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  1. It doesn't work like that in D2. I don't have the expansions on PC either.
  2. My gamepass expired and I'm taking a break before I renew it. Is there any way to change my Destiny 2 back to new light? It wont launch at all without telling me to renew gamepass. I tried deleting the expansion packs but would rather not download the full game unless I really have to.
  3. I'd completely wiped from my mind having these. Really awful. So many in that range, and M&S in general are not good at all.
  4. So far I'd say it has the same style as the other two.
  5. This looks like it is continuing later years Dexter quality. The bit at the end with Harrison looked dreadful.
  6. Back for the second half of the season. Its always been a trashy show but I think I've got tired of characters verbosely explaining the other person's thoughts directly to their face. Its now just the same events occurring over and over. I spent the whole episode wishing Succession had started again.
  7. First episode was out this week. I enjoyed it a lot and its covering a lot I wasn't aware of. Great cast.
  8. pledge

    The Witness

    Was enjoying Simon plays until part 5 where he started getting someone else to read out the donations and he keeps talking over him doing the puzzles.
  9. TV manufacturers are already pushing adverts and doing immense data collection
  10. Isn't the 40fps due to 120hz rather than VRR? The PS5 doesn't currently do VRR does it?
  11. Is that possible on the trial though? I own the complete edition, but I've avoid pressing the upgrade button on the launcher to enter my code as I wasn't sure if that would immediately start my 30 days.
  12. I've reached the level 60 cap on the free trial, and I'd guess about half way through Heavensward. Is this the point I should unlock the full game? (I've already purchased a code a couple of weeks ago). Should I be worried I'm now 'wasting' XP by continuing, or should I wait until I complete this expansion?
  13. I didn't mind the bosses, but I did find the final one quite a disappointment:
  14. No, Tom Edge. Mercurio doesn't seem to have any credit according to IMDB
  15. The Mortimer one was excellent, but somehow the following one with Ainsley Harriott is just as, if not more, surreal and bonkers.
  16. Some of the cosmetics are pretty poorly thought out. One of them makes your own team look mostly red. Which given it is red vs blue is pretty annoying.
  17. Completed a Realm Reborn. I'm enjoying it much more now that I've got to some of the more challenging content. Not sure if its just because I'm coming to it so late, or the difficulty is low or now unbalanced, but it seemed almost impossible to fail most of the earlier match making content. Even the ones marked hard. You didn't need to coordinate anything and just melted the bosses with brute force. I didn't even really notice any mechanics on them. The extreme trials were so much more fulfilling. Although it did depend who you matched with. One set will just yell at everyone for not watching tutorial videos and coming fully prepared. Fortunately the other category where people will work it out together or someone more experienced will progressively give increased direction is more common. When we finally defeated The Striking Tree it actually felt like an achievement and a real team effort. Same with the raids. The first 3 I unlocked were fun in that there were a lot of players, but everything died almost instantly and it didn't really feel like there was any team play. The Binding Coil though changed that and a few of the turns took some decent effort. My favourite moment was The Keeper of the Lake. We had a healer who was clearly not great at the game but we struggled through the earlier sub bosses taking multiple attempts. When we got to the boss he quit after a couple of tries and it felt like we had wasted nearly 80 minutes. Just as we were about to abandon it matched in another healer but we thought there was no time. They just said 'we got this', and he pulled us through with less than a minute on the clock.
  18. I skipped the last couple of weeks of last season. I now have a legacy quest which says I need to do override in the city. Do I have to wait until it is in rotation or I'm missing something obvious?
  19. I found that mine was broken when I tried it whilst home last Christmas. This has reminded me and now I'm sad
  20. Has there been any comment on Witch Queen for Game Pass? Will it be day 1 like Beyond Light and we just have to buy seasons? How is that going to work with these deluxe version perks.
  21. They said "It was the first one you get from the season", so I was assuming it was the season pass weapon
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