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  1. I can not deal with this.
  2. Beatriz's casting really surprised me too I've never seen her in anything other than b99 and have not seen any interviews or behind the scenes stuff, so Rosa was all I ever had to go on!
  3. Ah, I am frustrated that I didn't love this. Stunning visuals aside, I thought this was somewhat disappointing. The music was okay, not great. I don't understand that so many people are confused by the plot - I thought it was all incredibly on the nose. Perhaps it helped that I had subtitles on and didn't miss anything they were delivering through song? Generally the message of the film should be applauded I suppose, but: For the most part it left me cold - I tend to shed a tear or two during these Disney/Pixar films, but the only thing that even came close here was the Bruno stuff. To end on a more positive note, the visuals were absolutely stunning, particularly during Luisa's song. Beautiful work!
  4. I haven't started the new season yet, I struggled a bit with the last one cause I didn't want to see even more Corona, I turn to TV for escapism. Still looking forward to this though and will try to watch it soon
  5. I'd been looking forward to this ever since hearing about the cast back when it was still in production. Haven't gotten around to watching any of it yet but I'm glad to hear it's worth a watch! Will report back myself when I find the time
  6. I agreed with everything up until that dire last sentence.
  7. I honestly think a crowd shot would have been perfect to introduce Ms Marvel. Just have her sit there as the total fangirl she is. Oh well.
  8. I spent half the day yesterday taking back Europe from Nod, it was perfect. Man I missed that soundtrack!! really looking forward to kicking some GDI ass soon as well, though.
  9. oh shit, also @JPR thank you for organizing this and dealing with my hyperspeed messaging when the thing I wanted to do didn't work out really really appreciate it and I hope you have a super lovely and merry Christmas!!
  10. OH MY GOD!!! THANK YOU SECRET SANTA I LOVE YOU This is the best Christmas ever (my cousin also proposed to his gf and I already cried happy tears and this list of games is such a lovely cherry on top, I'm typing this up while on the metro home and really hope I don't miss my stop cause I'm so excited!!!!) 1. Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (I AM PLAYING THE FUCK OUT OF THIS TOMORROW JUST LIKE I DID ON CHRISTMAS DAY WHEN MY BROTHER GOT THE ORIGINAL RED ALERT 2) sorry for all the caps lock but I don't know another way to show that I am screaming inside with glee 2. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (I love the Holmes games so much and I absolutely can't wait to dive into this in the new year) 3. Outer Wilds (heard sooo many good things and yet I am still completely blind as to what this game actually is. Can't wait to check it out!!!) 4. A Normal Lost Phone 5. No Longer Home (two smaller indie story based games that I am so happy about, they will be perfect palate cleansers for inbetween bigger games!!) 6. Portal 2 - The Final Hours ('nuff said) Oh it's my stop. Gotta go. THANK YOU MY SECRET SANTA. I am so happy :')
  12. Gonna do mine now, first time ever. Hope I don't mess this up
  13. Just sorted through my wishlist a bit but only removed two or three games that I changed my mind on. I've got a ton of games on there, some are way up there in price but some go for just a couple of bucks. Honestly anything I get gifted, I will be happy, whether it's from the wishlist or not. This is so exciting Gonna have a look at my victim's library now and make a plan
  14. Stumbled over this when checking to see if anyone's posted the Darth Maul Apprentice fan movie before. Very impressive and I'm honestly shocked how little of a response it's received on here, definitely deserves more views on YouTube as well. It's very obvious that a lot of love, hard work and effort were poured into this! I recently got to be on the set for a similar project and man, it was exhausting Kudos to everyone involved in this
  15. I have been watching this on and off over the last couple of months. Really trying to savour it, as no show has made me laugh like this in a long time.
  16. Just bought tickets for Saturday I can't wait.
  17. Haha yeah, often I'll start with "oof, so much, all kinds of games" but then I often get this look that I interpret as people thinking I probably just play mobile games or something and like I need to prove that's not true. Which, again, might be more my own issue than anyone else's, but that's when I start throwing names and genres in their faces. Ironically, the colleague who asked me today is really nice and from his reactions he seemed to know what games I was talking about. Then I asked him if he games or used to game, and he said "Yes, but nowadays just Pokemon Go". Edit: which I just thought was cute! (in case my post sounded judgy)
  18. ...so what games do you play? What do you answer? I don't know why the question stresses me out so much every time it's asked, but when people find out I game, usually that's their first question, as happened with a colleague just now. And that makes perfect sense! But it feels the same as if someone asked me what music I listen to. I don't tend to have favourites and I don't have very specific tastes and I'm just open to a lot of different stuff. Getting asked that question makes me feel like I need to name my favourites though, and I always struggle with where to even begin. Usually I'll just start with CS GO, as that's been the most constant game for me over the past 8 years or so, and then name whatever else I've recently played (Borderlands, Tomb Raider, etc) and perhaps throw in some old favourites (HL and HL2DM, Diablo, C&C) I always feel like I'm not giving a complete enough picture, but short of showing people my steam library (which is not gonna happen), I guess that's just how it is. I know this struggle might be very specific to me and my social anxiety and tendency to overthink absolutely everything. But I am curious, how do you answer this question? Do you always answer the same, or does it vary? How do you present your "gamer CV"? Do you tell your colleagues about your love for hentai visual novels?
  19. Tomb Raider II. I played that demo over and over and over. To this day, when I enter the Venice level I just get this instant rush of childhood nostalgia
  20. I just watched The Unforgivable and don't understand why it gets such bad rep nothing mindblowing or even new for sure, but perfectly serviceable I thought. Would've loved for the Kingpin and the Punisher to get a scene together, though
  21. I enjoyed the Dancing with the Birds documentary on Netflix. Often I can't handle nature documentaries because of the scenes of natural predators killing their prey. Which, yes, it's part of nature, but man it bums me out. So I really loved that documentary, because it's quite silly and entertaining, but not overbearingly so. The world of birds is pretty crazy. The stuff they can do man
  22. Same, just got back from watching this, my first IMAX experience as well and I got to catch the original language version even, which isn't always a given over here. Absolutely loved it, have no way to compare at all (didn't read the books nor watch any of the previous adaptations) and went in practically cold. Money well spent. (Also low key want to read the books now, hmm maybe I buy the series as a Christmas present to myself )
  23. Agree that the third episode just flew by. Loved it!
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