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  1. Stumbled upon this thead. 


    My GTA 3 feelings were underwhelming bizarrely. I *loved* GTA 1 and games like Driver so probably had high expectations when many had none. I thought it'd fuse the two but somehow felt slightly lacking.


    Still question myself why it never truly clicked. Then Vice City game out and I loved that. 


    A six or eight from Edge? Either felt fair

  2. 4 hours ago, mikeyl said:

    Actually bricking it (not really) at the thought of the annual iPhone upgrade. Also the PSVR 2. Put an extra £50 on that.


    Have to follow currencies closer than I like and it’s a total joke how worthless the pound is. If this was a South American country we’d be calling it a failed state.




    The Euro is little different.


    The Fed have been raising interest rates sharply increasing the value of the dollar, and it's a flight to safety in a worldwide recession/depression which is coming

  3. Cut and paste press releases are the name of the game more than ever.


    Journalists are sometimes set crazy targets for page views, and many hired are on dismal wages fresh out of uni. 


    See titles from Reach group; The Mirror, Express, the live titles (SussexLive, KentLive etc) and MyLondon and Liverpool Echo.


    All owned by the same group. Top brass raking it in. Clickbait drivel the norm. Same at many games sites as well as across the net.

  4. One of my faves not mentioned is f1 97 on ps1.


    Along with Toca 1/2 it made GTs release in 1998 a bit of a damp squib for me.


    Dynamic weather was in f1. Trying to stay out on dry tyres when the rain started was fun. Random engine failures too. Puffs of smoke from the engine begin: do I stay out with two laps to go not going up to top speed and coast with the risk it goes bang, or come into pits for a hopeful fix? Same with damage. All on a humble ps1. Plus 20 cars, lots of tracks and some great cheats like black and white mode with 1950s cars.


    I know it's a much different game to GT, but when the lights go green and you're simply racing, GT was so dull after all the anticipation and the review scores. Toca, F1 and GT all launched within a year. GT felt sterile with only 6 cars, dull AI and nothing as interesting as damage (and its impact), car failures nor weather. 


    In the modern age though I'd say GT Sport swept all before it for me. Guaranteed great races each night. Only took PD 20 years but they got there 😀

  5. Makes sense from Sony's point of view but for me can't see much difference. For years I've picked up plus for £30 when on special and Now for £20-£25 so quite a jump in price.


    A rebrand may help with the general public as many still don't seem to know PSNow allows downloads of many games - and has for years now - and has hundreds of games. It's been a long long time since it was streaming only.


    There's so many games now for next to nothing I barely have time so this is an incentive to give up the top tier at least. 



  6. 3 hours ago, BitterToad said:

    The micro-transactions weren't in review copies of the game apparently and what's there underneath all of the bullshit is a fun well thought out celebration of motoring. 

    Yep it's a great game at heart buried beneath micro transactions and a bizarre online multiplayer mode.


    I'd never played an online game before GT Sport, racing or otherwise.


    I fell in love with it. Trifling around securing 9th was enormous fun. I rarely won but it doesn't matter. I thought GT7 would have an expanded Sport (say, 5 daily races with 2 being tune and 3 as it was)with a fair few new tracks and new cars. Couple that to a single player mode and what can go wrong?


    Instead they've in effect locked off a lot of single player and cars unless paying micro transaction after selling it at £70rrp. There's barely any new tracks. 


    Multiplayer is a mess. I can't just dip in after a day of work. How they did that after 5 years of GT Sport and building up such a fanbase I don't know.


    They were great at adding free tracks and cars to GT Sport but I fear they will even charge for that now. Unless a backlash stops it.


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