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  1. Opened my 65th and final pack this evening, got birthday lozano. This came 30mins after finally finishing 89 politano. Same position, same club, and lozano untradable. Ffs.
  2. Sell off all your north/south RARE Irish players of all levels. Most worth at least 5k currently.
  3. Just be aware you can only quit about 6 or 7 games in a row before you need to play a full game or it'll start kicking you off the servers for an incomplete game whether you or your opponent quit.
  4. I have a ton of bronze contracts from bpm so it costs me nothing to quit multiple times.
  5. I couldn't do without the McGeady turn or whatever it's referred to in game nowadays. Its very effective.
  6. That's what I do. Btw - Ian rush? For a forward player 4* skills or GTFO.
  7. Bite the bullet dude. I'm normally div4 but dropped to div 8. Life's too short to bust a gut. Get em done lower down and enjoy the journey back up after. @hannay
  8. Really surprised that nobody has commented how sluggish the gameplay was over the weekend. Even in squad battles it felt so badly delayed. I don't normally play at the weekend so maybe others are used to it, but I'd say 50% of weekend league games were utterly horrible with delay. If it was like that all the time I really wouldn't bother with this game at all, but that was as bad as it's got for me in fifa 20. Nobody else found that?
  9. 4* skills are a necessity to me up front but 5* makes no difference. Debating selling him and IF Kante for 88 Vieira to make it work. Feels like gamble.
  10. Finished Osimhen today. Even his 85 felt great with really good finishing. Really tempted to sell gold Mbappe and strengthen elsewhere. Am I mad?
  11. Back to weekend league for me this week with this lot. Wish the champions league would hurry on back where I'll be cheering on Barca and Real like mad for Dembele and Militao upgrades. Torn between Essien and Del P from icon swaps. Essien for Keane or Del P for Yedder. I switch to 4-2-2-2 in game.
  12. Ffs! Well done you. Opened 90 packs this evening, 5 crap in forms, gold Neuer, Ederson and Ter Stegen. At the very least it reaffirmed my commitment to never spending money on packs. It was worse than I imagined in terms of any pull being worth no more than about 60k.
  13. I just seriously hope all the toty players are in packs tonight and not tomorrow. All those packs staring at me are giving me major agitation to get them open and let the disappointment commence.
  14. Oh and with the amount of packs being opened tomorrow I'm really hoping to pick up IF Kante for a bargain price of at most 300k.
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