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  1. Mine arrived late, well after Xmas. Not dug in yet, I seem to have got behind.....again
  2. Great thread this - I need to look into setting up an Emu to play some old faves This is a good story on a techy hack - Seems they knew the seed of the RNG in particular Aussie machines: https://yesnocasino.com/casino-cheats/slot-machines-cracked-russian-hackers-no-fix/
  3. +1 for the standard covers - Though occasionally the sub ones shine. Wish they'd let some digital artists loose to do some sub covers as it invariably hand drawn/painted stuff that gets a bit samey IMHO
  4. Apologies, bad form - I should know better Letting my Ridge Racer excitement get the better of me
  5. Hi there - I'm now sweet (albeit with US version) I found this 'For Dummies' guide to Duck Station that worked PERFECTLY for me...LOL https://fantasyanime.com/emuhelp/duckstation Plays OK - Even on my shitty ANCIENT Thinkpad - I'm both surprised and pleased
  6. Up for giving this a blast. Can anyone recommend (PM if neccessary) a good safe site/source of ROMs (especially interested in Ridge Racer Revolution (Europe). Many TIA
  7. Anyone else?
  8. tbh - though I could certainly do no better - I feel the KOF illustration on the subs' cover is a bit....well sub par. This seems to be the case with quite a few of them - the PoP one also springs to mind
  9. I've just started 'Missile Commander' at the weekend - Great read - Interesting illustrations/photos too
  10. Hi All I've just finished 'Jacked' by David Kushner on GTA (upto GTA IV) Was an OK read - could have been better but I enjoyed it. Anyone read his 'Masters of Doom'? Any good? I have got Tony Temple's 'Missile Commander' to go next. But wondered if anyone could throw some recommendations my way for some summer Retro Game/Tech Themed garden reading with a beer Many TIA
  11. You were close as it happens - as I found it 'Tomb Of Dracula' (see the print add I remember below) And according to the below it was by published by J K Greye Software and written by Malcolm Evans too ! (Not sure if that's correct..) https://www.retrogamer.net/retro_games80/tomb-of-dracula/ Now to dig out a .p file.... Or maybe not....as others not so kind - and appears that the J K Greye / Malcolm Evans stuff is nonsense LOL That person on the RG site also mentioned 1980 release for it when it appears to be more like 1983 - late in ZX81 terms
  12. Nope - The vampire was in the print add - and defo ZX81......though after alot of digging through Your Computer I'm thinking was it Transylvanian Tower? (99% sure it was not though. Annoying me even more now ..... GRRRRR
  13. Nah, defo not that - I very much doubt anywhere as good LOL - I'll pull up some Your Computer mags on Archive.org and have a hunt
  14. Platform: ZX81 Genre: Arcade Adventure Graphical style: Jaggedy attempt at 3D rooms with doors Not a game I played, but remember B&W ads for it it Your Computer, etc and fancy trying. Released in early eighties, the mag ads showed a jaggedy vampire's face - IIRC you explored a castle illustrated by '3D' rooms with doors in N, S, E or W doors. Sorry so vague....
  15. It's a good one They can be a bit hit & miss tbf
  16. Got my refund....well been promised it. Also an admission that I was send 220 as first sub issue when it should I been 219....Small victories LOL
  17. Thanks Darren - I managed to grab one on eBay - £7.00 though I wil be arguing for a refund off MagazinesLost&Damaged to offset that - Grrrr Can understand the frustration on the staff's side and with us readers - Just can't understand how they f*** up so much Just looked on their FB page and the complaints....especially re. DDs taken in error are concerning. Glad I pay in one off chunks...
