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  1. Shame this didn't seem to get much attention. I thought it was fantastic and really funny. Co-op is great too if you have one person who wants to just help with the painting. I was worried you'd need to be artistic to get on with his, and I'm not. But there's plenty of fill options if you don't want to spend time being more specific. The music is also really good, by Lena Raine who did Celeste's
  2. No. e.g. S02E01 - Everything is Great - 43 minutes.
  3. The first episodes of season 2,3, and 4 are double episodes on Netflix, but listed individually on wikipedia. Also the finale is same deal.
  4. All worlds in Europe say they are closed for new character creation. Have I picked some maintenance window to try and start playing? Edit: At all time play count high...
  5. Keen to jump into this, but totally unfamiliar with it. Are there any guides I should follow? The first post seems to be updated 2013and the rllmuk links seem dead now.
  6. pledge

    Apple TV +

    I saw it through to the end as I thought it was a mini-series based on a single book. Barely anything happened or was resolved and its extended for another season. I thought Theroux was excellent as always, and it is exquisitely shot. The rest of the cast and the plot, writing, etc is all mediocre. Disappointed. I won't be watching any more.
  7. Of course people go on the show to publicise themselves and something they have been working on, but I had to turn this off as it was almost an informercial for his vodka. They even make a point of saying no money changed hands but then there's what seemed like 20 minutes of cocktail discussion and references to the vodka throughout the show until I deleted it.
  8. Especially as they said Yakuza is continuing with the more RPG fighting, this was going to be the action based one that I preferred.
  9. The lock on range seems really short. I keep turning the camera 180 degrees instead. Other than that and the constant gyro reset I've started to really enjoy it after the slow opening. Once you get to the ground there's some great stuff.
  10. Weight: Approx. 669 grams A Switch is 400g, so this is quite a bit heavier.
  11. I think I forgot this last season as well but "Master of All: Complete all seasonal challenges" does not require you to do all. I have 2 left and its showing done.
  12. Is there a chance of it giving anything good? I have thousands and it was generally giving out fairly low powered junk. I'll pile them in if I just need some luck.
  13. Whilst we are doing basic questions, should I keep anything that's a legacy item? I've been using Little Light since it was suggested here and now looking in my vault and 90% of it is legacy. Using it for non-ranked PVP seems the only use it has now. I'd hope there's zero chance of them changing the power cap on these now?
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