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  1. Not on Series X but I got a game breaking glitch in the first room I went in on my One S and haven't tried it again yet. I did have a quick bash on PC and it seems decent.
  2. He looks like someone plucked Orville.
  3. Decent port of Wing Commander for CD32 though, funnily enough.
  4. I find it amazing how the original pitch for Star Citizen was "they don't make these types of games any more, and we'll make the best one!" - and since then there's been an entire generation of space flight games, hardcore sims, classic 90s action game with sim trappings style games, even Captain Blood style exploration + weirdness with No Mans Sky. And Star Citizen has slowly morphed in to an esoteric 90s MMORPG.
  5. Just want to plug Gamma Flight again for anyone going in to Immortal Hulk withdrawal symptoms - it's nowhere near as amazing, but it's still very good.
  6. I think it's beautiful and navigating around feels crisp and precise but I played 150 odd hours of it last year and re-equipping your party or trying to craft anything is a nightmare.
  7. It's only partly an interface thing as it's directly tied in to game structure but Outer Wild's journal page should replace all quest logs.
  8. Mentioned in the other thread by someone else but Advance Wars and by extension GBA era Fire Emblem. Sublime.
  9. We live in a new age of game design where the UI from any country might be unreadable on anything other than the UI designers own monitor, mysteriously always fail to respond to your first button press on just one option, or uses in-depth user telemetry to pin-point the controls that make left and right tab navigation the least intuitive thing for the maximum number of users.
  10. There's a nastiness to the animations in Double Dragon that I love. They're not realistic but there's a real feeling of pain in that daft squat hit-stun animation. The player's punch combo animation that doesn't look stylish or cool, it's just someone absolutely wailing on their victim. Even with the Fist Of The North Star style fantastic elements like the giant enemies, the casual way they throw you up in the air complete with that weird, contemptuous "Luuuur!" dialogue sample. I'm sure I read somewhere that the director was a former gang member who used to get in to fights in his teenage years, which directly informed Renegade and River City Ransom.
  11. I wasn't a fan of Providence but I did start to come round to this aspect of it. I had this theory that doesn't quite fit with what's in the book, but I like it anyway, that we're seeing all of Lovecraft's creations on the page, but the main character is just seeing what inspired the stories. So we see fish people and ghouls, but they might not be fish people and ghouls at all, they might just be the "degenerates" that Lovecraft was so terrified of he imagined them as monsters.
  12. The Visitor is easily my favourite of the various Hellboy/BPRD mini series spin offs, especially for the added emotional punch it brings to re-readings of Conqueror Worm. Koshchei the Deathless I thought was a cut above the rest too, so worth seeking out.
  13. I was given James O'Brien's book as a well intentioned but deeply misguided Christmas present. I skimmed through it and it appears to just be him regurgitating arguments he "won" on his show but that have apparently haunted him so much he felt the need to write an entire book of Partridge-esque "needless to say" moments. The man is a massive fucking clown shoe.
  14. The way the lad who won Curiosity was treated was disgusting. The whole Godus debacle in general painted him in a very bad light. He was still being feted in America for a while after as an eccentric peddler of dreams who could never quite live up to his promises but it should have been obvious to anyone who'd followed his career since the 90s that he was a chronic bullshitter. He's still the creator of Populous though. You can't argue with his early achievements.
  15. Sega at the height of their Dreamcast powers would have released it with an absurd peripheral recreating the controller from the arcade game though.
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