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  1. With fewer Pidgeys and more balls, in my personal experience
  2. OK, so I now need to trade to progress in the research. Anybody within 40km of South Manchester/North Cheshire?
  3. So, it's finally time after thinking the event was on for the last three weekends I assume there will be a trading requirement, and the local person I used to trade with has vanished off the face of the earth. Is the trading range still extended? If so I'm sure some of you might be within it. And of course if anybody has a whizz-bang website which does trades like the raiding one, please let me know
  4. Just got the lot thanks to one appearing on my remote radar! Thank you
  5. Wow, well that's got my my Latias, thank you! Still after Espeon and the pink fish thing if anyone comes across a raid.
  6. Ugh, the Valentine's Day collection is going to elude me here Need Umbreon, Espeon, Alomomola and Latias to complete if anybody is able to please invite me (2272 2904 3744)
  7. Grrrrr, it needs to be at least 6000km
  8. Shiny Miltank! In the wild as well. Maybe it's just really cold
  9. I would like a shiny one, but I've never had any luck in that respect.
  10. I would be very grateful for any Groudon raids. I'm having problems with joining some (and staying in them!) but if you have a big group, I'd appreciate an invite.
  11. Yay shiny Ho-oh!! I can't remember if 'Pixiesox' is from here, but if so, thank you!
  12. I'm hoping for a shiny Ho-oh if anyone is doing those raids (2272 2904 3744)
  13. Merry Christmas all! May your days be full of shinies.
  14. I'm having a great event (for once). Shiny Regirock from a raid is awesome. I could do with another shiny Piplup because I evolved my other two 3-star shinies, and I would like an upgrade of shiny Rhyhorn, but wow it's been full-on. ....and another shiny Regirock!!?
  15. I've managed to get all of them but Froakie took a long wait. We get loads of Fennekin around here, which is weird because lots of people seem to have never seen one.
  16. I have no Azelf yet. Got decent ones of the other two though 2272 2904 3744
  17. Find the answer to life, the universe and everything
  18. I'm feeling less bad about getting nowhere near one. That sucks.
  19. Three-star shiny Porygon get! I'm happy.
  20. Yeah, I don't really get it? They only last four hours.
  21. Very nice! I'm yet to get one because the raids are either bugged or I'm getting invited to stuff like Golem
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