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  1. If I'm up to date on my farmer lore, I believe you'll only be shot in this circumstance if you're worrying in the sheep. But it's okay, farmers tend to open fire at long ranges with shotguns, so you're not going to get one shot. You just need to find something to crouch behind whilst you regen.
  2. There's only so far I can sit back in a Victorian terrace without starting to remove walls, sadly.
  3. Oh, I'm definitely a moar fpses person, but you do still run into people who still can't be persuaded.
  4. The thing is that when I go to the cinema (which was last about... 8 months ago?) the screen is 4k from a projector, and it looks pretty great. I honestly can't ever see myself getting to the point where I'll be able to fit a screen big enough into my pokey English hovel to make 8k worthwhile at all. I strongly suspect that 4k is sort of pushing it a bit. I have no idea if I've become one of those people who think you can't see more than 30 fps.
  5. I've basically given up until the new year (looking forward to that Brexit pricing). Have swapped my 2080ti for my girlfriend's 1080 so she's got DLSS for Cyberpunk. Basically sorted for now.
  6. Face it @Len, you're probably not unique enough for Nvidia.
  7. Eh, that makes sense. I guess my lack of understanding is a manifestation of my English desire to just stand in a queue (digitally speaking) and not have to think about it again until it happens.
  8. I honestly don't get why though. Why would you cancel a chunk of guaranteed sales of your expensive thing? No intention of creating that many things? It can't be a pure "no preorders" mandate as plenty of others sites are running them. It just makes no sense.
  9. Mine too. I'm surprised really - sure it's a massive stack of pre-orders but nobody was being charged for them until they shipped and could cancel at any time. Surely it's a problem that would have just sorted itself out over the fullness of time. Ah well.
  10. What? It's not fair competition if somebody is exhibiting that level of luck?
  11. I put off getting this until 1.0 dropped, and now I'm sorry I waited as it's bloody spectacular. I think the subtle changes and story updates between each run are just genius as it makes returning to the start something you almost *want* to happen.
  12. I actually reckon that Game Pass is better for the indie game side of things as those tend to be shorter than your average AAA collect-a-thon. If you play like one indie game a month that you really enjoy then GP has basically justified itself at the very least. I actually like it a bit less for big games. It's like when I used to pirate loads of things a couple of decades back - everything feels disposable and I just find myself playing a few hours and then never coming back. I don't know why indie stuff escapes this fate with me.
  13. "Hey guys, it's Nvidia here. Sorry again about that whole 'only 5 3080's per country' thing earlier. It's the darnedest thing, but we still don't seem to be able to produce more than one a month globally. But don't worry, we'll be sending out about a trillion 3090's in a few days, why not pick one of those up? I mean, it's barely more expensive than a 3080 on eBay, and it's 5-10% faster. When you think about it, it's actually a bit of a bargain, and only simple idiots who don't understand the concept of value would be passing it up! Oh! Look, another 3080 is
  14. Yeah. I can't imagine we'll be seeing much uptake of 8K games in the home. How big would the screen need to be for that res to be appreciable without sitting unplayably close. It makes me even more skeptical about the existence of the 3080 Ti. I just don't see where it fits if the 3090 is 10% faster (at best), at a resolution attainable by a mortal.
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