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  1. I always forgot about Thursday patching and it is the main time I can play at the moment.
  2. ok they really threw everything into the reworked Arms Dealer nightfall. It must now be the hardest of all the current set. Enjoyed it a lot.
  3. For people who suck, today is a good day for the flawless solo legend lost sector. Finally level 7... which is where I'll probably stay as you need two raids for level 8. It seems a bit unfair that all the legend weekly missions and nightfalls I did this season don't count
  4. Decided to finish of the others I'd not seen. Not much better. Alien: Resurrection - 2/5 Alien: Covenant - 3/5
  5. Spot on. I'm not enjoying having to pretend I still like this at work.
  6. Looks like Donald Glover is creator, writer, director, but not acting in it this time.
  7. Alien3 - 2/5 I'd never seen this due to seeing the first two films quite late and the bad press around this putting me off bothering. I know Fox were mostly to blame and thankfully this didn't end Fincher's career before it began.
  8. I'm very confused by this. Isn't RE4 a month before, and Zelda two weeks after? 24th March, 28th April, 12th May.
  9. From the Earth to the Moon - 4/5 A 1998 HBO miniseries that doesn't seem to get mentioned very much. A docudrama covering the Apollo program through the 1960s and 70s, with introductions each episode by Tom Hanks, who co-produced it the Gazer and Howard. It was nice that it didn't focus entirely on Apollo 11, with it getting just an episode. I learnt plenty that I wasn't familiar with before. As it is mostly attempting to be a factual telling of events there's times where it is a little dry though. It is absolutely packed with "oh it is them from that" moments, along with some now well established stars in early roles.
  10. The AI is definitely changed though. I was able to get much more separation between the three of them than before, and the number of times you had two of them attacking you concurrently is noticeably less too. There's some good QoL improvements in this patch. You can now select a different battlefield as a new fourth option on where to go next, rather than having to load into one and then pick another. I wish they'd extended that to the multiplayer. I want to be in a loop of responding, and it to go the that selection screen. Rather than having to wait for it load my previous battleground, use the flag, pick another.
  11. I've just tried to patch and looked through the settings menu, and it does *not* seem to let you automatically switch in the way you (and I) would like. There's an option to change target after an enemy dies but not on a deflect. I completed the 3 man mission post-patch but only mainly I was pretty overlevelled.
  12. Alex does an AMA here, and talks briefly about the budget. Doesn't sound like it is that huge and most of the people they have on won't be high appearance fees.
  13. Is there some event on? I'm in a queue to login Edit: oh it is hotfix time
  14. Seems like this is already in effect today, I got the tick on the guardian rank screen and I've not hit 750.
  15. I think I missed something. The weekly season challenge is complete iron banner matches, but it isn't in the crucible listing?
  16. I keep waiting for that but every time I remember it is a Neptune LS and the one where I will definitely miss a jump and instadie.
  17. You see which map, but not which flag. So they could just be starting out or sat outside the boss. I like that it is not random but also not too specific so there's some variation. You can also see what 'level' the host is at, so can gauge how tough it might be.
  18. Had a great weekend responding to recruitment to get my level up and generally improve. One grateful chappy sent me a Xbox message saying "why bother joining lobbies when you are absolute garbage". There's only a few niggles I have with the game at the moment. Why is offering health for morale boost on a grave the same button as loot?! The multiplayer sometimes has crazy lag, much worse than I ever had with Nioh. I've had a few times where I will join a game and it is seemingly running close to double the speed it is usually.
  19. Use pebbles to get their attention to split them up to fight one by one, or sneak up on them. Getting into fights with multiple foes is much more difficult.
  20. Had this on hold while I completed the Destiny campaign, and now it has hooked me like the Niohs did. Taking it slow and responding to plenty of requests for help. More people should give it a go, you don't need to be super good at the game. It does highlight how many people are rushing through though. Often get summoned and then struggle to understand how they got to the boss raising almost zero flags. It makes such a huge difference. Even over-levelled they are significantly harder when your morale is that low. What stats are people pumping up? I feel like I'm missing out not putting much into metal and water
  21. I think they've misjudged that step (although I see plenty of people already level 7). On public activities loads of people leave immediately so you cant even give them out never mind receive them. Its another "who has just played the most" rather than played well counter.
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