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  1. Half price sale over at the EA store today, including the vietnam DLC (£4.99). If you also include the promocode 'o3gfubinq' at the basket you get a further 25% off. Vietnam for £3.74 aint bad! You get a cd key after purchasing it, and you just slap the key from within Bad Company 2, not steam as some people have been doing.
  2. I had this problem before moving between monitors. Monitors display at a higher res than most tvs, maybe your tv just cant display the resolution? For example my monitor outputs at 1680x1080, but my 32' tv only does 1360x768 or something like that. I had to lower the resolution when playing on my monitor and then hooked the 360 up to the tv and selected the highest resolution the tv could handle. When connected to your monitor try putting it down to a really shitty low resolution (like 1024x768) and connect it up to the TV to see if it works. If it does you can just then step up the res on the TV each time to see where the limit is. The alternative to this is to reset the display settings on the 360 as shown here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/911059.
  3. I dont know if any of you guys like melodic death metal (some might even shudder at that word..and my particular taste in metal for that matter) but for a while now I've been tracking a band called Blood Stain Child, which I think are bloody excellent. Their albums are quite varied, with older material like 'Mystic Your Heart' sounding more Children of Bodom(ish). Moving onto 'Idolator' this leans more towards the gothenburg style with a sprinkling of keyboards. The newest Mosaiq is more of the same..but even more keyboard based. In fact some parts VERY tranceish. I used to listen to trance when I was in my teens, so maybe its just that I appreciate it more. I suppose the nearest thing to it is Enter Shikari, but the guitar work is much more complex, as are the electonics and...nothing like enter shikari really . Should check it out if Dockyard1 (their label) get their arse in gear!
  4. Jesus! i remember my mate had that C64 cart, and I borrowed it numerous times for fiendish freddy & flimbos quest. Although I do remember fiendish freddy freaking me out a bit on certain events though, I was only 6-7 years old though
  5. This is what's been annoying me the most. Although I did try what you just said and doesn't work for some reason. When I re download and disconnect from live, it still comes up with trail game I think most other things that Id like to see have already been mentioned..although a way to change the Windows Live ID connected to your gamertag would be cool...so I can actually use the messenger on it
  6. 1.11 out now guys http://www.r4ds.com/download-en.htm
  7. As I say i can live with it, and it only really sticks out a lot on black backgrounds. Despite that it does annoy me slightly, and I know it shouldnt, because quite frankly it is a bit of a daft thing to be picky about.
  8. Well after going through a ds lite with 10+ dead pixels, and one that wouldnt turn on, i picked up another DS lite from Game, and...it has a dead pixel, but only one so I can live with that. Quick question if anyone knows..the pixel itself is green, but on certain backgrounds you cant see it, its as if it can do some colours and not others..maybe its just more difficult to spot but, is it possible it can fix itself over time or not?
  9. I picked up a black DS today from woolies..First one had a load a dead pixels on it. Im not fussed about one or two but 10 takes the piss a bit. So I got it changed for another one and it refuses to charge/turn on! They only had 2 black DSs' in stock as well. Typical!
  10. You know I've just had another listen and its growing on me. I just dont like the intro riff, puts me off the rest of the song.
  11. Thank you! I have to say its nice to see someone finally 'get' my username at last, for both in flames and only fools Ive given the album a few more spins, and it seems to be holding up well. Some albums i find are really good, but dont last for too long. Vaccum is the only track im not to bothered with at the moment, everything else seems to sound pretty good. Actually Vaccum reminds me of Bottled from STYE, to me it just BORING. As for Daniel, i like him a a drummer. Only because to me hes a 'no nonsense' drummer. Gets the job done no questions asked and he does it rather well.
  12. Personally I think its a solid album, far from their best work, but in my eyes (or ears)its best since Clayman. Now I do like Soundtrack and most of Reroute, but I like the more thrashy attempt they have made here. The Single track Take This Life was so refreshing to hear, also good to hear Anders clean vocals have improved tenfold. 'That' part of System used to make cringe every time i heard it, and going from that to Come Clarity is good progress. The addition of female vocals on Dead End was a plesant suprise and fits well with the song. The copy I heard is pretty rubbish so I cant comment too much productionwise, but from what I can make it should sound pretty good, at least compared to Reroute which just sounded muddy. Also the really cool solos seem to have made a rather welcome return, one thing that was lacking in the last two albums. A perfect example is in the middle of Crawl Through Knives, a really cool solo that just screams old school In Flames. Another little good lead part is in Dead End, about 2 mins into the track again it just sounds so In Flames. Ohh I think this is my first post here, so err hi!
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