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  1. Framed #27 https://framed.wtf Still need to watch this!
  2. I loved the three games from the reboot and, contrary to popular opinion, enjoyed them more with each one. I'm currently about 3/4 through Shadow. I do have criticism for the series as a whole and the third game in particular, but I think it's negligible. The games look gorgeous and are so detailed and I could run around in the setting for the third game forever. I am very excited about this announcement because I already found myself wondering whether there will be any new Tomb Raider in the foreseeable future, and what to do once I'm done with Shadow. (I still need to play the Uncharted series so they will do well to tide me over until whenever this gets released, if it does).
  3. I started watching this Japanese reality show about 2-5 yo children going on their first errands alone. It's called "Old Enough" and while the first episode still gave me a ton of anxiety (watching a 2 1/2 yo walking along and crossing a big and quite busy road), I got used to it after a while. The children are not just surrounded by the camera team, but by many others disguised as passersby, so they're never actually alone. It's really freakin adorable and entertaining to watch, some try so hard to please their parents, others get really distracted of course. One girl got almost everything off the shopping list, except for shrimp, instead she got a fish because it was pink and had a cute face. The episodes are nice and short (between 7 and 15 mins), bite-size moments of wholesomeness.
  4. I said I wasn't gonna buy a ticket to their large arena show. The album changed my mind, got 3 tickets for their show in 2 weeks. They went for cheap too because it doesn't seem to be selling well, there's still loads left. Might be worth switching the gig to a smaller venue. But even with a half empty stadium, I'm looking forward to finally seeing Ghost again
  5. Framed #26 https://framed.wtf Seen the film once but didn't recognize any of the shots. Desperate guess from the last pic, didn't even think it would be correct!
  6. Again, haven't seen the film, but managed to get it. I would've had another guess wasted though if it had accepted my second guess, but that film apparently isn't listed there..?
  7. I haven't seen the film, but got it on the last attempt! Framed #24 https://framed.wtf
  8. Didn't think I'd be any good at this but I just went ahead and gave it a go, and yay Framed #23 https://framed.wtf
  9. And then of course she also played Mel Gibson's daughter in the classic What Women Want. Which is where I first encountered her, many many moons ago.
  10. Was gonna see it at the cinema but March 30th is not that far away, so I'll just wait a bit more. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Yup that's exactly it I only saw bits and pieces of it in a work context, looking forward to watching it properly on Netflix now. I'm currently in the middle of the second episode
  12. Hello, I'm here to shamelessly peddle Queer Eye Germany which was just released on Netflix today Don't think it's at all the kind of content most here enjoy, but hell, a ton of my colleagues worked very hard on it and if I can get even one of you to watch it, I'm happy From The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/mar/09/say-hello-to-the-fab-funf-queer-eyes-german-remake-will-leave-you-in-tears-netflix
  13. I like the heavier sound and instruments, even the circus vibe of the whole thing, but could do without the vocals... agree that it might be a grower.
  14. Just watched this a second time at the cinema. I really wondered whether it would hold up on the second viewing, but damn, it does. That film just has everything.
  15. Daily Quordle #25 quordle.com My first Quordle, oof!
  16. Almost had my first fail today, got it on the last row! Phew! Took me ages, too.
  17. I just finished this. Episode 2 was the only one I really enjoyed
  18. I recall reading that there will be a quick follow up to this album, which will be very mellow. I can't wait. If it were up to me they'd release them both together, as they did with Stadium Arcadium.
  19. Ugh I just went and ordered a Nintendo 2DS so I can play the Gravity Falls 3ds game. I BLAME THIS THREAD.
  20. Another one here for Gravity Falls. Such an enjoyable and atmospheric show. To anyone who enjoyed it, I thoroughly recommend getting the graphic novel - fantastic stuff.
  21. Illyria


    New Muse, pretty heavy!
  22. Hm, I thought there was a bigger RHCP thread somewhere under a different name, but couldn't find it anywhere! New single: I'm so glad John's back :')
  23. Seems like I'm diverting from the general consensus on here. I thought this was dreadful and so, so disappointing. I really need to keep my expectations in check next time another revival/reboot/sequel thingy rears its ugly head. I might have had too high hopes for this, what with Clyde Phillips returning and all the hype surrounding its potential or even promise of vindication regarding the abysmal conclusion of the original show. I was really into the setting as well (I love me some snowy, sleepy town Americana). It started out okay, the only thing I really minded in the first few episodes was: The more the show went on though, the worse it got Really lazy writing and an ending that was as predictable as it was...dumb. Very succinctly put, I know. Honestly it wasn't all bad, but I'd rate it 5/10 at the most, maybe even just a 4.
  24. I can not deal with this.
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