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  1. All the Xbox one instruments work on XX and XS, but where to get them affordably is another issue.
  2. Won't get a chance to do the spotlights on drums til Monday probably but they will be done.
  3. I'm pretty sure they tweeted at one point to suggest that there would be a next gen rock band. They didn't outright say it but it was definitely implied.
  4. I have no intention at all of playing weekend league in this fifa as there's just so much else to do, and all the other things aren't a complete lag fest. The rewards for it are always minimal for the effort required. Fut swaps this Friday apparently. That's about as sweaty as the matches will get for me. Seriously hope they ditch the first owner nonsense in favour of a squad overall limit just like the friendlies are currently.
  5. Yeah the pretty reckless track comes out today
  6. You actually gain more xp from playing songs others have already played as long as you haven't played it yet. Also you get more xp from playing online with randomers in online quickly play. Just search for those who are only playing rivals songs.
  7. They fixed the double shot feint in squad battles.
  8. Sent you an invite. Just go into rivals to accept.
  9. You'll need to send me a request as well I'm afraid. I was removing anyone that hasn't played for a while but fear not there's space to come back in. Sorry about the timing of it.
  10. Go into rivals, search crews and for rock 'n' rll(muk) and then request to join and I'll accept it then.
  11. Yes there's room for yourself and one more. Ordered the clamp in hopes that it's a standard fit.
  12. I see a clamp for electronic drums on gear4music for £8 that I hope would do the job.
  13. Death On two legs killed the clamp for my snare, I used to have 3 spares but now they're all dead. Not looking forward to the task of finding another if Ion clamps aren't standard size with other drum sets.
  14. It was just released today. Fear not in week 1 it doesn't take very much for promotion so no need to buy unless you really want to.
  15. For corners, if you press L1 or LB on xbox, you can determine where you want the ball to go, then you press the cross button and it enables you to move your main aerial threat to the space you're aiming for. Then press cross again and all being well your big man will have enough space to make the header and maybe even hit the target.
  16. I'm about 50k short of swapping Pepe for Salah, then it'll be Rodrigo and Martial on the wings and Son and Salah up front. As always totally rtg, pack luck has been good and bronze pack racketeering is only now starting to slow down to a halt. Not in any rush whatsoever to play the lagfest weekend league when rivals is pretty much always smooth. Life's too short.
  17. Going by your pics I would explain that by other crews beating some of our individual song scores on individual instruments therefore our overall score decreases as the LP score drops. I might score 10000 on a song at the start of a weeks challenge but may only have a score of 1000 by the end of the week as people beat my score.
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