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  1. http://vashivisuals.com/the-editing-of-mad-max-fury-road/
  2. I see your match is a draw and still 15 minutes to play - good luck to both sides! Edit: err nvm Italy scored against us but the match is now over at 4:1 also Müller's first match as captain
  3. Aaaaand with the penalty it is now 4:0...
  4. I'm amazed how many people here seem to enjoy Wuthering Heights.. out of all the classics I read so far, this is one I wouldn't think to recommend. To Kill a Mockinbird, however, gotta agree with that being the number 1 book (out of my admittedly rather limited reading experience).I just read it last year and it left me a bit broken, but also a bit more whole
  5. England you're scaring me now England you're scaring me now
  6. I was gonna ask, I have no idea what's going on with your players, why isn't Rooney playing? Injury or something?
  7. Holy shiiiiiit! Fairly decent game so far, I'd say
  8. I'd say that's true of Foggy, Karen I'd disagree.
  9. Thoughts on the chemistry issue re: entire season, and other things:
  10. My absolute favourite band at the moment
  11. Watched episode 7 today and I'm with leChuck when it comes to Electra. She annoying. Punisher is fantastic, as all of you have pointed out already.
  12. A project of 2 friends of mine, they call it "progressive metal", if any of you wanna give it a listen
  13. Just saw this and wasn't disappointed! Although I can imagine that someone who expected more horror from this might feel let down. For me this definitely felt like a del Toro movie and I got what I was looking for (and a little more than what I wanted ). The leads played well, and I actually enjoyed the slower build up. Made the ending all the more intense. Something I disliked though, just as an example, was the scene in the beginning where
  14. Illyria


    Gotham has been renewed for another season: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2016/03/16/gotham-renewed-for-season-3-on-fox/
  15. I don't think Seth Rogen and "cutting edge genius" will ever go hand in hand.
  16. Episode 4 done. Damn that was VICIOUS.
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