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  1. It's evil genius. If this is an on going thing then over the course of a fifa there will be times when you've no coins in your club, preview a pack and end up spending real money when you otherwise wouldn't have. Don't know whether to love it or hate it.
  2. Holy fudge. Vini jr from the FoF upgrade pack. That's my team getting totally overhauled yet again. 3.3million!
  3. He has 4* skills, has been in my team since january and won't be leaving it anytime soon. He's brilliant.
  4. Great job last week! Looking at that line up on Spotlights I'm glad we can take a week off as week 4 is always too much of an ask.
  5. That's a damn fine start @StephenM I'll be making my contribution Mon & Tues.
  6. You're in. New weeks challenge starts at 8pm tonight.
  7. @StephenM go into rivals and search for the crew, it's called rock'n'rll(muk) Then request to join please.
  8. @StephenM are you on xbox? if so there's always room.
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