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  1. I didn't get on with Atomicrops either. The ploughing, planting, watering side of things seemed really messy, I was never sure what I was doing and targeting a specific square was too fiddly. Then the shooting was just okay and your weapon breaking after every day took away all the fun of having an evolving load out in a Roguelike. My main reaction to it was remembering how much I liked Nuclear Throne, and how fiddly and dull this felt in comparison.
  2. matt0


    Is it feature quality animation or just the TV series footage edited down? I'm determined to eventually find a way in to Gundam. I tried Unicorn and whichever one was about the group Celestial Being but I found them both repetitive and ran out of steam before I finished them.
  3. I thought it was just okay, but it looks and sounds fantastic (the intro animation never got old, every time I fired it up I watched the full thing). It's an odd game. It has the bare bones of what could have been an interesting strategy layer where your weapons wear out and you can only carry four of them and you need to give weapons up to activate checkpoints. But then I discovered it completely undercuts this by letting you restock your weapons from the pause menu about half way through the game.
  4. Yeah, I'll be very happy when I finally upgrade, especially if there's more games they go the extra mile to get running at 60 like they did with Dark Souls 3. The first party stuff on Switch has still been mostly decent though. BOTW was built for the Wii U originally and massively ambitious for both systems so I gave that a pass. The only real stinkers are Link Between Worlds (what happened!?) and the various Warriors games - but those have strong EDF style energy to them anyway so it doesn't bother me (I actually played FE:Warriors on 3DS).
  5. We're probably only a generation of Nintendo hardware away from being close to that anyway, but all those old games you loved are still great if you can hold your nose when you go back to them.
  6. When was the last time you actually tried to play anything at 30fps though? Because if it's a game you really wanted to play, something of the calibre of BOTW 2, I honestly think you'd just get used to it. This is an extreme example because one of the games is below a lot of peoples acceptable tolerance whether they're fine with 30fps or not, but I've been playing Doom Eternal at 120fps on PC and Hyrule Warriors at PS2-era-EDF-fps on Switch. I wouldn't want to immediately go from the first to the second in the same gaming session but the more you switch the easier the adjustment gets. It's the immediate comparison that makes everything feel worse than it is, going from a 60fps game to a 30fps game in the same session is rough, going from 60 to 30 in the same game is worse, but going from 120 to 60 feels in the same game feels incredibly rough too. And it would be better if any given 30fps game ran at 60 but you do get to experience the reverse psychological effect. If you play something at 30fps for any length of time and then play something at 60fps, it's like you got a Daytona arcade cabinet for Christmas or something.
  7. It's never been close to 7-8 months, but there's definitely been times in the past where I've played exclusively PC stuff at whatever frame rate (I had a weird 75hz monitor for a long time) for months at a time and then gone back to the current gen consoles and the end result was "oh... yeah... that's how these games run". One thing that admittedly probably skews my perception of all this is I usually play a lot of handheld games (going back to GBA, DS, PSP era stuff), 8 / 16 bit era stuff, and even with modern games I usually end up caught in between generations. So there was a big overlap where I was still playing Amiga games into the late 90s, even though I had a Pentium PC (no GPU, that was my next machine), I was still playing a lot of PS1 games alongside the PS2 console era stuff and a few years back I was playing 360 games alongside Overwatch, Titanfall 1+2, Destiny 2 etc. on PC. So at any given point in time I've always got one foot in the past - I never really experience the going back effect. But if a game came out you really wanted play, or you wanted to go back to one specific game that meant a lot to you and your only option was to play it at 30fps, you really wouldn't shrug it off and say "this one game I want to play is a bit rough"?
  8. There is a huge caveat to my last post which is I wouldn't play a fighting game or shmup at 30fps* - so I get it to an extent. But I do think it's weird that there's people who were fine with some games being 30fps and some games being 60fps from the PS1 all the way up to the end of the last generation who have suddenly decided that 30fps is unacceptable now. * - Although I do happily fire up Banshee for the Amiga every 5 years or so, but that's the only one off the top of my head.
  9. I'm baffled by people suddenly declaring "I can never play a 30fps game again" - as if they'd never played a 60fps game before the start of this gen and have only just realised the difference. One thing I always do with games that are play anywhere on game pass, is install them on my PC and One S with the intention of doing the majority of playing them on the PC at 60 or 120fps, all the shinies etc. And then spend the majority of the time playing them in smeary 30fps on the last gen Xbox anyway because that's what's sat under the TV. The only time I really bother with the PC are games where I really want the mouse control (Doom Eternal, RTSs etc.). Everyone's got different tolerances and preferences obviously, and I'm looking forward to the day I swap out my One S for one of the new machines, but I find this overnight "Oh, I couldn't possibly..." attitude faintly ridiculous.
  10. Dishonored. A game that at first glance appears to be a about choking loads of people out and leaving them piled up, unconscious in a bathroom.
  11. Looks incredibly bland to me if I'm being honest. Especially held up against No Man's Sky, Sable, Subnautica, Abzu, that game where you played as a couple on an alien world from last year, etc. Even the Falconeer which is a terrible game, at least it had a sense of atmosphere.
  12. The horizontal movement being very slow and the vertical movement being very fast is borderline making me feel physically ill. You can feel what it would be like to play just by watching the video* * bad. It will be bad to play.
  13. I don't think it is. There's no mention of variant names on Moby Games and googling for Fist of the North Star games doesn't bring it up. It's an obvious homage though.
  14. Not a review, but does anyone else remember that weird period where every third person action game that wasn't one of the big games, was automatically kneejerk labelled a God of War clone by every online outlet, including games like Nier and Dragons Dogma?
  15. Yes! That's the one, thank you. I had the name "Arm Joe" in my head all day, which is something entirely different, from a different era (and much weirder!), so I must have dimly remembered at least the "Joe" part of the name. Watching the video the first level doesn't have any real verticality at all, in my minds eye it was two screens high and scrolled upwards, but no. I remember the feel of those single frame punch "animations". I thought it was probably from one of the smaller companies so Seibu Kaihatsu fits perfectly, although googling turns up the fact it was distributed in some markets by Taito.
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