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  1. How many PS1 tactics games were there? I played FF-Tactics to death and I've got a mate who's going to dig out his copy of Vandal Hearts next time he visits his parents but I can't think of any others off the top of my head. Oh yeah, the x-com/UFO games came out on PS1 didn't they? I bought three seperate copies of UFO over a period of a couple of years (Amiga, PC and again for PC when I lost the first one), it's one of the most engrossing games I've ever played. Building bases, researching technology and all that, sneaking up commando style on crashed UFO's. Awesome stuff.
  2. I've been playing Ring of Red on and off since december and am really enjoying it. It's basically turn based giant robots with a goofy "alternate timeline" cold-war plot (Japan gets invaded by Russia). You have your standard tactical map where you move all your units around and then actually attacks are in real time with you giving orders, deciding whether to trade off accuracy for speed, triggering special attacks or special artillery shells etc. The strategy comes from what terrain you attack from, time of day and how you configure you crew and infantry that support your mech(a)(um)(eee...) in combat. It's dirt cheap too (game had it for a fiver last time I checked). Other then that I've been limping through Disgaea, which is insanely complex and has penguins with knives in.
  3. Nuh-uh! Not at that price.
  4. Cex is bizarre. I went in the one in Leeds a few weeks back and the only two second hand games I wanted were: Zero Wing (PAL) MD - £25 (WTF?) Devil Dice (PAL) - not in great condition but only... £8.
  5. There was some kind of Bratwurst follow up which used the same ship polygons but had a load of extra options and 4 player mode... Can't remember what it was called, it came out in the Amiga's twilight years... It was great though. Anyone remember Air Taxi? Another AP coverdisk favourite and cause of much swearing and punching people on their joystick arm trying to give them a dead arm.
  6. It wasn't bad... It's just it was different. I think they changed some of the map layout and I didn't like the style of the graphics. The A500 version was much better then the A1200 / CD32 one though which had completely reworked graphics and massive sprites so you couldn't see more then two foot infront of you.
  7. But a lot of console games have the game speed tied to the refresh rate, if you have a full speed 50Hz mode you have to frame skip (like on PAL Ikaruga) and everybody still moans. Is it really that hard for publishers to programme a 60Hz option? EDIT: The people who just select the default aren't going to care. All my housemates used to play DC stuff in 50Hz. I showed them 60Hz, they said they couldn't tell the difference.
  8. Citadel was better. "See-ta-dell, See-ta-dell, SEE-TA-DELL!!! sumieoioor soft-ware pre-cents SEE-TA-DELL!" There was a thread on here ages ago where you had to guess what game a bit of speech came from, whoever guessed got to post the next one. I wanted to post that to take the piss but I never won...
  9. Tanks and Stuff was class. Laying hidden landmines all around your base and baracading yourself in with one flag if you were losing! There was a wierd little split screen game called Knights as well which was like a top down dungeon crawl with zombies in it. Whenever you died your corpse turned into a zombie. It was kind of like a real time nethack with loads of different weapons and magic items and stuff. Really good fun.
  10. matt0


    How does it play? I've always liked the Dynasty Warriors games and have been meaning to get hold of Dynasty Tactics 2 for ages now. I always thought Kessen was pitched somewhere in the middle?
  11. Not sure I agree with you on the no acceleration thing but as for X and Y axis sensitivity being different that has always pissed me off. Even in Halo it pisses me off. In every console FPS I've played which had it in it has wound me up something rotten. Anyone who's had the misfortune of playing Hidden and Dangerous on the DC will know what I mean. H&D is an extreme example because it was so bad that you couldn't actually look diagonally, you had to look up then across (and it was the SAME ON THE FRIKKING MAP SCREEN WHEN YOU MOVED THE CURSOR). Although I am very easily annoyed...
  12. Get out. Look at me. Get out.
  13. Primal Rage, you can see the cackhanded thinking behind it... "Kids like Mortal Kombat... they like dinosaurs..." For some reason I really liked it. Even a 2 character demo of the piss poor amiga version (which I think was so bad it never got released) kept me entertained for a couple of hours...
  14. I used to love these games, I played through DK1 on a P100 which would slow to a crawl everytime someone cast the wind spell, but I still persevered to the end. I developed some kind of compulsive disorder as well where'd I try and train my imps up to level 9 where they turned into scarily fast obese super imps... I wouldn't mind if EA had a crack at a new one, if they screw it up it doesn't spoil the first two, and one thing they can do is make games to formula so even if it's just more of the same with updated graphics (with an X-box version...) I'd still be happy.
  15. Sequel to Colonization? GBA port would be awesome (along with Civ1 - or some sort of Civ2 without the isometric map). As for Pirates... YAY! (And a GBA update of the old one too...)
  16. I always thought the whole "not an FPS" thing started when some X-box fanboys said it was shit in comparison to Halo and some Nintendo fanboys needed a counter argument? I loved it from start to... about 3/4 way through, when I didn't play it for a few weeks and couldn't get back into it.
  17. That's a great find! I wish I still had my copy, it was one of those goofy "prestige" titles with the oversized plastic box and dodgy sci-fi novella explaining the background story. Alas, all my BBC stuff is long gone.
  18. I used to love this game. I never got anywhere at it because it took almost an hour to load from tape and as long again to actually save your game. Thinking back I can't believe how advanced it was with "real" physics, inertia, particle effects, loads of little critters running around with minds of their own (if I played it now I'm sure the illusion would be cruely broken with big sticks...) I just used to fly around in the big central cavern waging war between the little monkey things and a big dalek like robot who lived in a cave up near the roof and never actually try to play the game properly... The Amiga and ST versions lacked some of the magic, I could never really get into them. Anyone else used to play this?
  19. I've been playing that for the past week. It's nowhere near as bad as people make out. My own choices: I used to love Another World, played it through from start to finish more times than I can count, great setpieces with you and your alien mate looking out for you. Cool ending to. Link to the Past, cause I played it for about an hour on a friends SNES years ago and never saw it again till the GBA reissue and it was every bit as wonderful as I remembered. The rain... Chronotrigger on emulator, played it obsessively. Angband / Nethack / all those geek nonsense D+D games that delete your saves when you die. They teach you to fear...
  20. Yeah... but I just don't want to have to buy three consoles again... (not that I did just for sega stuff) Plus I can't help feeling their choice of which games went to what consoles was a little random. E.g. with a game they made a big loss on like Shenmue 2 over the DC period they should have put it out on PS2 to try and offset that loss. The monkey ball games on GC were a stroke of genius though.
  21. Off topic I know but: The DS looks terrible. Every bit the kneejerk "oh shit sony have a 3d console out ahead of us" disaster I prayed it wouldn't be. On topic and less troll like: As for Sega, I wish they'd just back another console manufacturer and release all their stuff for that one console, making it a Sega console in everything but the name. Not fussed which but PS3 probably makes the most sense commercially.
  22. Phillapousis (spelling?) looks like the Wolfman. I lived in a house a few years back where everyone played Virtua Tennis and whenever anyone lost a point in a really dumb manner we'd all go: "Braaiins...". None of us had girlfriends. Um.
  23. Spine of God surely... Fans of Bad Religion who don't have it already really NEED to get the "blue" album (s/t) by The Adolescents. Sounds like How Could Hell Be Any Worse but has the guitar solos / harmonies of later Bad Religion stuff. S'fucking awesome.
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