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  1. You have to be signed in and ready with buy it now and skip basket to have any chance.
  2. Was:£987.00 Price:£449.99 & FREE Delivery . Delivery Details You Save:£537.01 (54%) I like how its taking into account the people selling it for 1K when calculating this amazing saving.
  3. The site is just completely broken. I can get into trolley now, but it keeps flipping from proceed to out of stock. Even when in stock shows the proceed button just results in the page reloading. Click to collect now has everything nearby sold out but even those with it available it sends me to another postcode search screen over and over.
  4. I got one in my basket for my local Sainsbury collect too but the checkout just immediately goes to a page not found error.
  5. Yeah that seems like a bit of a mistake. Seems like they should not be in the game at all now. I used my exotic cypher on the only one I could buy. The remaining ones all require the raid currency though. You need quite a lot of it as well, so its not like you can do one raid and then get those. Seems fair enough though that raid kit is still locked behind doing raids, but means I'll never get it.
  6. Astrobot inside the Labo looks really terrible with lines of grey for the walls. I played the entire game like that thinking it just had really poor clouds until I saw some screenshots and tried another port.
  7. I get really bad colour banding when I do this with the PS5 on my B7. Its fine with all my other devices though.
  8. Oh good, not just me then. It even crashed without loading a game and just changing some of the graphics options down today.
  9. Very weird. Same 61W USB-C charger and it won't work for me. Seen other mentions of it on Reddit. The same cable in the PS5 and its fine, just not with the charger. Unrelated, is there a known problem where controllers won't go above 2 bars of charge?
  10. Cable probably not, but it won't charge from my Apple USB-C charger.
  11. Two of us are watching it over here:
  12. Is there a known problem with the provided HDMI cable? I get really bad colour banding with it, which is really noticeable in Astrobot. I get the same via receiver and direct to TV (B7). If I change to -2 in the settings it improves but still pretty bad. Changing to another cable and its completely fine. HDTVTest seemed to say the cable they included was a good one, so wondering if I've somehow got a bad cable or its something else.
  13. I'm hit by an annoying bug where I can't delete any Night Watch scout rifles, and I now have 3 of them. Its meant to get fixed by progressing the cosmodrome quest line so if you find yourself in a similar situation that's why.
  14. 5 days after I raised the ticket Game have sent me a totally generic reply of check my email for updates about my order.
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