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  1. pledge

    Xbox Game Pass

    You can still go an untick the games and modes you don't want to download.
  2. Late to this but bought it earlier in the week, and been playing it non-stop since. It makes a great local co-op game on console. My "non-gaming" partner has really got into it, and the combat being turned based helps. We've been playing on story mode due to that, so I'm probably missing out on the combat challenge, but we are having a lot of fun anyway.
  3. Seems to only be Seasons 1-3 though?
  4. I purchased The Frozen Wilds to find that it isn't compatible from the UK store with my US disc of Horizon. So I purchase Horizon complete edition to then find my save isn't compatible with that, so I'd have to start the entire game again. Try and request a refund for both, or either of them, and get a flat out no because I downloaded them. Their entire customer service is appalling. I don't even seem to be able to reply to their templated response.
  5. This was on my BBC news main page today, but still no explanation.
  6. I thought Upload was much better thankfully.
  7. I'm also doing the same, but pretty disappointed that the trophy list is almost exclusively just find everything. Was hoping for a few that were a bit more creative.
  8. BBC adding them weekly on Monday. So episode 7 is there now.
  9. I'm doing my New Game+ like that. I put everything on Hard and put resources on Easy. I would say there's less tension as even without scavenging a lot you get a lot of ammo. You could try it on medium though.
  10. I've only briefly used it (on LG), and somehow the first impression is it is actually worse.
  11. pledge

    Doom Patrol

    Where are you seeing that? Wikipedia has it as 9 episodes, but also with 3 tomorrow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doom_Patrol_(TV_series)#Season_2
  12. Ugh, felt like playing this for the first time in a while and patch 1.54 is out so that's like 40 minutes of "Copying update file"
  13. Looking at some of the critics reviews and it isn't faring as well, getting plenty of 6/10 or 3* reviews. Mainly the complaints are that the production and performances are great (although don't gel together with some seeming from another show entirely) but that the overall plot lets things down a lot.
  14. Now that multiple people are getting a decent way in, probably worth moving this to here as there's loads to discuss.
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