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  1. You can get widescreen images onto 4:3 film using animorphic lenses, so it's actually a 16:9 picture squeezed into a 4:3 frame. When the film is projected it stretches it back to 16:9. I don't think he was implying that a standard 4:3 image is stretched, it's an animorphic image. So yes, if it's widescreen animorphic it will lose a tiny bit of detail as the image is being stretched (although it will be correct proportionately as it's animorphic to begin with). If it's proper widescreen then the image is actually drawn in in 16:9, hence no loss of detail. Animorphic widescreen is a cheap and cheerful way to do it. See this for more. Anyway, how did the thread get to this? The game looks great so far. Hope it's not too hard though, I gave up on echoes because the save points were painfully far away from each other meaning I had to play for long sittings, which I couldn't really do 'cos of work. Not too bothered about multiplayer, echoes had a crap multiplayer mode so I'd rather they didn't bother. maybe release it as a download or something at a later date like HL2 (akthough I don't even think multiplayer would suit metroid, it's not really an FPS, more of an adventure game).
  2. In HMV I can get a copy of this on DVD straight off the shelf: I hope they leave it uncut and sell it through mail order, unlikely though.
  3. Sorry this is a late reply. You reckon they could release a "DVD Channel" that you could buy afterwards for £10 or so? (much like how after June 2007 you'd have to buy the internet channel). Allow me to download an MP3 player with external drive compatibility and I'll bin my PC.
  4. My cousin quite enjoys monkey ball when he's round, although it is a bit too tough for most kids. They love up Aiai though
  5. Great thread, I love taking photos on my phone. I've got loads that I like but I won't post them all in one go This one was taken at the labs at uni when we were getting close to deadline time. A lot of the post grads were working round the clock to get their projects done, some even slept in the building... like this dude here. I was slightly naughty and touched the picture up a bit with picasa. It was taken on my k750.
  6. http://www.funmansion.com/html/Underground-City.html Thread. Over.
  7. kaa

    Sony = Doomed?

    Bit late to the thread but here's what I reckon: It's too early to call it. I've given up predicting the fortunes of a company from their E3 showing simply because it means nothing. 2 years ago I was screaming that Nintendo were doomed from the rooftops and predicted that the DS would not even touch the PSP in terms of sales. I also predicted that the Wii would fail miserably because the controller was too different and it just didn't interest me. In the space of 2 E3s Nintendo has turned it around and managed to convince even me, the biggest Nintendo cynic in the world (although I reckon somebody on this forum would beat me to that), that they've got a great console and are here to stay. Yes, Sony had an incredibly bad show this year, awful in fact. Yes, Microsoft has shown that they are a serious competitor and had a pretty good show this year, they've definately won a lot of confidence from people. But it could all change next year, Sony may have a wave of must-have software next year, Microsoft may totally run out of steam and only have Halo3 to show. We just don't know. Personally, I think this gen will be a close run, I don't think there'll be any losers as such. I think it could be a pretty even 3 way split (if Nintendo manage to get in these non-gamers like they're hoping to).
  8. I wonder if Nintendo are ever going to venture into the realms of mobile phone games and release a java version wario ware? It will be the bestest thing evarr!
  9. kaa

    Rag-doll Kung Fu

    Bah! I can't actually buy this because I have a debit card. Anybody know if you can pay by paypal or something? If not, I'm just going to have to beg my credit card wielding mate if he'll get it for me.
  10. Have to say that the soundtrack is definately an improvement over number 3, it's still a bit shit... but they have some decent tracks in it. And that fucking DJ has gone as well, thank god.
  11. kaa

    Gta Lcs Trailer

    "Citizens United Negating Technology" Oh those funny Rockstar boys.
  12. kaa

    Drunken Gaming

    San Andreas, great when you're pissed and even better when you're stoned.
  13. So I fire up GT4 and am presented with a strange on-screen keyboard layout. "Gah! What the fuck is this?" I think to myself after much fumbling around. Eventually I get my head around how the system works (each face button represents a character depending on what set you are on. Ah, just try it out for yourself). And I start thinking "this is pretty good, actually, very clever". Then I see sony using the same layout again for killzone, except this time, it's got nice animation, therefore not only making it easy and fast to use, but, gasp! Nice to play with as well. Then I think back to the days of chu chu rocket on the dreamcast when I didn't have a keyboard and had to use that infernal on screen one, oh how I cried. So what do you reckon is a good data entry method? Sony style, Alphabetical keyboard? QWERTY? This isn't only for on screen keyboards, can also be for high score entries as well. My personal favourite? Super Monkey Ball 1. Great fun.
  14. kaa

    Gta Next Gen

    I was thinking about this actually. You know how in San Andreas all the cites have a different feel to them because they have different weather effects? (like how Los Santos is orange has lots of smog whereas San Fierro is pretty much clear). Well why don't they do different rendering styles for the cities as well? So like one city could be rendered in a Sin City style, another one could look realistic but grainy (like manhunt) and one of them could just look clean. er... or maybe not (I was stoned when I thought that up )
  15. My bad. Wouldn't mind giving this a go, shame I don't have a sybian phone.
  16. Eh? Am I missing something? Is there an online demo I can try out?
  17. Another vote for manhunt here, not sure if it was scary, but it definately gave the whole game a really depraved and dark feel. Half Life 1 had some scary sounding music in it.
  18. I would be satisfied with a normal dualshock but with L2 and R2 replaced with triggers (they are pretty big so turning them into proper triggers shouldn't fluff up the design too much). And just a bit of tweaking on the analogue buttons so that they feel more xbox like. That pad seems to have become the symbol of Playstation, they might as well keep it. (and to be honest, it's not that bad a design really, does the job).
  19. This decision doesn't sound too crazy to me, it really depends on what Nintendo want to do to with the Revolution. Although Nintendo won't publically admit it (makes good sense not to), I greatly suspect that Nintendo is trying to promote this as a secondary console that people buy alongside a PS3 or Xbox360. Not many people are able to get both a PS3 and Xbox360, but if the Revolution is stupid cheap then people may get one of the "big" consoles as their main one, and have the Revolution on the side for a bit of a laugh. I know that's what I'm probably gonna do anyways
  20. Sorry I'm so late to the thread, but where do I get something like that? (I'm being serious by the way)
  21. Cheers dude, sent you the money through paypal.
  22. Totally agree, the idea of using play-yan on it is what's getting me excited. It's just the quirkyness of Play-Yan that I like, makes an interesting change from a standard music player ("you see, it's a man jumping up some steps to change tracks"). Please make this happen! What's the release date for both of these anyways? (The micro and play-yan).
  23. kaa


    Worms Armageddon, hands down. Imagine the joy I felt enjoying every second of that game for 6 months straight, only to realise that there was an online mode in it as well. Yeah you heard me, I didn't realise there was an online mode. And it had the bestest little community ever, everybody was so nice and sportsman like. And no lag! even on a shitty 56k. Then Worms World Party came along and spoilt all the fun. Don't even get me started on worms 3d. Depends on which version you got (I'm talking about PC here). If, like I did, you got the Focus Multimedia budget re-release of it, then it won't work because the publishers mastered the wrong version, isn't that clever? You're going to have to phone them up and they give you an address to send it to where they'll give you a replacement. But don't bother, it took a month for it to arrive and when I eventually did fire it up online I found that the worms community was no more. Literally 4 people playing, and they were a bunch of cunts ("this is a PRO game for PRO players"... *host has ended the game*...).
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