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  1. Only a couple of sessions on this one but a decent innings just behind you Girth. I am moving house next week so no idea when I’ll be back online for this.
  2. Currently my best effort, I did manage to almost complete a full grid of missions yesterday playing more cautiously, but I still only ended up with about 60m points, maybe whatever mode you get when you complete the set is worth a chunk of points but I’m still trying to figure out where the points are.
  3. @Omizzay yeah I can't get near that, where are the points in this game? I've just about figured out how to end a mission and move onto the next to make rows but I seem to slog it out for ages and end up with 30m
  4. ooh that's tough, I like the clunky old feel of the TNG but the STLE is bonkers and all the audio stuff on it is great.
  5. Ah man, that's tough dude, we shall continue in your honour.
  6. Someone must still be playing.... @Omizzay ? My score is over 200mil now.
  7. Addams Family! Bally 1992 v2.3.1 Here’s something to get us started.
  8. Hello! I am still alive, long story but we sold our house and are currently living in a motorhome in Cornwall so not much pinball time of late Good news is we had an offer accepted on a house with a decent sized building / workshop in the yard that I reckon would be perfect for a pinball restoration project (and my home office for virtual action of course).
  9. Shall we do Addams Family for next week's table? Metallica has become a touch frustrating at this point as you lose a lot of balls with it and the objectives seem to be repeated hits on the same targets for multiballs, unless I'm missing where the ramps come in, they are the more enjoyable shots but don't really seem to get you much.
  10. Yeah both this week's tables (Spiderman and Metallica) have Magnets, in Metallica it's in front of the electric chair and I guess the real one triggers on and off quickly to jiggle the ball about like it's being electrified, similar to Tales of the Arabian Nights. In Spiderman there's a super annoying one that just stalls the ball before you go to shoot it from the top flipper to throw you off. Plus one that holds your ball and if you can hit it off the magnet it starts multiball. There's an amazing on on Dracula that makes a ball appear to magically float across the table.
  11. Started playing Metallica, its funny how many of these kinds of themes there are, I’ve never been into AC/DC, Metallica(definitely not Rush!) et al but I cant deny the tables themselves are a lot of fun and weirdly the branding seems to lead to cool little objectives. Actually, having said all that I’m not into superheroes either haha! Spiderman is a really great table. Both of these feel like evolutions of Mars Attacks which is never a bad thing!
  12. Is that your boy casually rolling a 100m Super Jackpot on Fish Tales?
  13. Ah that place looks great, pretty strong lineup! Pretty solid run on Spiderman earlier.
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