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  1. Nothing much at mine despite being full to capacity with lots of private sellers. I missed a large box of Warhammer 40k figs and vehicles by 30 seconds. It went for a fiver
  2. Not to blow my own trumpet but I completed Soul Calibre at Arcade Club last week on 1cc. Not the greatest game, nor my favourite but if my life was on the line I'd say that.
  3. Another consideration is to remove the internal partition wall (unless you're planning to hang tools etc off it) and replace it with a moveable room divider. Allows maximum flexibility to the whole space and the messy side is hidden. It could even be a room divider shelving unit to give valuable storage or just a multi panel divider that concertina's away when not needed.
  4. Sort of, I think our messages crossed!
  5. Challenge accepted! Not to scale but this is what I meant. The squiggle line represents the flow through the space. You're not losing as much to walkways. Your second idea with the storage at the back would be a good alternative.
  6. @Pob It feels like the space might be a little tight inside the storage area. Is 140cm enough to house bikes and allow you to walk the aisle? How about making the main room more L shaped? Where the bottom of the cab is, put a door on the inner room. Make the shelving L shaped to use the end wall fully. That will create a small entrance area between the left door and the inner door in which you can add a floor mat to keep the gaming room / office part nice and clean. It will then mean you can delete the right hand door creating more space. If you turn your desk to face the window you'll have a nicer view and the chair won't be in the walkway. Our desks are 140cm which is plenty for both of us to have a dual / triple screen setup. Much smaller and you might feel a bit lacking.
  7. Happy to talk it through with you and share what I can.
  8. @Pobit's mainly thermal. There is 75mm in the floor, 50mm in the walls and iirc 100mm in the roof. Then 25mm acoustic insulation over that. We both WFH now and so will be in there all year and Missus new666 doesn't do cold. If I go there now it will probably still be ~20c. I should add I had no prior skill before starting this beyond putting up shelves and wiring the odd plug or extension. Youtube is a great starting point to figure out what you need. If you're going to use it for gaming things you need it to be dry and damp free so I would raise it off the concrete base if possible and consider moisture control, i.e. ventilation in and around the build.
  9. I looked at buying a fully kitted out garden room and it was ~£20k and wouldn't have the upgraded spec I was able to do in mine. There are 14 power points, 2 Cat6 ports, upgraded insulation etc. I completed my build for £10k and I had the satisfaction of learning a lot along the way and spending some time working with my Dad on the foundation and some fit out parts.
  10. @Vespa Alex the pathway is limestone and the patio bit at the end is porcelain with a wood grain. Limestone turns out to be easier to maintain than I'd heard. Although it does stain it comes out with a limestone cleaner.
  11. @Pob Yes, I write this in the comfort of my garden office. What do you want to know? I built this largely myself although I did buy a shell from a shed specialist as it's a bespoke size to cater to the shape I could work in. It's all insulated with PIR panels then 25mm of acoustic insulation followed by acoustic plasterboard. I fitted all that plus the data, power sockets and lighting (signed off by a real electrician). I can't plaster so that was another job bought in. We're just getting to the point where we can open the doors and let all the light in. It's South facing so the Sun tracks through the open doors most of the day in summer. In winter, we have a 2.5kW heater that gets us to a costy 21 which the room then holds till the evening.
  12. I'm not religious or anything but I sort of hope there is a special place in hell for people like that manager. Basically totally ignorant and environmentally uncaring.
  13. Is this the RLLMUK version of "The Unbelievable Truth"? At least one of those things is a lie. I can't believe you got Magic TG cards at a boot so I'm calling that the lie here.
  14. Very much the same as @Qazimod I've found loads of synchwave / retrowave that I'd not have learnt about via Spotify and I now follow several on Twitter which opens the door to others. I just struggle to find live synthwave gigs around Lancashire or I'd be there too.
  15. I have a RG351MP which i find good for MAME. I don't recall it needed much in the way of setup either.
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