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  1. Are you mad? Getting to unarmed 4 has been by far the most monotonous boring part of the game so far. I've 70k xp to go, the sooner the better so I don't have to do that unarmed crap ever again! (Also, when rancor hunting, who'd wanna be a teras kasi master?!?!).
  2. Thanks for the info Soong, looks like commando it is once I get unarmed 4 sorted, God that's a bitch. Chromeless, me + Neemo are mostly on Coronet at the moment.
  3. Soong within 3 days I will have to make a final decision as to where my 40000 combat xp will go, will it be novice commando or novice bounty hunter. I change my mind about it nearly every day. As 40k combat xp is kinda hard to come by, a few of the pros + cons on both would be nice to know! I'm put off bounty hunter a bit by the amount of travelling that will probably be involved. I'm also in favour of commando cos I was told they are much harder to kill than bounty, although they don't earn as much money. Advice please.
  4. If you join the Farstar server + go to Corellia myself or Neemo would be glad to help you, + it would be nice to have a regular grouping for better missions. Believe me it would be very good for you to have someone to give you a few items + answer all your questions as you go along for the 1st couple of weeks!
  5. Soong I really need apprentice XP, + the thought of it is doing my head in. I don't wanna be standing around somewhere like Coronet starport constanstly shouting what I can teach. Is there an easier way to get it? Or I doomed to annoying the tits off passing travellers with my constant stream of "teaching marksman 4-4-4-4, scout 4-4-4-4".
  6. I'm not surprised, how could voice chat work effectively? You'd have to maybe just chat with those who are in your group, even then they'd have to limit the number in a group probably to about 10. They'd also need a a PSO style pre-set list of messages to send to people who are not in you group. Can't see them bringing out a keyboard for just 1 game on LIVE.
  7. Even buggier than usual tonight, my health wouldn't increase itself after a battle. Even using 6stimpacks it refused to budge. Grrr.
  8. How do you open locked containers soong? Also, do you get rewarded for visiting a lot of the points of interest? Or is your only reward just being there?
  9. I wouldn't say that at all, until I sat down + read the manual cover to cover I was getting pissed off with confusion. Now I seem to always know what I want to do next, which really is what you need in a game like this. There's so much to do, but having an idea what your next achievable goal is really does help to keep the game flowing.
  10. You may well play the round again, but only your first attempt counts.
  11. Yeah next time organise a time that will suit 4 of the players, it'll be much better that way.
  12. Sorry, either didn't recognise the gamertag or my friends list is full. I'll take 1 or 2 off if you try again.
  13. Anyone know how well a PAL copy of PSO plays with a freeloader + USA cube?
  14. Make me number 8 if you havn't set it up already?
  15. I would have been back on by now if I could find a blinkin USA copy of PSO. But it's not long now til PSO3, should have mine by middle of march.
  16. ryanski

    Burnout 3

    I've played fifa, ssx3 + n4su online with ps2. N4su works better than the other 2 online granted, but as the best of a bad bunch. Basically, the network code for EA games has been truly pathetic, spose it can only get better, but there ain't anywhere near the same problems on Live.
  17. ryanski

    Burnout 3

    If it's true about no XBL the there should be a boycott of EA games, a petition that they'll completely ignore, along with a poll asking, "Are all employees at EA total cunts?".
  18. ryanski

    X-box PSO

    I had the xbox version, the headset appealed to me after all the typing of the gc + dc versions. But when I played it, there was like a 3 second lag on the speech, where when you spoke to someone it would be 5 or 6 seconds before you got a reply. Is this still the case? It put me off playing it altogether. (that + so many hacked items).
  19. What's the action replay code for that?
  20. You could use your Action Replay?
  21. I've finished the carer mode with 1st place in every event + tournament, but that only gave me enough money for 66 of the max 80 stat points. If you replay a tourny you don't get any more money for doing it again. Anyone know how to get more money for stat points without playing it for a few years on live for a miserable few $1000???
  22. That is very true. Dizogg I will look for you over the next couple of nights. I would play C-S every night if I could find a decent game every night. One of the games I tried to play with the Americans recently ended up with seven of them on one side and three on ours. I left before 'auto team balance' kicked in. I have also played in games where the whole opposition American team have targeted me only and ignored killing my team mates! Can't say as I blame em.
  23. If you're on CS, neemo will be on. (usually in the same team as me).
  24. Add me too. Just been kicked by americans just for finding decent hiding spots. Gits.
  25. Finally I get my DC arcade stick working with MAME, then discover mame.dk isn't there just when I need it! Where's it gone? Will it be back?
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