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  1. I shouldn't ask but... How does that happen then? ... I saw a film in the DVD returns bin in Game once called "The Terror Beneath Lock Ness" and it's tag line was: "60ft of aquatic horror!!". To make it even more comical it was an obvious pirate copy with an inkjet printed sleeved.
  2. "Ha-do-ken-AHH!" "Dragon-Punch-AHH!" Possibly.
  3. UFO: Enemy Unknown - bought 3 times. Amiga version, PC version, PC version again when I lost the disk to the first one. Whenever I look through PS1 games in shops I always hope to find a copy nestled away somewhere, but it looks like it's pretty rare . Other then that: Rez (DC and PS2) and Wipeout 3 / Wipeout 3 SE - not sure that counts though. and that'd be it. Comics however...
  4. matt0

    Music Trios

    Minutemen (as mentioned by someone in the Green Day thread) Husker Du (as mentioned by me in the Green Day thread) Meat Puppets (as mentioned by nobody but me ever... )
  5. matt0

    'Nice' music

    Just to sidestep all the points you've made completely. How can four (? - don't know, don't really care) likeminded people get together and honestly want to sound like Coldplay? It really is eunuchs music isn't it?
  6. There was some detective show that started a while back where Detective Cole got transferred to Newcastle.
  7. *rubs hands together in unhinged manner* Excellent!
  8. Got Final Doom for PS1 a few weeks back. Dodgy frame-rate aside it's still the Doom I know and love! (plus I used to play Doom on a 386sx, so I've seen worse). Now I just need the first one (did Doom 2 ever make it to PS1? I don't remember ever seeing it). It's amazing how visceral it still seems, even with the carboard cut out enemies.
  9. I have vague memories of a female character with a rocket launcher strapped to her back who would, when upset, involuntarily blow up anyone nearby. Completely random genius.
  10. Did they really need a backstory? Someone really needs to do a DS pinball game. T'would be awesome.
  11. They need to come up with a cooler name. Like the Sega LegendSTRIKE (note use of capitals). And a logo that doesn't look like the allied carpets one.
  12. I'm waiting for the x-box version (EDIT: of Painkiller). I love dumb, ammo-pumping FPSs. Depth, pah! I want to shoot huge ugly things!
  13. I used to like playing the skirmish modes on serial link. Just two marines vs. a horde of aliens! .. And yeah, in single player the face huggers were terrifying. They rank up there with those giant fucked up fish in Half-life. I always forget how great AVP was. The different vision modes for each species were a stroke of genius. EDIT: comedy grammar...
  14. How does the PS2 version of this hold up? I'm always tempted when I see it in shops but don't want to endure broken frame rates and dodgy controls.
  15. Ah, right. Another conspiracy theory shot to shit
  16. I just thought. Dixons is part of a larger group of chain stores right? Are other chains run by the same parent company still stocking the game? If so, isn't pulling it from Dixon's just some kind of clever advertising? ... On a seperate note. I was in game the other day and there were two kids about eight years old, one got a copy of the suffering off the shelf and said to his mate "Buy this one, it's getting banned too!"
  17. NTSC Halo: Fixed frame rate 30fps. PAL Halo: Fixed frame rate 25fps. (buggers up if you run in PAL60 with wierd frame skip bug - works out at I'd guess 17-18fps - looks wierd) Both suffer in places. Both look pretty smooth when they're running okay, but you can see the difference. NTSC version is faster. ... I am teh frame rate geek.
  18. matt0

    Green Day

    Hmm... Don't know much Sugar, I've only heard Copper Blue - Think I'll dig that out tonight and give it a listen! ... Green Day: I loved them when I was 16. Still think the first four albums were pretty good, but they had nothing on the Ramones
  19. It's all flooding back! The little journal book which the game would tell you to refer to when you discovered something, and those bloody stupid code-wheels!
  20. I used to love the original Pools Of Radience (from way way back, before the bioware remake). I remember playing it on my dads Amstrad 186 with CGA graphics (there was a C64 version too!). Completely non-linear, engrossing, varied stuff. There was so much depth to it even though you couldn't level up past about level 8...
  21. Fair points, but it was video footage of someone at Valve playing the game, it's entirely possible the whole thing was mocked up, the guards might still have tried the door, we don't know either way. And how come the game still isn't out now when they said it was three or four months off? Maybe I'm just being cynical (I'm not convinced by the reports of Marines in Halo 2 spontaneously overturning tables for cover either), but like I said before I'm not sure we're at the level of technology where AI and physics can interact in such a realistic manner. Decent physics (for a professional programming team) seems to be a relatively simple thing these days (Havoc 2, middleware type stuff), same thing with tactical AI, but there must be a huge number of variables involved in getting both systems interacting. We haven't really seen any intermediate stages in this sort of thing evolving in games.
  22. Wasn't it revealed in the stolen code that all that stuff was really scripted? I still think we're some way off that kind of AI / physics interacting together. Halo is a prime example of the greatness of physics engines in games though, even though it's still fairly primative. It throws up real comedy moments of accidentally shooting banshees out of the sky to land on your mate in co-op and throwing grenades round corners, ducking back and watching the grunts fly past you...
  23. Used to play that on my mates Spectrum, wandering around not knowing what was going on, then all the other little people wandering around would start turning up dead. Never understood how to play it though.
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