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  1. Found a table on the Scan site that shows they've received and shipped all the cards they expect this week (except EVGA). Their inability to send out any clear communications is disappointing, but more so is their rambling attempts at justifying why they can't give out queue positions.
  2. They seem to have gone very quiet. I didn't get that email saying it would be end of October - but now I don't know if I'm sooner, or more likely much later. On live chat they are just giving generic responses.
  3. How and from where? Neither your internet or the disc drive would be able to install them in seconds.
  4. Scan just seem to be guessing right now. Everyone is getting told something different. I think many people didn't really care which card they got, so now its the luck of the draw which you picked and when that manufacturer sends them stock rather than just one big queue.
  5. They are giving that response on their live chat even if you ask about something else and then disconnecting you.
  6. I'm annoyed with myself a little for rushing into ordering yesterday once it became apparent how few cards stores actually had from suppliers. I went for an MSI at Scan that I knew nothing about as it seemed most likely to go through. But now it isn't the MSI that's been highly reviewed its a cheaper model. I'd rather have paid the difference now.
  7. Just spoke to Scan chat and they confirmed mine is now classed as pre-order. They are waiting on an ETA from their supplier and he doesn't know if any stock will be arriving. They "can't" say where I am in the queue as it is automated.
  8. I ordered by PayPal, and it is still in pending state. I was in their support chat queue yesterday, but the number going down was just them kicking people out of the queue so I got no reply.
  9. OC have removed all the ETA dates they used to have next to pre-order. Scan seem to have removed the ability to pre-order entirely, the button is just gone.
  10. I think Scan site was having so many problems that it wasn't clear that you were just making a pre-order despite them stating some of the cards had an expected date of "Today" (yesterday). They've listed their pre-order promise more prominently now, so I think I'm just in the queue for when they get stock again. I got an email from them at 3am saying my order is now confirmed, despite an email from 4pm that my order had been received. Its still saying delivering today so its clearly wrong.
  11. I'm not convinced I'm going to get anything. I went to ask on a the live chat and there's an automated reply saying they are sold out
  12. Does your order exist when you try and look it up? I got the confirmation emails but the ID doesn't find anything in the tracker. Wondering if they took that offline the speed site up.
  13. Managed to place an order at Scan, and it still says parts arriving 17th September, but I don't have much hope on that now.
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