  18. I've also had a bit of drama with Magazines Direct. I placed Order for Subscription 28/03 - and thinking, I though sensibly, that they might send me 218 (the current issue) I emailed to ask for my New Subscription to start at 219 rather than 218 (As I already had 218). Then I got an email saying my Start Issue would in fact be 220 - Even though 219 wasn't due out in the shops until 15/04?! So, I again emailed to ask for my New Subscription to start at 219 rather than 220. I got a response 06/04 that not possible as: "...due to printing dates we are unable to back date subscription." (even though 219 had not even been printed I'd not have thought...) I was a bit behind on my reading , so I caught up on all my other issues and then needed 219 So - and totally my fault for waiting - on 24/04 I took a trip to my nearest Tesco, Sainsburys then WH Smiths on 24/04 - But no issue 219 to be found anywhere. Getting straight on Magazines Direct's website, I ordered a copy (minus the Nintendo freebie-that I was none to fussed about if I'm honest) for £4.99 the same day 24/04. Confirmation advised delivery by 28/04 - which came and went...so I chased Magazines Direct, and was advised to wait 10 Days - which I duly did. Nothing. So I chased again and marked as an 'Official Complaint' only to be told: "We are sorry to hear that you did not receive the #219 edition. We have checked your records and can confirm this was despatched to you, and can only assume it was lost within the postal system...Unfortunately, this issue is now out of print, and we are unable to send a replacement copy. We have therefore extended your subscription by 1 issue and will now expire with the #233 issue." I've pointed out I'll need to buy a 219 so I'd prefer a refund - Also, as others on here have mentioned I might not want a subscription throught them if more copies go missing :( We'll see what they say. Currently watching a few 219s on eBay.... :(
  19. Hi All Not a mag - But wondered if anyone knows of an online PDF of a GTA III Strategy Guide? Many thanks, HOW
  20. Just rediscovered M2 (& Supermodel). I was googling issues with my car (& opponents) in Daytona USA looking a little washed out, and not the bright Red & Blue I'd expect - and brought up this thread! Any of you clever peeps got any tips or ideas to fix? TIA Andy
  21. Hi All Was listening to the Maximum Power Up podcast with Martyn Carroll https://www.maximumpowerup.com/episode-102-martyn-carroll-interview/ He mentioned that his replacement at RG (Darren who I believe is on here as @strider ) used to do the Retro Section at GamesTM around the same time Martyn was editing RG. That made me remember I never ever saw the Reto Sections of GamesTM, or really read mag at all. Also recalled there was a DVD eMag of first 50 issues of GamesTM. So 1. Would that include Retro Sections? 2. Where would I grab it from - No luck on eBay.... Be interesting to read even if no Reto section in 1-5 as it's all reto now Thanks, Andy
  22. Oi! Non-modded PS2. Wouldn't know where to start tbh Also have an unmodded Wii and see that has options too. Or maybe I'll play some OLD OLD games now MAME's up and running LOL
  23. Hi @Treble thanks for taking the time to reply to my somewhat tongue-in-cheek PS2 emu query Stats of the aformentioned POS laptop are as per below: Model: ThinkPad L440 Processor: INTEL I5-4200M Graphics : INTEGRATED RAM Size: 4GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 500GB System: WINDOWS 10 HOME I'll be interested in what I can squeeze out of it. I do have a real PS2 so no worries there Thanks again
  24. Wow! Thanks @dumpster that's all really useful stuff Great news re. ' Most pads are plug and play on windows 10'. I looked out my trusty old Saitek P880 circa 2004 and found an old portable hard drive with my MAME on (0.128 (I got a full ROM set on DVD back in like 2008 or something)). As a test I booted up Robtron and.........YES! So that's Arcade pretty much sorted - though your ideas below are ones I need to try: 'Viva Nonno' - I had this years ago but was a bit crappy - Maybe my 'new' & 'mighty' i5 can improve it for me I will certainly do a search for "Daphne Loader" as you've suggested. PS. Is 'Nebula' same as 'M2' Emulator? As I has Sega ~Rally running OK previously on M2. Supermodel & TeknoParrot look intearesting....if SCARY. Takling of Scary - Retroarch scares me, but I think that was attempting it on a crappy tablet some years ago. You say it's good for consoles - I take it it will do Home Computes too? Agree it'd be nice to have one Frontend rathr than loads of emus for obscure stuff floating about. Thanks again - Now back to see if I can EVER hit 500K on Robotron.....Oh, the shame!
  25. Also. This newer laptop is Win10, old old MAME Laptop is XP. How easy is it to get Plug & Play pads in PS configuration (I hate offset Analogue Sticks on an XBox controller). I had/have an old Saitek pad somewhere that was great-Hoping that may work....?
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