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  1. Rez 2 with Luke Vibert or Jet Set Radio 3 with Dilated Peoples I reckon.
  2. The first single I bought was "The Fall" by Ministry. And yet the first album I bought was "Happy Nation" by Ace of Base. So fuck knows what was going on there...
  3. Now I'm going to have to recommend "Said and Done" by Negative Approach to claw back some kind of punk credibility...
  4. Was it actually a real documentary though? I couldn't work out if it was some kind of Spinal Tap type set up. "It's pronounced coven", "No thats bad, it sounds like oven", (or something...)
  5. Couldn't single it down to one game but in chronological order the games I really obsessed over: Skirmish (dodgy BBC micro Joust clone ) Civilization 1 Doom 1+2 Quake 1 Civilization 2 Chronotrigger (on emu) Quake 3 Halo
  6. One last one then I'll quit while I'm (sort of) ahead... The Humpers - "Mutate With Me" Edit: Just realised I've recommended three songs off the same dodgy punk compilation I bought when I was 16...
  7. hmmm.... Poison Idea - Just To Get Away
  8. Not strictly speaking J-Rock but Guitar Wolf are pretty cool.
  9. The OAVs? They were great but I thought the movie was pretty low budget and tacky. I'll put in some more support for Urusei Yatsura. The first movie is classic, like a a 50's MGM screwball comedy / musical re-write of Star Wars.
  10. Finished PGR2 over the weekend so could you replace that with Ring Of Red? Cheers. This is agony by the way. PoP and Beyond Good and Evil out on X-box. FFX-2 out on PS2 (thought that'd break me but I've managed to resist), with R-type Final out by the end of the month... ARGH!! Just thought I'd share that.
  11. matt0


    Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Devil Dogs. That'd be it really. If "Wolf" was as good as "I Get Wet" then AWK would be up there too. I had a bunch of shittily copied tapes of AC/DC albums when I was about thirteen and they were great. But then I went through a bizarre phase of refusing to listen to stuff with guitar solos for about five years. Go figure.
  12. You might want to wait for Castle Of Shikigami 2 or Psyvariar 2 (unless you're after DC exlusives).
  13. That bit in Superman. "You can fly Oh my!" or some such bollocks.
  14. Not sure how metal any of this stuff is, but it's probably as metal as emo ever will be and its served me well when I'm in a bad mood... Shellac : 1000 Hurts - crazy technical riffage + sarcastic lyrics + weedy bloke shredding his vocal chords to shit howling. Dead and Gone - The Beauticians Daughter - slow, sinister broken up hardcore with insanely negative lyrics Negative Approach : Tied Down - fast, dumb, old school hardcore with insanely negative lyrics No Means No : The Day Everything Became Nothing / Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed - melodramatic, technical, progressive hardcore with insanely negative lyrics h
  15. Finished FFX at last, so could you take that off and swap it for PGR2? Thanks,
  16. Chronotrigger - it's more concise, FF6 has this ridiculous meandering plot: Script writer 1: The game is 10 hours to short. Script writer 2: Oh... Uh. The party get split up and Ceres (??? - long times since I played it) wakes up on some island alone somewhere. Script writer 1: What does she fight there? Script writer 2: Squirells with radiation posioning. Look at the time, I'm buggering off home. - still a great game tho.
  17. Thats a bloody disgrace. I can live with borders, they've never really bothered me (used to own an ST!), but sound being out of sync is unforgiveable.
  18. I think that was the problem. Not even Elite from tape on a BBC took 5 HOURS to load...
  19. I never got out of Midgard either. But then I never finished Arcadia... (20 hours or so in, I might go back, might not). For what it's worth, as much as I liked the story and setting in Skies, the random battles really spoilt it for me. Not the fact there were random battles, or any of the usual complaints, but the fact that they were just a case of tapping A mindlessly till you got back to the map screen. There was very little actual gameplay outside of the bosses and ship to ship battles. I need to replay FF7 tho...
  20. Right then: Finally managed to beat the final boss on Otogi so could you replace that with Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven? Cheers.
  21. To truly complete all of FF you have to play through Chocobo's Magic Dungeon...(1 and 2, mind)
  22. Huh? No... He hasn't even got an RF lead and the only controller we have in the house is a knackered Mega Drive pad. He's bound to knick the power lead off the kettle as well...
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