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  1. Probably no penalty from the incident itself. Penalties for both for what happened after? Verstappen flooring it when rear in the air in another car and Lewis trying to reverse with Max getting out.
  2. GT Sport for me is head and shoulders the best GT ever, and I'd never played an online racer before. It made it so simple to play online and ensures a good race almost every time. More cars and tracks in the same basic concept and I'm in. Single player with AI would need to be radically better than every single previous version in GT and I can't see it. I'd love good AI and damage but Polyphony never do it in single player.
  3. Let's hope it doesn't become the bore fest many predicted at this track
  4. More heavy rain coming. They'll get 10 laps in at best with this new 3 hour limit.
  5. Was it Fuji 2007 that spent about an hour behind the safety car at the start? Looks like similar today at best
  6. Bottas new contract incoming Knew the rain would ruin the race. 99 per cent I'd welcome it. Not today
  7. The one race where I was hoping it'd stay dry at the start as the top 3 lined up nicely.
  8. Have you never watched football? Questions always asked by pundits and (decent) press after every defeat. And some very valid ones this time. England sat back and lost their flow.
  9. Goodness me the Express is drivel. Is there a find Maddie quest?
  10. How was the Red Bull half a second quicker than Mercedes on the straight? I've heard this a couple of times and it seems massive. Has something changed very recently?
  11. Even in the last 10 seconds England would do anything but but the ball in the box. Not that there was anyone there half the time
  12. I don't see it either. Have rebooted to no avail
  13. Well it got me on wiki to read about Commedia dell'arte which I'd not heard of. A quick read brought to light some tropes they'd taken across. Not sure that added a great deal in retrospect, though I thought it was alright beforehand.
  14. Links Awakening didn't do great numbers if I recall correctly?
  15. I grabbed a Series S as couldn't find an X anywhere. A waste of time really having had a One X. Older games look worse (900p v 4k or 1080p) and almost no exclusives for next gen. I expected a slow start but expected some more optimised for S/X and exclusives 6 months later.
  16. Ham was 1.5 secs behind and catching rapidly (albeit with traffic) when he went off. Who knows if he'd get past Max but seemed very possible.
  17. Looking forward to trying today's addition rain on your parade. Barely know a thing about it but pics look a bit katamari-like
  18. As someone who had a one X I really wouldn't recommend a Series S to those with a one x. Downgrade in many older games of course from 4k 30fps or 1080p/60 fps to 900p, but what has disappointed is so few games optimised or exclusive to Series S in the nearly 5 months since launch. Id hoped for a few more by now. Deffo get a series X if you can. I couldn't so jumped on an S when I saw it was available.
  19. I dont think Bottas did too badly. Without the pit stop mistake he would've been 5-10 seconds behind the leaders. That's decent enough for a number 2 which is what he is. Not many will get that close to those two. Maybe Russell, but it could unsettled Ham.
  20. Got lucky with new Curry's thing. Anyone contacted since they gave details? Ah just seen it's a bundle. Not that bothered now.
  21. I'm a bit wary as when surveys are done in media the vast majority of journalists are wealthy from Oxbridge and private education. Schemes like this do risk overlooking white working class who have the worst educational attainment alongside people of Pakistani and Black Caribbean origin. A measure such as those from state schools or free school meals for these projects in journalism (or other areas where while middle/upper class dominate such as law and politics) would sit better with me. There's a lot of cases where races are lumped together despite vast variation within. For example, "Asian" when people of Indian and Chinese decent are far more successful than Bangladeshi and Pakistani. There's massive gaps between white working class and middle class. Within black communities, a big gap exists between Black African and Black Caribbean. Race alone is very simplistic. Good article from the guardian here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/media/media-blog/2018/apr/29/journalism-class-private-education
  22. MS polish store had them earlier who deliver to UK apparently for £30 less than UK RRP. Anyone tried that route?
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