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  1. Since the recent patches, is it actually easier or its just the save feature.
  2. Is battle pass progress really slow? I'm still on level 1! I cant seem to get the daily challenge to even complete when it only says play a game.
  3. Who is the voice actor for Butlr? He sounds like someone from Call of Duty MW. You can also play the training mission from the academy menu. There's a video at the start of that which shows something that confused me not being well up on Halo lore
  4. On my Series X the sound effect on the menus sounds really delayed. I'd read people saying it is too dark but it was even worse than I expected. I thought it was night but it was meant to be middle of the day.
  5. I think most of those were people saying the combat was just way too hard. My issue was just that you had to stand in a particular place to block damage which wasn't signposted that well (which seems a trait of Stormblood). After watching a video it was fine.
  6. He's stated he's lied about it repeatedly as he finds it funny. Why would this time be genuine?
  7. How did you find the Will of the Moon? I had to repeat it far too many times (and even on very easy). Seemed like a big jump in difficulty with zero checkpoints. There was little indication what you were meant to be doing on the last phase and it changed to a type of character I'd never used. I ended up rage quitting a few times.
  8. I got it on Steam before it then appeared on Game Pass
  9. The NZ version shows there's still plenty you can do in terms of task ideas without repeating them. The last two seasons also had covid complications, but they were better than this with less time to prepare for those limitations.
  10. I found myself in east London looking at Buzz Rickson jackets today due to watching the story on it yesterday.
  11. pledge

    Apple TV +

    Of course they want to you to use an app, but as I've been trying to watch Jon Stewart on my PC whilst working realised how little effort they put in to tv.apple.com. There's no search at all. There's not even an A-Z directory of shows. It doesn't have the continue watching (Up Next) section. You just have to hope that the show you want to watch appears on the page somewhere and guess what category they might have put it under. Even searching the page often is useless as it will be on another section of the stupid carousel (and of course no text on the page just in the images).
  12. My plan to complete everything in time for Endwalker seems like it is not going to work out. Despite playing daily since August I am still only at the end of the MSQ for Stormblood, so I still have Legend Returns and all of Shadowbringers. Feels impossible I'll do that in 23 days.
  13. I thought this was going to cover a lot of material I wasn't aware of, but it is just really padded out. It could easily have been half, or even a quarter, as many episodes. (Up to episode 8, so still 3 more to go as well)
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