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  1. Yeah I feel the same. Why not just allow people to add each other via username, ugh. I have two friends from Rllmuk now and gonna add another real life friend with the face to face feature this weekend, but that's about it. Although I don't even want to imagine having a gazillion friends on there, your Mii would never stop talking to you.
  2. I take it they are following you on Twitter as well and also have the accounts linked?
  3. Alright, I think I spammed you with enough notifications for now. Also this
  4. wohooooo!! I'm on it boys. Finally I will stop speaking into the void.
  5. I followed you on twitter and gonna try to add you in the app now. I have no friends. I am desperate. Please. Edit: I am still not getting any suggestions. Do we have to be following each other? Edit 2: ah you just followed me and now I can add you. Edit 3: ffs, fine, anyone else here on Twitter whom I could add?
  6. BRUCEBRUCE NOW WE CAN PLAY GRAV TOGETHER CAN'T WE (sorry for yelling I get excited) I haven't tried the multiplayer yet though, only roamed around my planet in singleplayer.
  7. So I tried to build two decks today. They are called I have no idea what I'm doing #1 and IHNIWID#2 I think I also have to look up an online guide perhaps and build one based on that. So far it's very hit and miss, depending on how skilled the opponent is. Played a ranked game with my first deck, was pretty nice and I won. Then played another and got wiped off the board, the opponent still having 21hp (and he only sustained damage through attacking me, I never even got around to attacking him).
  8. Ha, the humble bundle strikes again. I got all those as well, I am Bread is friggin hard, GRAV is interesting but my PC can't really handle it, very laggy. Shantae is old school but didn't really grip me. Haven't tried Sentinels or Switchcars yet.
  9. Same here! A friend got the humble monthly and gave me the code, and I was really only gonna check it out for a second last night and ended up playing it for quite a while, and going straight back to it today. It is way more layered than I anticipated, you get used to the art style even if it is quite off-putting at first, and the music is nice as well, gives a cozy feeling to the game. I've only played with one crew so far and ended up getting overpowered by a bunch of friggin nuns.
  10. I heard that Hotel Mario is pretty awful. Which makes me sad cause it's the only Mario related game I got to play in my childhood. But I barely remember it anyway. Yes, sad childhood. Sniff sniff.
  11. Renowned Explorers: International Society is a strategy adventure game set in the 19th century. Take command of a hand-picked group of diverse explorers and travel across the globe in search of legendary treasures while staying ahead of your rivals. Earn prestige in the Renowned Explorers International Society and become the world's most Renowned Explorer! Screenshots: Reviews from the Steam Store Page: I just got this last week and played it a couple of times, it's way more fun than I anticipated (to be fair, I had never heard of it before my first play). Anyone else got this? What are your thoughts, you got any advice, etc etc.? I play on easy and still sometimes lose, ugh
  12. This is not related to his writing but.. A couple nights ago I dreamed that I met King and somehow convinced him to draw over my tattoo on my arm, and get that tattooed. I don't actually have a tattoo in real life and the old dream tattoo was pretty terrible. It even had my mobile number in it. I wanted it gone so I said no matter what you draw, it's gotta be better! And then they fixed up this old rundown hut and turned it into a tattoo studio, and he started drawing on my arm. Then they asked what colour scheme I wanted, I said green and purple! They approved and said some chick is gonna do the colours in the next session. Wtf is my brain? Other than that, I love King, but most recent one I read was Salem's Lot and that was actually the first one I didn't enjoy. Current favourites of his are Green Mile and 11.22.63 although I enjoyed the other 7-8 I read as well. Really really must get on the Dark Tower, but that's not happening yet. Will have to break my tradition of reading 1 King book a year, I think.
  13. So friggin weird seeing Colin Farrel in a HP related movie. As a massive fan of the world I'm extremely torn about this film . On the one hand there's excitement, sure, but I sense that it's gonna end up a disappointment for me. Just won't be the same.
  14. I do have my twitter account linked, I guess Imma go look some of you up on there!
  15. I don't have any friends on Miitomo might uninstall again as there is really no use for me in having it without friends that use it as well.
  16. Took my friend's camera out for a quick practice session the other day and this is one of the results, unedited. Went to a church to see how to deal with low lighting conditions.
  17. This topic is called BBQ and you guys think it's my generation that says that, pff
  18. Danielle Feinberg: The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life https://go.ted.com/Cy8G
  19. I've accepted you guys, looking forward to a few nice rounds in the coming days
  20. You should all add VN1X and challenge him, he is an easy target (also add me, same username as on here) Cool game, whole different dimension to it thanks to the ability to move your characters across a board. Haven't built a deck yet cause I suck at that stuff too, but this one's quite fun!
  21. I thought both seasons were pretty amazing, wouldn't choose one over the other And I'm suffering, how to survive another year (or more) til season 3?
  22. When I went to the Harry Potter exhibition in Cologne I got this limited edition print that was created by the set designers from the movies.. it is still waiting to be framed though, I don't really have space to put it anywhere at the moment. I also have a nice L4D2 poster in the hallway. And I have framed photo prints of the Firefly cast from the Anniversary book on my wall
  23. I got all excited and then I saw the reviews on Steam... I got all excited and then I saw the reviews on Steam...
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