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  1. I’m really loving it, been having fun making circuits, haven’t had any connection issues. I like the filter effects for race locations and mirror mode that really add to even a basic setup. Apologies for the filming, had the phone inbetween my knees, wife going to and fro from the kitchen, inbetween kids legs.
  2. Anyone else just had a random parcel turn up with no explanation at all of what it is for? A couple of Hone Circuit folding signs and a blank workbook.
  3. Pretty amazed to get a bullet and watch the kart do a lap of the living room steering by itself. Also mirror mode totally broke my brain, flipped footage but also the controls so you drive normally on a reverse room.
  4. It’s like playing Mario Kart with the Stay Puft marshmallow man on the track. Barely managed to get it setup because of the levels of chaos, absolutely hilarious, it works amazingly well. Even with the gates being moved about by dog / child.
  5. I tried a couple of ultrawides before buying mine and I will say if anyone does any graphical work then don’t get a curved one, it’s so weird trying to line things up. I got a 34 1440 flat one and I love it, I’ve never been a fan of multiple displays and it’s the best solution I feel.
  6. Yep, agree with the general comments and JLM, apart from revering The Last Jedi. I was pretty disappointed in this but TLJ actually made me angry with how terrible it was and how it was caught up in trying to be too self aware of the franchise and the fans instead of just making a film. Sad that this film got itself trapped in the wake of that too, such a mess. Force Awakens and Rogue One are still my faves, peaked so soon.
  7. As I was posting the image I was thinking ffs, I don’t even know how that started but it’s always been my arcade name, my excuse is it’s quick to enter and my name is Jason so it’s kinda like Jase Yes Postino! I guess now we’re headed for the 3:09s, after thinking it wouldn’t be manageable I’ve done a couple of 37.65 laps so it’s on the cards after all.
  8. Holiday time! Got some time in the hotel room today and have figured out a few things. Focusing on taking corners as tightly as possible seems to have taken me up a good notch, quite a few of my first laps are 39.09 now. Top 6 looks like this:-
  9. Reckon I was headed for the same time last night and yeah, had one of those backmarkers on the final turn sequence >_< all over the place haha, got a 11.06 with a 38.18 final lap. On holiday for two weeks from this weekend. This sucker will be getting played.
  10. Anyone figured out any tips for the start? I haven’t analysed it much but tend to just hit the accelerator on Go.
  11. Nicely done! Just grabbed a couple of runs before heading out the door, you wait ages for a sub 38 lap and then two come along at once!
  12. Oh very nice, another .2 can come off that for sure but we’re getting pretty close to the bone now eh. I’d say I don’t think I could get below 3:11 but I just watched some replays and they’re hitting 38.5 on the opening lap, so much faster!
  13. Thanks for highlighting that, I didn’t realise you could use the dpad buttons, way more consistent, new best! How have I not broken 38 yet!? Must’ve got it flat about 10 times now.
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