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  1. FairPlay to Rab, I’d forgotten about consolevania and all that, still getting after it! this is great to see.
  2. Yeah this episode was an absolute masterclass. General note on people saying it all feels a bit small, with people sitting in rooms, it’s almost as if they had to make it during some kind of pandemic. I think they did the right thing, made it more like a stage play, it was either this or nothing until they could get it back on track and you just gotta keep rolling if a series is popular otherwise you’ll get canned.
  3. Luca as well, no one seems to talk about that, it’s great, plus Turning Red up next, also original. I mean Jesus Christ people, pixar have an unbelievably high hit rate of great movies, and you’re telling me that on a games forum, you’re all turning your noses up at a sci-fi adventure film, just because they dare to align it with an existing character that everyone loves? I am pumped, this is going to be great.
  4. It plays like someone made their own monkey ball in unity but didn’t have the expertise of top designers to get the finer details to work well. Monkey Target is a disaster.
  5. There’s a general tone to the BBC coverage I find a bit off, if a favoured athlete loses to a surprising country it’s always ‘how on Earth did they fuck that up so badly to get beaten by them!’ instead of maybe that other athlete just did a better job? Mostly happens with British competitors of course but also noticed it in the swimming with the Tunisian kid. What was particularly galling was saying how the Taekwondo reigning champ was so emotional because her family weren’t able to be with her this Olympics to support her matches. When the female that beat her is on the refugee team
  6. I haven’t had it say backspin but I’m only about level 3 with my players and with a SW getting onto the green I can consistently get the ball to skid backwards after a couple of bounces like on this shot.
  7. Your issue is you don’t need to swipe all the way back up to 0% you can just flick up and come off earlier at 30% say and it’ll still make the shot. After your shot when it shows you the line you swiped you’ll see it ends short.
  8. Don’t want to derail this art thread too much so I’ll keep it brief. The toolset has been much better standardised but from what I’ve seen studios are mostly still just using the PBR workflow because the software is structured that way, not because they are specifically utilising it for a unique end result. Plus largely they don’t have the time or budget to cater for the small number of people who care, let alone have the technology to actually make the most of it. A lot of these studios seem to have only ever looked at the hdr version just to make sure it doesn’t crash the game and fail approvals rather than any aesthetic assessment.
  9. From a development point of view It doesn’t really surprise me the implementation is a struggle, traditionally you stick lights in a scene and tweak until it looks nice. But now you’d have to have your game world lighting created with correct values organised on a global scale. This is the kind of stuff you are supposed to do in architectural renderings, getting the proper light luminance values and colour temperatures for every fixture so it works as a whole( but then still do multiple exposure renders because even virtual cameras don’t work like the human eye). Especially in virtual worlds, oh that glowing shrub in the corner? How bright would that be, 10 candles? Halogen spot level? Laser beam, should that illuminate a scene?
  10. Even as a man in my 40s if I want to spend some time playing games, I'm not looking to shoot people in the face, or drive through a nicely rendered city. I'm going to want to play something Nintendo made with all the love and fun that goes into it. Way more people who work for Nintendo made Breath of the Wild, and designed the Switch than decided to prosecute some emulators or streamers, or decided the price of products, so does Nintendo's attitude put me off? No, I love it.
  11. unreal themselves provide a bunch of great video learning resources but it is a bit of a dark art that’s always evolving. It’s amazingly powerful though, If you’re looking to get into the industry I personally would make it a priority. Once you’re able to create assets in something like Blender then Unreal can handle the rest. Be prepared to lose lots of work and feel like an idiot for ages along the way
  12. Apple TV purchase, the audio was fine, dialogue all audible. I did really enjoy it, but as everyone else has said yeah there are a number of flaws. I think the editing issue seems to be that he makes 4 hour films that then have to be crushed down, some of the cutaways are ludicrously short, like shots in a 30second commercial. Also yeah, that finale, who exactly where the two teams shooting at? I was expecting a twist regarding who Max the son was. But yeah, it’s too much to take in on the fly and the consequences are often flipped so when something happens you’re like ‘wait, is that a bad thing, good thing, or does it not matter!?’
  13. Cheeko

    The Jazz Thread

    Looking for some sweet Christmas Jazz album suggestions if anyone has any? The playlists you find are all a bit hotel lobby for my liking.
  14. In defence of the creatives at HBO they do have an incredible track record for making quality content, if I see a miniseries come out that HBO have made I’ll watch it without question. It’s always been a premium service in the US, you basically had to get a cable package that came with absolutely everything to get HBO a S that’s how they raised finance to be able to take bigger risks and have more creative freedom. Seems they’re trying to keep it the same way here too and Sky are the only realistic comparable, despite the people who own ad founded it.
  15. I’m really loving it, been having fun making circuits, haven’t had any connection issues. I like the filter effects for race locations and mirror mode that really add to even a basic setup. Apologies for the filming, had the phone inbetween my knees, wife going to and fro from the kitchen, inbetween kids legs.
  16. Anyone else just had a random parcel turn up with no explanation at all of what it is for? A couple of Hone Circuit folding signs and a blank workbook.
  17. Pretty amazed to get a bullet and watch the kart do a lap of the living room steering by itself. Also mirror mode totally broke my brain, flipped footage but also the controls so you drive normally on a reverse room.
  18. It’s like playing Mario Kart with the Stay Puft marshmallow man on the track. Barely managed to get it setup because of the levels of chaos, absolutely hilarious, it works amazingly well. Even with the gates being moved about by dog / child.
  19. I tried a couple of ultrawides before buying mine and I will say if anyone does any graphical work then don’t get a curved one, it’s so weird trying to line things up. I got a 34 1440 flat one and I love it, I’ve never been a fan of multiple displays and it’s the best solution I feel.
  20. Yep, agree with the general comments and JLM, apart from revering The Last Jedi. I was pretty disappointed in this but TLJ actually made me angry with how terrible it was and how it was caught up in trying to be too self aware of the franchise and the fans instead of just making a film. Sad that this film got itself trapped in the wake of that too, such a mess. Force Awakens and Rogue One are still my faves, peaked so soon.
  21. As I was posting the image I was thinking ffs, I don’t even know how that started but it’s always been my arcade name, my excuse is it’s quick to enter and my name is Jason so it’s kinda like Jase Yes Postino! I guess now we’re headed for the 3:09s, after thinking it wouldn’t be manageable I’ve done a couple of 37.65 laps so it’s on the cards after all.
  22. Holiday time! Got some time in the hotel room today and have figured out a few things. Focusing on taking corners as tightly as possible seems to have taken me up a good notch, quite a few of my first laps are 39.09 now. Top 6 looks like this:-
  23. Reckon I was headed for the same time last night and yeah, had one of those backmarkers on the final turn sequence >_< all over the place haha, got a 11.06 with a 38.18 final lap. On holiday for two weeks from this weekend. This sucker will be getting played.
  24. Anyone figured out any tips for the start? I haven’t analysed it much but tend to just hit the accelerator on Go.
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