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  1. pledge

    NIOH 2

    I don't want to spoil anything with area numbers, but what I'm assuming is the start of second half is even better than the first. The main mission levels are massive and at the point where I'm not sure my heart can take the stress levels much more.
  2. Isn't that the expected price, if you are talking download?
  3. Minor annoyance but you don't seem to be able to use the LG magic remote in pointer mode, so you can only click fast forward and not click on the timeline.
  4. True, but going directly to the biggest source of individual bandwidth use in the world is a quicker solution than getting every ISP to enforce QoS rules that require deep packet inspection. Online gaming uses a trivial amount of bandwidth compared to video.
  5. There's no issue on server load, its the bandwidth in the network to your home. By asking Netflix to reduce the bitrate it eases the strain. Getting it from the US it still comes through the network within region before getting to you.
  6. Netflix don't steam content from "their servers". They come from edge caches and installations within the ISP networks https://openconnect.netflix.com/en_gb/
  7. pledge

    NIOH 2

    Finally defeated Only a sub-mission but so satisfying. I did end up spamming the move they were using against me a little. I love how different this game is when playing co-op vs solo. Both are brilliant in their own way. One I'm creeping forwards scared about every enemy and its really intense. In a pack of 4 (which happens with companions) just charging ahead wailing on everything. I only summoned in Nioh 1 and never they way around - thinking it was only for experienced players. Found that's not really true as you are usually dropping in on people much lower level and you can help out without embarrassing yourself. Its also much more fun than grinding levels alone, as you get pretty generous Amrita from it. Easily my favourite game of the year so far.
  8. I think that's true, but still feel there should also be a difficulty in between easy and normal.
  9. pledge

    NIOH 2

    Working fine for me. I've been joining people this afternoon
  10. You might be in a place you can't get more health. So if you fail you keep chipping away at your health until you die.
  11. I've abandoned this since Nioh 2 came out. Quite the disappointment as although I only though the first was good not great, I had high hopes for this. I just have no interest in going back to it after Mouldwood Depths. It looks beautiful but the gameplay is pretty naff. I'm not treating it as that. I bought my Game Pass subscription on the basis of content like this being on it, rather than the back catalogue alone.
  12. Did 2016 have a blaster with unlimited ammo? Feels like I’m wasting shotgun shells on grunts because you don’t seem to be able to just punch them.
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