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  1. Yeah I noticed that, I'll fix it. I've got a nice new site finished that I really should be using, but I'm not too keen on it now it's done; probably because I'm sick of the sight of it after working on it, but isn't that always the way? Glad you enjoyed it, even though it's got that Alif Tree track you weren't keen on there.
  2. Hi all! Seeing as I always post these here, please help yourself to another instalment of deep house, Detroitness, broken beats and soul mixed by me. Also look out for my ugly mug in the Christmas issue of dance magazine, IDJ where I have come as a runner up in their Raw Talent competition with one of my old sets. Happy days. âmeprofonde.com is the website. This is the mix. Feedback appreciated as always. Enjoy.
  3. I thought it was excellent, although not as close to Anchorman's quality as I was hoping it would be, it worked much better as a film though. The only reason it didn't come as close was the surrounding characters not being as fleshed out as the news crew, which was a shame, the father however was brilliant. I'll probably like it even more after I watch it about 50 times so the best lines are part of my subconscious.
  4. It's a bit shit for everyone because the component cables will probably be £30 when they come out anyway.
  5. If it's a consistant world for everyone, how can you build a theme park in it? Surely you'd run out of room?
  6. But it's about £15 cheaper if you import it.
  7. It's only redeeming feature is Jerry Stiller, who is as usual fantastic. It makes me wonder how shows like this get made though; it's essentially the same blue collar American family sitcom that's been practically identical since the sixties, just with the location and jobs changed.
  8. "You dance like a homosexual" Hand job!
  9. cubeadvance


    What a result. I'm amazed at Cesc again, terrific stuff.
  10. Make sure you all pre-order 2 to avoid disapointment.
  11. It would be interesting to watch a video of the first time I was spazzing about with a control stick on the N64 or Xbox or something. It's probably not very far off that.
  12. Rogue Leader was only fun on levels from the films, Hoth for instance was excellent, as was the trench run on the Death Star, it suffered terribly on those boring space sections. It also has the most profound difficulty peaks in any game I've ever played.
  13. Do I need to actually walk to a Woolworths to order, or can this laborious process be completed online whenever they decide to start them?
  14. They should have just scrawled the date and price on a flip chart and left it on stage.
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