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  1. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I know it's pitched as Diablo-lite but it reminds me more of Gauntlet Legends on the Dreamcast, which probably isn't much of a recommendation for most people but that's a game I've always had a soft spot for.
  2. You're not the only one. The Rikers leader is, jarringly, the only character in the game who mentions race or racial injustice and does so in a gross right-wing distortion of the aims of BLM. Also the Rikers areas have all this politically loaded grafitti like "Fuck justice, we want revenge" which again reads like a MAGA Chud's blinkered take on the BLM movement. The grafitti is very obviously done with default Photoshop brushes and looks completely ridiculous, which seems oddly fitting.
  3. Lore reasons to justify unpopular design choices? Classic Halo.
  4. I hope they do a Peter Jackson image compositing thing to make the leader of the firemen faction 8 foot tall to be accurate to the (fucking stupid) source material.
  5. The main thing I remember from the demo is how they made it massively inconvenient to edit your load out and made all the gear dull as shit. Not winning design choices for a loot shooter.
  6. A warning about the Midway collection. The control mapping in some games is fucking woeful and can't always be fixed. Robotron uses the analogue sticks instead of d-pad and face buttons, twitchy controls on anything that used a steering wheel or trackball, (probably the least playable home version of Rampart as a result).
  7. Reasonably tough, I found some of the bosses tricky first time through, especially the final one. You have 5 hit points on normal mode and the checkpoint spacing is reasonably generous. There's an easy mode too. There are sections that demand you concentrate, but there's nothing too punishing in terms of platforming or dexterity and the encounter design always gives you lots of options in terms of flanking, playing cautiously, using cover, etc. And you can play the levels in any order you want if you get stuck on one.
  8. Score Rush, Qrth-phyl and Infinity Danger were the big hitters on XBLIG for me. The first two are real classics and Qrth-phyl made it on to Steam a while back. And the Decimation X games were always a good laugh, especially in 4 player. The first game I bought on there ("The Swarm" maybe...?) was a sort of weird mash up of Space Invaders, Tower Defence and Missile Command - you moved your ship from left to right blasting enemies but you could also upgrade and maintain a bunch of turrets along the bottom of the screen too.
  9. It looks like they've got the SNES and Mega Drive versions on there, as well as the new "definitive editions". I used to love Lost Vikings on the Amiga and I have a soft spot for Blackthorne as it was one of a few PC Gamer cover CD demos that got under my skin but I never actually got round to the full game (although I think maybe I played the SNES version on emulator at some point...). It's nice that they're giving these three games a spit and polish and doing an all singing, all dancing Diablo 2 remake, but are they going to go back and un-fuck Warcraft 3?
  10. I'll check them out. I've been manually changing the refresh rate through the windows control panel which isn't ideal!
  11. I will tinker endlessly trying to get rid of microstutter. A lot of the time the best way is to manually change my monitors refresh rate down to 60hz. Frame caps, vsync, all your Nvidia and AMD control panel shite - there's always that one game where none of it works.
  12. I'm a bit more enthusiastic about this after the run up to and then being rolled over in the second battle. As someone who always wanted to mess around with the little vignettes in FF Tactics adding in Shining Force style intermissions is brilliant. The voting system to determine the story branches could potentially have loads of depth. Lots of mid battle objectives and environment changes. It's great. All they need to do is hack out 2/3rds of the dialogue.
  13. Finished the first battle... It's very easy. A bit worrying since the preamble text says the difficulty has been bumped up for the demo. I never played Octopath but I remember they took the feedback from the demo and made some big changes so hopefully this will get similar treatment.
  14. Downloaded the demo but haven't had a chance to play it yet. I'm just coming down from a 150+ play through of Tactics Ogre PSP spread across 2 years, so this might help with the withdrawal symptoms...
  15. Weirdly enough I think the games that hold up best from the Amiga's early years are the sims, RPGs and strategy games. Genres the ST handled fine. In 89 you start to see the Amiga pull away with games like R-Type, Silkworm, Battle Squadron etc.
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