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  1. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    I was in Xbox today and still couldn't invite you from there. If you send a request to join rock'n'rll(muk) I can accept it from the app. @PDogg
  2. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    I can't seem to do that from the app. If another admin doesn't get it done tonight I'll do it on Xbox tomorrow.
  3. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    Didn't notice these posts til now, if some of you guys are back on rivals that would drag me back too. There's plenty of leeway for adding people from here as I had opened the crew up to randomers at some point to have active players.
  4. Dutch league next I think? Or is that done?
  5. Packed de Jong after doing 3 la liga packs. Immediately feels 10 times better than Henderson. Very glad now I did Fati for the link. La liga blues seemed to be dropping in ridiculously large amounts last night.
  6. Very similar to Timmo!
  7. Got Jordan Henderson. Happy days.
  8. Did one of those 4 epl player packs and got traore. Already have perez, bergwin & James. Ah well it's 89 rated for the epl guaranteed sbc.
  9. Could have been worse for me I suppose. 1 efl tots, 89x2, 88x2, 87x2, 86x4, 85, 84x7. Let me upgrade my De Gea and get Indidi. Have 3million for a big sell off so will wait and see which players prove popular.
  10. I'll maybe stream my 100 once you're done.
  11. Best I got was Gulacsi. Defo not worth the ballache that was last weekend. Probably thankful I'm working this weekend and don't have to endure it again. Though it did make me realise that playing champs with a "must have played for Chelsea" as far as possible squad doesn't cut the mustard. Back to meta once my 90 packs reveal what shape my squad should take.
  12. Fair play. I'll be lucky to get silver 1. The delay is so bad and I don't have a game plan to combat it.
  13. Fuck me the gameplay is bad this weekend. It's like each game starts off responsive and by the 30mins mark there's delay and by 90mins there's zero response to what I actually meant to do. God help me if extra time is required. Maybe people are more used to this crap than me but it's giving me my worse fut champs ever.
  14. Opened mine. Birthday Di Maria, 5* 5*. Happy days.
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