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  1. [movie geek] It's cantonese that one... [/movie geek] But yeah, it's great!
  2. Farewell my Concubine and Raise the Red Lantern. First one is about a peking opera troupe and what happens to them after the cultural revolution, second one is about a student who marries a rich merchant bloke and ends up competing with his three other wives for his attention. Both wonderful, if kind of depressing, movies. Oh, and for yer kung-fu stuff: Touch Of Zen, it looks lush, is absolutely mental, and there's a good region 2 DVD with proper widescreen ratio and subs.
  3. The Serious Sam games have some of the most expansive levels I've ever seen in an FPS, there's one (Valley of the Jaguar ?) where you run across a massive open plain snipering enemies stood in some ruins that take you about fifteen minutes to reach. And Wind Waker, zooming the camera way out on tiny little islands (wierd example that, because the actual environment you could climb on was diddy, but there was a sense of it being part of a massive world).
  4. "You know that rumour about how I blew up my house because it was infested with midgets? It's all true!"
  5. Then ending to Hellraiser (a film which needs to mocked by all) where the girl gives the cursed puzzle box to a tramp who turns into a giant skeletal dragon and flies off laughing is utter wank. And as bad as the ending to Omen II is, I like the scene where the woman gets her eyes pecked out by crows then run over by a truck, then it cuts to her autopsy and the pathologist says "We don't understand why she couldn't see the truck coming". Brilliant.
  6. Agreed! Plus he does it all while gurning and pulling silly faces! Project A II is thee greatest asian action movie of all time, seriously, it's just insane for the sheer number of sight gags, silent movie references and blink and you miss em stunts.
  7. matt0

    KOTOR 2 Details

    I am pregnant with rage.
  8. Bat out of Hull (not actually real, but still)
  9. Female fronted pop-punk? The Shitbirds - Famous Recording Artists. Thank me later. (or just find some MP3s, listen to them and then ask me what the fuck I was thinking recommending it to anyone, either way is fine).
  10. Star Wars Episode III: Jaws the Revenge.
  11. Thats too good to waste on a cover band!
  12. Ramones - I love her so, Rockaway Beach, Do you wanna dance Andrew WK - Victory Strikes Again, The Song also, any half decent surf instrumentals from the 60s, don't know why but they always make me grin. EDIT: Argh! How could I forget: Andrew WK - I love New York City!
  13. Really? Didn't know that as I've never played it. Okay, not Ikaruga then... Can't think of anything else, except maybe Viewtiful Joe, but for every new idea that had it had another cliche to balance it out. Like the level where you fight all the bosses again in sequence. P.S. Kamrantaz: Ikaruga is never "meh" though. P.P.S. Ico plays like a C64 adventure game with pretty graphics (not meant as a criticism as I loved it, but there's not a single original thought in it, it's just very very good).
  14. Tenchu finished so I'll swap that with Advance Wars. Thanks. Unfortuantely I've still managed to buy more games then I've finished since I started this (5 to 6)...
  15. Obvious choice I know but... *drum roll* Ikaruga. Aside from it being majestic as nuts it took a genre I thought had been done to death and turned it on it's head.
  16. Finally finished FF-Tactics Advance so could you replace that with FF X-2? Thanks.
  17. matt0

    Noise plz.

    Melt Banana always get praised for doing this sort of thing. What Happens Next? - not strictly speaking noise, but pretty messed up.
  18. Unless Bungie nicked all the best bits from every other RTS and then came up with a console friendly control system, like they did with Halo and FPSs.
  19. Street Fighter 2 with SF3 style graphics and animation. Or Street Fighter Alpha 3 with Guilty Gear X style graphics.
  20. How great is level 3? Just like level 3 off R-type but with added motion sickness!
  21. Rez 2 with Luke Vibert or Jet Set Radio 3 with Dilated Peoples I reckon.
  22. The first single I bought was "The Fall" by Ministry. And yet the first album I bought was "Happy Nation" by Ace of Base. So fuck knows what was going on there...
  23. Now I'm going to have to recommend "Said and Done" by Negative Approach to claw back some kind of punk credibility...
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