. Well some stuff isn't relevant to plot, but to character. It gives you a chance at a deeper insight into a character and ultimately might make you feel more about what happens to that character. I don't think anything that doesn't drive plot should be left out as a general rule. But I do think this episode was ill-placed and I think @Gommy's suggestion that it might have worked better as interspersed flashback scenes has a lot of merit.
  10. Wooooooohooooooooo! Man I'd love if they still did this when they're in their 70s
  11. Maybe traditional Rllmuk really was full of cunts. I for one am glad if this is not the sort of place where a funeral thread attracts trolls. The amount of insensitivy and lack of basic decency required to want to troll serious threads like that is staggering imo.
  12. I didn't! I've got the grapes! Not going super cheap yet, but will once I've got me a lil collection of em
  13. We really don't need to though. There is enough evidence out there that tells us stuff like this happens, a lot. Not just when applying for jobs, but in daily interactions, at work and elsewhere. I thought we were beyond questioning the effects one's race and gender had on one's chances and treatment in wider society? Also @witchypoos no idea what's up with you, I don't understand your comments on the previous page (like, literally, it's a language barrier thing) and why you bring me into this, but this thread still has importance and you can take your persecution complex and insults elsewhere.
  14. In Cold Blood is on my list as well. And reading all of King's work is basically my reading ambition which will last probably until the day I die, and at this rate (and his writing rate!) I might never make it. I do like to alternate and read some other books inbetween, and I don't read all of them chronologically. Basically I try now to read the old books in order, but mix in some of his new publications as well (as I did at the beginning of this year with Elevation). Rage is up next, but first I want to read something non-King. Today I finished Tom Hanks' Short Story collection Uncommon Type: Some Stories. I took my time with it, had started it back in October. It was entertaining enough and he certainly has some talent and interesting ideas (a lot of unexpected sci-fi in there), but didn't blow me away either, so I gave it a 3/5 on goodreads.
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