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  1. Interlagos. Played that so many times on F1 '97, and am over the moon when it comes up on GT Sport weekly races. Monza too is great, and that's on this week.
  2. Ah ok thanks. So many points coming in from various areas I wasn't even aware of the 3,000 over the three weeks!
  3. Was I supposed to activate the reward yesterday despite it only ending at midnight? I logged into rewards app on the xbox and its gone. I don't think it added the 3000 points I'd accumulated.
  4. SF-02

    Formula One - 2020

    Shame no two race weekends back to back at Bahrain with Oz off.
  5. SF-02


    PES 3 was my most played football game ever. Wouldn't mind trying it again
  6. Has there been any word on further 360 or OG Xbox back compatibility? And also any moves to ensure Xbox one back compat on series s isn't the rubbish 900p Xbox one versions rather than one x versions?
  7. Just started Haven. Seems decent enough. A 4? Ouch. Will plug away and see why so low
  8. SF-02

    Formula One - 2020

    He has a good record with leaking info. Was it him who dropped it.going to BBC back in 2009 or was it going sky? Also other stuff over the years
  9. SF-02

    Formula One - 2020

    Well I doubt Vettel will bring home any wins next year in place of Perez. Still baffled by hiring Vettel. He limped home about 12th today didn't he? What does he bring them? Making Stroll look less poor?
  10. I recall seeing them on clearance in MVC and thinking I'd bite if a little less. What an idiot.
  11. 01 - Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 02 - Waxahatchee - St. Cloud 03 - Taylor Swift - folklore 04 - Destroyer - have we met 05 - Andy Shauf - The Neon Skyline 06 - Torres - Silver Tongue 07 - Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song 08 - Fontaines DC - A Hero's Death 09 - Future Islands – As Long As You Are 10 - Paul McCartney - III
  12. SF-02

    Formula One - 2020

    Ham was already nearly 29 secs ahead before VSC and needed 27s buffer didn't he? Surprised commentators hadn't noticed he'd reached 29s from 27s a lap or two before.
  13. I dunno. The PS4 launch had the excellent resogun and very enjoyable contrast.
  14. SF-02

    Formula One - 2020

    Love this. Without emergency calendar would never be at this track.
  15. Yep I didn't believe almost any was real. It is interesting how some areas of the world can be mocked like central Asia while others can't - even if that mocking is to the point of ridiculous. It seemed very dated.
  16. Was it Driver 2 that was partly based in Cuba? Enjoyed that bit - though was years ago obvs and pretty simple. The rivalry between the two series with nods and winks was amusing. EDIT: Yep it was
  17. Contrast on PS4 was the first. Mostly forgotten now but I really enjoyed it, especially the 1920/30s setting. Last will be Mafia. Set in the same era though rather different in tone and appearance.
  18. First time in a long time I'm gonna skip I think and maybe even go PC. I thought Sony would mix together PS+ and PSNow to make disc-less appealing. Seems like a bizarre middle ground chosen instead with a few first party PS4 titles on PSNow added to PS+. What's the point of PSNow if some first party games go on PS+? Will it continue on PS5? It's actually a decent service now you can download on ps4. With all digital Xbox there's at least gamepass so a steady stream of new games that wont cost the earth. Sony don't have that it appears so wouldn't get a disc-less version if i was buying. Don't trust £70+ new releases down the line and PSNow being cut as an option. It's really not inspiring with the slow walk through markets seen 100 times before, the quick time events, the remakes. So few genres seen. No fighting, no driving to name but two.
  19. It eats into their PS Now offering assuming that's also going to PS5. Just combine the two like Gamepass.
  20. PS+ Collection is just a more limited PSNow which I got a year for £24.99 at the ps sale a few weeks back isn't it? Well a lot more limited really as hundreds of games on it and can download all ps4 games now so no streaming. All confused branding. Are there still free ps5 games each month on psplus?
  21. £329 and £479. £349 is £100 more than Xbox s and looks too big a gap
  22. Don't even know of any branches still open. Arent most now stuck inside another of Ashley's tat emporiums?
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