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  1. I've got the original logitech ps2 wheel and it's recommended. This one has better feedback and turning circle I think. It also works with the PC being USB. Logitechs PC wheels like momo work on PS2 as well.
  2. Is that cineword at bexleyheath? I started watching them only after seeing it on tele and getting a bit excited and then humourised.
  3. Yeah I know about gamestation/blockbuster but every single blockbuster (big and small) in London I've been to hasn't had a gamestation inside, neither a particularly good games section so this news is of interest to me. Maybe second CDs aren't available because it would destroy HMVs rip off prices on older cds (£16!)
  4. Thats what I've read at various websites. First my enquiry - anyone know if it's all blockbusters? I've got a couple of those cheap Dragonball z from smiths to trade in. Secondly what does that mean for games publishers. They can't be happy with more and more high street stores taking away sales. Any reason shops don't sell pre owned cds/dvds?
  5. This would be the biggest selling comp tape evarrr!!!!!!! Shaggy - Mr Boombastic Al Green (?) Sitting on the dock of the bay Old BBC F1 theme music Whigfield - Saturday night Bit of a short mix tape mind.
  6. Broken Sword still looks utterly charming. Vib could be anti alised though
  7. Can't use alcohol as i used a demo about a year ago and it won't let me use another (no money to buy it) So nero 5.5 is all I've got. I'm still puzzled as to how 18mb can unzip to 773?!
  8. I thought I'd try out ikaragu first with this whole burn a dc game thingee. It was an 18mb file which turned into a 773mb file when unzipped That can't be right! I know they used GD Rom but still. Just how big is propellar arena? Will it go on a 700mb CD-R cos I don't have DVD-r (and DC wouldn't read it anyway would it?)
  9. Aint been to Bromley CEX in about a year but back then it was still probably the best game shop I've been in (excluding gamestation down the road) in the SE London/ Kent region. Bexley for instance used to have a tiny little shop near the bowling place that had the smallest slection of items in any game store ever.
  10. Metal Gear Solid : Erupting Shaft
  11. I bought this for under a tenner on PS2. Probably more expensive the closer in proximity to essex a store is however. It's surprisingly quite good though. '68 Mustangs, and all the gubbins. No capri's, or XR2i Fiestas though. Graphics spiffy and handling involves lovely slidey floaty feel on mustangs and precise on focuses.
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