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  1. I enjoyed it enough to watch it twice at the cinema (which I don't think I've ever done before), just watch my best friends reactions to it.
  2. I'm with you lot on this one. I really enjoyed the first two seasons and it's been downhill from there for me. New season is boring, the casting is terrible except for Diana and I'm just watching it now to get it off my list.
  3. Yeah I almost watch everything with English subs. At some point something changed, I don't know why it's become the norm to just offer closed caption as the only option these days. I've gotten used to it for the most part but I feel your pain! And yay, so happy you enjoyed Kleo!!
  4. #waffle293 4/5 streak: 1 wafflegame.net
  5. Oh man, that's a fantastic line-up. Very jealous! Lacey Sturm being back with Flyleaf as well, what a time to be alive my inner 16yo-emo rejoices
  6. Ha, I had a similar Pablo Schreiber moment, only for me it was realizing that he was Mad Sweeney on American Gods
  7. Aaaaaaah I'm so jealous! I saw them live back in 2007, and looking back at that gig it always felt like this moment I would kill to relive but knew I never could. The band broke up, the location got torn down. Then earlier this year the news of a new album and tour, I check the dates and instant happiness when I see they're playing Cologne, too. Only to then realise the date is Halloween, during which I'm on vacation and not even in the damn country
  8. Also, Derry Girls spoilers:
  9. Tobias Forge sat down with the Morbid podcast! From the show notes:
  10. Framed #179 https://framed.wtf Episode #1 https://episode.wtf
  11. I haven't seen it in a gazillion years myself. I was briefly obsessed with it when it came out and watched it so many times back then. But haven't seen it since! I wonder if it holds up. I think you're right, a rewatch is in order
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