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  1. Fucking magnificent. I'm listening to the first album now on Spotify, I was in to 2000s era crust / d-beat at the time so hearing something that takes me back to then but has so many extra layers of complexity is incredible.
  2. I think the influence of Japanese games in the West is sometimes easier to spot but it's really always been a two way thing. The specific example I'd always point to is RPGs. The foundation of JRPGs is Ultima and Wizardry. Even something like Dark Souls owes a big debt to Wizardry and Rogue. There's plenty of Dungeon Master in Kingsfield too. There's more obscure examples like Ueda being one of a handful of Amiga enthusiasts in Japan and citing Another World as big influence. There's no way Resident Evil doesn't owe a huge debt to Alone in the Da
  3. I hope it becomes an increasingly meaningless distinction. Japanese and Western game design have benefitted immesearubly from each other.
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics getting the Tactics Ogre PSP treatment. Also Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War getting an FE:Echoes style remake on Switch.
  5. I only played the first few missions of the 360 version and I don't remember if the LODing and the vanishing corpses were in that version too. The Xbox One version is in full 1080p, higher res textures, better lighting etc. So it's not a complete disaster but it still disappointing. It's probably slicker on a Series S / X
  6. Dishonored remaster. I'm playing the definitive edition on the Xbox One at the moment and it's a dog of a port. Doesn't manage a consistent 30fps, loads of pop up and textures / detail load in, UI and menus hitch all over the place. It doesn't have proper persistent of corpses or unconscious enemies, sometimes they randomly disappear. Superb game that wasn't done justice on the outgoing console generation. Get it at solid 60fps/4k and fix the bugs and shortcomings. Tweak the mipmapping distances and push the draw distance back as far as possible. Subtle bit of ray-trace
  7. Anyone been reading We Only Find Them When They're Dead by Al Ewing and Simone De Meo? Starts with the idea that dead space titans keep being found on the borders of known space and it's become mundane enough that salvage crews are routinely sent out to carve them up for resources. I've tried to get in to a few of these kinds of modern SF comics that all seem to follow in the wake of Saga. They never quite hit the mark, but this one starts off at a fair pace and the art is really well done, if very photoshoppy. It's got a grand sense of scale too, and after Immortal Hulk #25 I'm up
  8. It's the nature of the hardware and how games were developed for it. A lot of games were coded to the metal for the original A500 and when they ran on systems where the memory map wasn't exactly the same or they wrote data to memory addresses that were used for hardware registers on newer models everything fell over. There's umpteen variations of kickstarter ROM and OS running across umpteen variations of hardware the games were never built or tested to run on and then WHD Load installs are custom hacks of games which aim to fix some of this, but can introduce their own problems an
  9. Can you mix pre-baked lighting and ray-tracing in the same scene? I can picture some nice spot effect uses that hopefully wouldn't effect framerates, like reflections on your car in a racing game.
  10. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    Can you fucking imagine? Just a ring of injured children surrounding the roundabout who thought they could handle it but were thrown off in to the air at the apex of their swing. Hardcore.
  11. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I wanted to put in a good word for Scourge Bringer. It went up on Game Pass in the middle of a bunch of games and I don't think it even featured on the "New on game pass" tab thing so it might have passed you by. If the idea of Dead Cells meets Nuclear Throne meets Celeste sounds exciting to you then get it installed. It's very, very good.
  12. I almost wrote another paragraph at the end of my rant to complement the Dark Souls bit about Space Marine, the WH40K shooter from around the same time Dark Souls came out. That's a straight forward linear action game that stops short of the big neon arrow, you get a dinky 00s style waypoint marker instead sadly, but gets straight down to business. In the first hour and a half of Space Marine you've cut your way through 100s of Orks, got to play around with a whole bunch of different guns, axes and big fuck off hammers, enjoyed a bunch of pitched arena encounters with varied terrai
  13. Dark Souls is just the easiest point of reference for a third person action game. I think it was one game in a broader trend of bringing back design philosophies that had fallen out of fashion over the 00s. The X-com reboot and games like FTL and Spelunky were other aspects of it.
  14. Is it "bear"? The thing about language is, I don't really understand it.
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