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  1. Saw this over the weekend. I went in with low expectations and generally it exceeded them. Main issues from my perspective were: rinsed and repeated too much of the GB1's plot; some characters lacked 'oomph'. Like the Mom is meant to be the new Dana Barret but just doesn't have the presence Sigourney does; CGI mini Stay Puff marshmallow men. Irreverent to the plot entirely; just lacked the real world credibility of GB1; the GB1 team cameo at the end. Just not sure how I felt about them all having one last hurray in the jumpsuits. Good points: some nice fan service (although I usually hate that); McKenna Grace carried the film well, hope to see more from her.
  2. Where is best to buy an Anbernic RG351mp or RG552? Droidx or somewhere like Banggood or Anbernic direct? I assume the latter two are cheaper because there is no tax applied but that it will probably get intercepted by the ever helpful post office/courier team and I'll be charged VAT?
  3. Thanks @Phantoon that sounds like I could just get a 351mp then. I'm not a massive fan of 3d on consoles as I just can't get used to the thumbsticks (give me a mouse and keyboard anyday) hence the bias to older 2d based systems.
  4. Hi. Does anyone have an Anbernic RG552 yet? Interested in how well it does CPS, MAME and Neogeo. N64 would be useful as mine has become glitchy. I know it will do GBx just fine which also fills a system gap for me. I have several 8 and 16 bit consoles so happy playing directly on those but the above few systems would make it worthwhile if they play reasonably well. Thanks Paul
  5. Wolfsbane "Limo" on 45 single. No idea why I bought it!
  6. @Gotters May I refer you to RLLMUK's terms and conditions? Clause 18.3 subsection b clearly states "no discussion relating to Christmas themed goods or services shall be posted outside of December and January" TL:DR - it's still OCTOBER!!
  7. Thanks @Dudley I think I might hang on for the next gen to come through. Thanks God for save states!
  8. I'm looking at dipping my toe into the handheld side. The RG351MP seems good quality but I believe it struggles with n64, Dreamcast and the like. I'd also like something that does CPS, NeoGeo and (big ask) mame. I hear there are new and higher spec ones coming out 'soon' so what do you guys recommend? Do most of these support save states?
  9. I used to work for one of the Uks largest fruit machine operators. I wasn't front line or hands on with them but generally as has been said they operate on a payout %. I think it was 84% but could be altered. Whilst I was there we were making more of the fruities 'smart' in that we could see the remote telemetry of what had been played, payouts, fault find etc. It was interesting hearing some of the stats. One machine used to get 15 minute play at about 7am when the pub was clearly closed. Turns out it was the cleaner. On the multi game machines with a selection for the user, if we saw one not getting much play we could remotely replace it with another game. Dedicated machines, especially Deal or No Deal always did well. We had so many of those I prayed there was never an Operation Yewtree moment for Noel. In short, its a mugs game but for a lot of pubs the profit share is enough to let them just about break even and continue trading.
  10. No offence was intended @ScouserInExile. It just felt like device teams are so big now, it's like having a movie poster signed by the third assistance director. @teddymeow displaying utter ignorance but I've no idea who those folks are. Not like Joffa Smith or Jeff Minter from the bedroom coder era.
  11. I didn't know signed videogame merch was a thing. Are there any 'names' big enough to carry kudos especially when dev teams are so large?
  12. Yes, the original. There are some cheats using aimbots for sure but in the main the players who're left are genuinely those who enjoy the game and we quickly call out those cheats. I play on the SFL and CON servers, which are a mix of camper and run n' gun style games.
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    You need more cowbells:
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