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  1. The sitcoms that he was in post-Frasier have left me with little hope that that a revival would be any good. Disagree that Frasier is dated though (overall not specific attitudes in certain scenes of course)
  2. Oh I have no doubt this will go the same as the bread maker. It’s for someone who is retired so has more free time so hopefully has some use before that happens. Mainly some fun and novelty over Christmas too
  3. Only issue I’ve seen mentioned on Amazon are the noise, and that it only makes enough for one person. The former seems a bit subjective but does it bother you at all compared to other kitchen appliances? Does it create sufficient ice cream in one go? It states it does 1.5 litre, with some saying it is more like 1 litre. That still seems like enough from the tubs I’m buying from shops.
  4. Bumping this as I had an idea to get someone one for Christmas. @Kryptonian would you still recommend the Cuisinart one? Link is now dead but I think it might be this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ARETWDK/?coliid=IN6CPW9JWDEKJ&colid=2ILW4CUI46FVK&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Any other machines recommended?
  5. pledge

    The Trip

    Link shows them filming in June so hopefully that means an early 2020 release.
  6. pledge

    Apple TV +

    They have a “previously on” at the start of the second episode with no skip expect the normal 15 second jumps. I thought that was odd but now I’ve seen They are also releasing them weekly after the first three. So they aren’t really copying the usual Netflix consumption model (for true Netflix originals rather than other region imports)
  7. I watched the whole thing and I don’t remember
  8. pledge

    Apple TV +

    I thought it was going to be a 30 min comedy, but it is a drama - and so far not a particularly good one. Despite the huge budget it feels very amateur. I also expected Apple originals to be quite clean given their corporate image, but this has a lot of swearing, in an almost try hard way. Going to finish the first episode but there’s not much so far. The only good thing I can say about AppleTV+ so far is that it looks better than Netflix when connected from my iPad to TV in this hotel room.
  9. I enjoyed the first season, so if its better then that's all I need to hear.
  10. Seems like Apple have snapped this up https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/apple-launches-in-house-studio-sets-band-of-brothers-follow-up-series-1203367345/
  11. Being in a clan is useful for the free engrams though
  12. Well I can load into the Tower but have a constant contacting servers message.
  13. Cynical view is it pushes you to buy the season pass as that has the boosters in for it. I had a scan through the pass content and it seems slim pickings. I have everything in the exotic engram already.
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