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  1. First time I saw Fawlty Towers was 10 years ago when I spent 3 weeks in London being hosted by a family and doing a summer language course thingy. I remember vividly how the mum was telling us she didn't want us to watch that episode when we discovered the tapes, we did anyways and we had a blast even us Germans can laugh about ourselves, believe it or not
  2. I like to draw, but I barely ever do it. Last thing I did was a Gentleman from Buffy, was quite fun. Wish I'd force myself to do this more often, but eh!
  3. I had no idea those videos existed, gotta check them out! Always interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes so to speak. VN1X gets hella mad when you try give him info cause he "can't hear anything", eheheh. But yeah I'm super hyped for ESL Cologne, just hope the organization won't be as messy/unlucky as Kattowice, that was terrible.
  4. I just started this a few days ago. People been telling me to give it a try for ages, but I saw a couple videos on youtube that made me very sceptical, felt too angsty/cheesy for my liking. Which it is, but I'm now into the second episode and it's slowly starting to win me over, mostly because it quoted Firefly though, immediate plus points. I like the art style however, and am now a bit more interested in where the story is going, still not invested in the characters at all though, mostly they all just annoy me. The game inspired me to leave the house with my camera every once in a while again, though, something I haven't done in ages, so yay!
  5. Hahahaa that's exactly it though. It's my first read-through and I'm not skipping anything, just taking my time. I love it and Tolkien is a "perfectly capable" (slight understatement) writer obviously, I just find it drags on a bit here and there, in all the travel descriptions... it's more representative of how tedious those travels are but I think he could've left out a few bits. Gotta admit though I don't pick it up often enough these days, too distracted by watching all my shows and playing all my games
  6. Duuuhhh of course it is. I just spent 200€ on 4 tickets to watch people play CS GO for 3 days straight. (It's really not but I fuckin love it anyway, totally worth it)
  7. Good point! Also the dream sequence with Cap's broken shield.
  8. I knew it had something to do with underwear but wasn't aware of the connotation of children's underwear. Am so hyped about this film, but I actually would've preferred to be surprised by Spidey in the film itself, instead of seeing him in the trailer.
  9. I wasn't gonna watch any more trailers after the first was released, cause I hate having seen half the movie before it's even out, but because SOMEONE couldn't keep their mouth shut and told me Spidey is in it, I am now too curious and caaaaaaan't aargghhh *off to watch trailer*
  10. Just got my brother Risk Evolution for his birthday and I absolutely cannot WAIT to try it out! Anyone here ever played it?
  11. I thought I might be able to actually raise YOUR reputation but you're on your own now It's ok, you can have him! All yours!
  12. Hahaha I already peeked, but I'll stay lurking in the shadows there I think And thanks!
  13. I am so jealous! Went to the store and tried this out the other day. Although the demo they had was pretty bad (you shot a football at a goal, I felt ridiculous doing it especially since the ball ended up rolling behind me a couple of times. I felt like I was a damn Sim), I was still seriously impressed. Just plug in your phone and you're ready to go. Of course I'm unable to compare it to anything else but still, the future is now! now I just gotta get rich so I can actually afford one
  14. I'm battling my way through LOTR at the moment, but now that The Dark Tower film project seems to be taking off it's time I finally get on that series, so I'll probably take a Tolkien break after the first book
  15. The second season didn't grip me as the first season did, although I really love the characters. Sousa Happy to see it will be back for another season!
  16. Gonna post in here and not read any previous comments to avoid spoilers. But I have to share my woes guys!! Netflix sold the rights to House of Cards to Sky and Amazon in Germany, before Netflix entered the German market itself. So now they can't show their own series and I basically have to wait an entire year before season 4 actually streams on Netflix. It's such a ridiculous situation it maketh me mad! It's a good thing I only finished season 3 a couple months ago though, so at least I haven't already been waiting an entire year...
  17. I just started this show on Tuesday and have now almost finished the second season, aaahhh, I need my life back!!! For me season 2 has already let off a bit though compared to the first, but it's still addictive like crazy. I hope German Netflix will have the third season up soon, I think the season is airing on TV here at the moment so hopefully I won't have to wait that much longer..
  18. I'm so annoyed I missed out on watching all those amazing matches cause my brother had to hold his damn birthday party at the same time, ugh! Really looking forward to ESL Cologne 2016 though, getting the tickets tomorrow!
  19. Good evening! Fresh meat inc! Heard of you guys through VN1X - I'm a fellow CS:GO nut from Germany. Looking forward to discussing all my TV show and gaming addictions, among other things! So I heard this place was full of nice people, right? .... right...? ..guys? Ps: I'm really only here cause VN1X is a crybaby and needs at least one friend on this forum. Pps: I'm kidding, it's cause I have no friends. Ppps: am I doing this intro thing right?
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