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  1. Not having a minor PS4 upgrade of GT6 was a big mistake. GT6 was much smoother than GT5, had tons of cars and tracks yet was too late in the PS3s life and so had much lower sales than GT5. Would have helped improved the tarnished GT brand after GT5 in time for this and subsequent releases. I remember when GT6 was announced. During the summer and out by the end of the year. Very unlike the drawn out period most GTs see.
  2. SF-02

    Just Cause 3

    Its wonderful. Couldn't give a shit about a bit of slowdown. Reminded again that gamers on forum love a moan
  3. Anyone got a list of ps4 games that work well with the vita? Basically where l2 and r2 aren't needed
  4. So it was £449 in the end. I thought £479 to £499 would be too high in the UK and MS would cut the margin to gain any sort of traction.
  5. It'll be £399 to £449. Not £499 = $499. But sony will be £299 for PSPro with a game by then. It pretty much is already.
  6. SF-02

    Xbox One X

    Is that true? I've no idea to be honest but a few deals have popped up in my inbox for them at around £320-30 if I recall correctly. That wouldn't happen if it was selling so quickly? And in Japan it's selling about 10-20% of the normal PS4 isn't it?
  7. Out of interest how are worldwide TV ratings, and in the major markets? I've never known interest so low in the UK sadly. Maybe Ferrari's domination around 2004/5 but at least that was on "normal" telly to get some interest.
  8. I think I've had PSPlus for about 4 years now, and in that time probably "purchased" 90% of games on the store, yet barely played any, or even downloaded much. So I was wondering if anyone has any hidden gems that may have slipped by. I have a Vita, PS4 and PS3 so open to all. Every month the PS4 games are generally barely remarked upon unless a AAA (or asking why there aren't any), let alone other platforms. For example, I remember downloading stick it to the man early in the PS4s life and really enjoyed it, along with Contrast. Even at the time they were barely mentioned and now seem completely forgotten. Any recommendations of games that you liked but the world seemed to take barely any notice of would be great as I fancy getting stuck into some of the very long list of freebies available. One on the list is Invisible Inc.
  9. SF-02

    Nintendo Switch

    Vita flopped, 3ds too until a big price cut and ps4 was 350 at launch though getting it for a but less not too hard with competition. And it came when the market was desperate for a new console.
  10. How many 3ds and Wii U games they released the past 18 months? Have they ditched a load of internal teams and staff?
  11. In the UK 95% of them will never leave the home. It'll be seen as a home console here so compete with ps4 and x1.
  12. 280 isn't a mass market price. Xbox S and game, or PS4 and game are below 200 and have been for a while in the case of ps4. 200 was the sweet spot. They've missed by a long way.
  13. It going sky only in 2020 will help crush popular appeal.
  14. Still don't get the moaning. It's £35 for 1 year. You get up to 6 games a month. For £3 a month that works out at 50p a game. Even if you only have a ps4 it's normally 3 games with 1 being cross-platform, so less than a quid a game. They may not all be 10/10 but a great deal of games on PSPlus are worth at least a quid.
  15. They know how to lose viewers. Already through the floor due to pay TV. One of the biggest audiences of the year and doing their best to get anyone still watching to switch off.
  16. SF-02

    Xbox One X

    Xbox slim 2gb at £349. Scorpio will be £999 at those prices. Still US centric.
  17. Not yet - still waiting to see what support will be like, but likely to. And if I do it'll be from amazon.de or amazon.fr - £315, free delivery and the same warranty I think. Why big companies still think they can take the pee in this day and age when buying abroad from big companies is so easily I'm not sure.
  18. How exactly did they decide it should be £35 more than the cost in most of the EU (400 euros is £315) when the UK has lower VAT than most EU nations?
  19. 400 euros is £315. Everyone buying off Amazon.fr, Amazon.de etc then I take it? Still get the same warranty right?
  20. Same story as the past few months really. Get a couple of wins against generally poor opposition which buys a bit of time and pressure, and then lose again.
  21. Having looked up the games on metacritic - all seem to have gotten good reviews with most averaging at least 7/10. Many 8/10 at least. No doubt some will still moan at getting 6 well rated games costing £3.
  22. Grid autosport will be worth a go. Havn't played a racer in a while. Glad I've kept my ps3 below the telly. Lots of good stuff on it the past few months.
  23. Around Xmas there was a thread on reddit (i know) about a German guy that lived 5 miles away. His partner at the time had said he acted oddly and was arrested. People did some digging and found the guys arrest report (one day after Avery was arrested I think) and some other documents showing his criminal record. He was placed in a mental institute I recall. Anyway, he's now in Thailand and looks a dodgy character. Someone linked to his Facebook page (he has a couple of IDs on there) and he seems to befriend single women with young children. It was pretty creepy seeing how he was now living and what was on his page. It's probably since been discredited, but his current life seemed worrying.
  24. PSplus seems a recurring theme so far and the same for me. All those games from past years that popped up, particularly on ps3 and vita. Blood Dragon being the latest. Great fun that justifies the small PSplus outlay. I wonder if many of those moaning about psplus only have a ps4? In which case get a cheap ps3 and/or vita. Lots of games from previous years to try out.
  25. Looking forward to all these. Vita's legends of war looks intruiging, not having played a WW2 game for a while and the premise seems interesting. Better than more bloody sci fi. Nihilumbra seems to have gained great reviews in the past though I'd never heard of it. MOH is supposed to be pretty laughable but its free so what the hell. Never played Dragon Age: Origins and again it got great reviews. The two PS4 games comprise of one stone cold classic and one that could well turn out very good. And all that for about a fiver. Some people complain way too much.
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