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  1. I'm with you lot on this one. I really enjoyed the first two seasons and it's been downhill from there for me. New season is boring, the casting is terrible except for Diana and I'm just watching it now to get it off my list. :( 

  2. Yeah I almost watch everything with English subs. At some point something changed, I don't know why it's become the norm to just offer closed caption as the only option these days. I've gotten used to it for the most part but I feel your pain!


    And yay, so happy you enjoyed Kleo!! 

  3. On 13/06/2022 at 12:29, K said:

    I was floored today to discover that the guy who plays Master Chief in the Halo TV series, Pablo Schreiber, was Nick Sobotka in the Wire. There was a Guardian interview with him today where the sub-heading referred to him being in the Wire, and I assumed he'd played a random cop or heavy or similar. I had no idea he was Nicky, that's blown my mind a bit.


    Ha, I had a similar Pablo Schreiber moment, only for me it was realizing that he was Mad Sweeney on American Gods




  4. On 20/10/2022 at 01:48, Stigweard said:

    Tonight I went to see one of my favourites bands ever, Alexisonfire and it was incredible.


    For me personally, it was genuinely a night I didn't think I'd ever see because they split up a few years after I got into them and I only ever got to see them do a short set at Leeds festival. They broke up in 2011 after some fallings out and finally got back together in 2019 with a few random singles. Then they released a new album this year.


    I had tickets to see them in London in 2019 at a one off gig but they were playing the same night as the Champions League Final and I took a gamble that they would play again at some point but I might never see Liverpool in a CL Final again. The gamble paid off tonight.


    I'm 36 years old, my body hurts right now, my throat is sore and my ears are still ringing but it doesnt matter because I had an amazing night. It was like being 25 again. I spent the whole gig in and around the front, dancing, moshing, singing and going nuts.


    It really felt like a gig where everyone was just letting it all go after all the shit we've been through the last few years. Here we al were with one of our favourite bands finally back together with a new album and tour after being apart for nigh on a decade and everyone there just let it all out and went nuts. It all just felt electric.


    The front man calling the Tories cunts and everyone singing "fuck the Tories" was just the cherry on top too 😄


    Aaaaaaah I'm so jealous!


    I saw them live back in 2007, and looking back at that gig it always felt like this moment I would kill to relive but knew I never could. The band broke up, the location got torn down. Then earlier this year the news of a new album and tour, I check the dates and instant happiness when I see they're playing Cologne, too. Only to then realise the date is Halloween, during which I'm on vacation and not even in the damn country 😭

  5. Tobias Forge sat down with the Morbid podcast!


    From the show notes:



    Weirdos, Ghouls and Ghulehs! We had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Tobias Forge from Ghost today and it was magical. Aside from answering some burning fan questions, we talked music, Jack the Ripper, ghosts, movies, cringey kid questions and more. This was such a fun episode and we can't thank Tobias enough for joining us! Enjoy, friends!! We sure did.


  6. I haven't seen it in a gazillion years myself. I was briefly obsessed with it when it came out and watched it so many times back then. But haven't seen it since! I wonder if it holds up. I think you're right, a rewatch is in order :D

  7. Yeah, I hadn't expected it but I've come to the conclusion that Shang-Chi is so far my favourite thing to come out of phase 4. It's not perfect by any means, but I just really enjoy watching it a lot. Probably cause I really love me some martial arts (House of Flying Daggers was one of my favourite movies back in the day). It probably did help that I went in with low to no expectations.


    By contrast, I had really high hopes for Loki and that mostly just fell flat for me.


    Only had one listen so far and also have to say I'm disappointed, but may change my mind after a few more listens!

  8. 13 hours ago, Scribblor said:

    I haven't had any issues with the previous two episodes, but in this one, She-Hulk never seemed part of the scene. It all just seemed... I don't know how to describe it. Floaty when she moved, like she didn't have the 'correct' weight.


    Or! You know when you watch the old He-Man series, and the animation of the characters doesn't match the movement of the background? Like that (only way more subtle!).


    And her changes of expression were too slow and broad. Or something. If just felt off somehow.


    I was probably just in a picky mood. Still loved the episode!


    Weirdly, I felt like this in the previous two episodes, and less annoyed about it in this one. I figured I'd gotten used to it or that it even improved a bit!

  9. On 10/04/2015 at 19:31, toythatkills said:

    I think the problem with that is that the show didn't do a very good job of making me give a shit about any of the characters beyond Saul and Mike. If Kim found herself in peril I can't honestly say I'd care what happened.


    Well this post hasn't aged well :P


    Currently reading the entire thread, cause I miss the show so much :(

  10. I seem to be the only one who didn't really enjoy this that much, then 🙈 I'll keep watching of course, it's not terrible and maybe it will pick up over the next few episodes. I did chuckle at a couple of the lines. But I really don't like the VFX in this, especially in the Hulks eyes (both Hulks). Oftentimes they just look dead or like they are looking past the person they're speaking to, instead of at them. That really bothered me.


    I also hope Tatiana is going to get the chance to flex her acting muscle properly on this show, somewhere down the line. She's incredibly talented and tbh deserves more than quippy over-the-top comedy. But then again, maybe I should just rewatch Orphan Black and reign in my expectations here a bit.


    I'm also just a grump this evening, so maybe that's why. Still looking forward to the next episode and curious if the show will grow on me :)

  11. On 14/07/2022 at 23:41, Headache said:

    For those who enjoy Korean dramas, there's a currently airing show on Netflix that's quickly growing in popularity, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. "Brilliant attorney Woo Young-woo tackles challenges in the courtroom and beyond as a newbie at a top law firm and a woman on the autism spectrum." It's been a wonderful warm-hearted, feel good show so far.




    Thank you so much for this recommendation! I've watched the first two episodes over the last week and it's so wholesome and somewhat reminiscent of Amelie, which I've loved. Wonderful show.


    On 20/07/2022 at 13:53, Illyria said:

    New German show getting released in August, trailer has English subs:



    Online it has been compared to Killing Eve (not certain if favorably), which I haven't seen myself. It's about a former East German spy out for revenge, the titular Kleo :)


    This is out now!


    Edit: watching the first episode right now and got a serious trigger warning, spoilers though:



    Somewhat graphic scene of a miscarriage


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