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  1. This is a free to play game constantly pushing micro transaction that they've charged £70 for. A massive pisstake
  2. I really hope some new original tracks come along soon. I was driving some of PD's original tracks from GT Sport and they're generally wonderful. There isn't a single new one in GT7. Only remade older GT tracks and even then is it just 3? It's been years in the making! Still, the handling is excellent but it does feel unfinished.
  3. Have they sorted Sport mode yet? It seemed a bit of a mess last week. Given it's 5 years since Sport the game seems a bit underwhelming. Sport mode has regressed if anything, there's few cars newer than 5 years old and even the soundtrack rehashes a lot of tracks. There's just 3 new tracks above GT Sport levels too. Given they started to outsource car modelling about 4 years back I expected a fair bit more content. I know it's PD but it's a bit flat once the initial enjoyment of Menus passes. Might sell and pick up in 3 months if they sort it with new tracks, cars.
  4. Handling is utterly bizarre. Lifting off sees a car veer off in any direction. Coming from playing GT Sport Forza Horizon and Ridge Racer 6 in recent weeks it's just completely weird.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I'm on a phone app. Barely get two hours a day right now to watch anything let alone research into good films and so will look for those suggested.
  6. Got Mubi for free but hopeless with following new releases past few years and googling each film is a drag and basically none of them are known to me. Any recommendations? I've got Annette on the list
  7. Dieter Rencken and Racefans are great. Always enjoy Rencken's behind the scenes articles
  8. Worst thing for me is it's tainted everything F1 now. Testing today and normally I'd be keen to read up and look forward to next season. It all seems a pointless sham now.
  9. Was thinking about FP1 last night and it struck me how utterly pointless that entire hour now seems and qualifying, as did the whole season given it was so contrived. The what's the point feeling strong with me and never had that even after many an iffy incident. This was off the scale dodgy.
  10. If FIA close ranks what chance to do much before Thurs?
  11. Whatever happens now it's an absolute shitshow of an ending. Still, rules must mean *something*
  12. What a balls up. Masi has been hopeless for so long
  13. So tired of verstappen. Everytime you know he'll pull some crap
  14. Bought a series s. Big mistake after Xbox one X. Gone from enhanced back compatibility to Xbox one levels. My fault for not checking and also never had a sniff at buying a series X all year. Ps5 is good. Bought for GT 7 really but exclusives over the first year beat Xbox. Demon Souls, Sackboy, Returnal, Ratchet & Clank & Deathloop aren't bad for exclusives in one year. All series S games were not much better than on Xbox one X if at all. I suspect if I could have a series X I wouldn't be saying that.
  15. Even if there is onboard no outside overtakes will surely now happen.
  16. Once again this track comes up trumps. No 1 on the calendar
  17. Though even by late 2001 wasn't the internet pretty widespread for many people under 40 in the home, broadband was starting to be installed in homes for that demographic at reasonable cost (£30 for pipex?) and forums/online sites were pretty up for it? I wonder how many people read gaming sites in the UK v magazines even then? Funny thing is reading that PS2 mag from the time and the review for GTA3 was spot on. 8/10, lots of praise but criticism of the out of car shooting and some repetitive missions. Yet they led with WWF which at the time many couldn't care less about. I mean it was hardly no1 seller each year? Looked like many mags were going for a 15 year old demographic.
  18. Boring end to boring race. Always likely given these cars
  19. Merc that struggles to follow now struggling to follow. Who knew
  20. GTA 3 having no hype thing is odd to me. I loved GTA and couldn't wait for it and I recall others being the same? Must be wrong then on that front. I was actually disappointed with it at first beyond the 3d. If I recall they kept in a top down 2d view. The mention of GTA London reminds me I bought that on release for PS1. It must have been buggy as could never get .ore than 1 star for chases but no one else ever mentioned it. Maybe they patched it quick for subsequent copies.
  21. No idea why Merc didn't pit Hamilton the lap after Perez as he was quicker and had the undercut? Or at least the same lap as perez which was one lap after the other leaders had. Once they decided to stay out may as well stay out. Three options there no taken and he ends up 5th and could so easily have been seventh with graining everyone knew about. He's rightfully pissed off
  22. We come back to the issue again of so much ad revenue across publishing now going through a few big companies who take a large share (Google and Facebook). Other countries are trying to push back on that but not so much in the UK. Because of those companies taking big shares of revenue, sites then often compensate through more ads, so more people get as blockers. A downside spiral ensues. Reform of the whole advertising industry is needed. In the meantime subscriptions are adopted by more publishers. They're in a very tough place.
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